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The Magical Storytelling And Unforgettable Characters In Ben Doyle And Richard Kurti S Audio Adaptation Of This Children S Classic Have Been Brought To Life By Many Well Known Voices From British Film, TV, Radio And ComedyWinner Of The Audie Award For Best Audio DramaWinner Of The Audie Award For Excellence In Production

10 thoughts on “Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book

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    This is a fantastically put together audio production and I m sure this would be fantastic to play to children Highly recommend.

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    I m not normally a fan of audio dramatisations, but as this was an Audible freebie, I thought I d give it a go It was superbly narrated and acted, without being over the top or feeling as if you needed a visual aspect to it as well I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it for a short listen and for those who want a bit to their Jungle Book knowledge aside from the Disney version.

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    Short 20 min or so episodes, which make great listening for a younger audience.Well told with a full cast of characters The Jungle Book used to be my favorite film growing up and brought back some great memories

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    I listened to this book via Audible.There have been many adaptations of The Jungle Book, and while I can t say I ve read or watched a lot of them, I m somewhat familiar with many of the stories, as I m sure a lot of people are This adaptation seems to represent them very well with a fantastic full cast production.I definitely enjoyed listening to the actors taking on the roles of the animals in the jungle Combined with the music and sound design, it really immerses you in the world I would definitely recommend this if you re looking to experience the classic in a new light.

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    A very well produced audiobook I ve never read the original stories and my only previous experience comes from watching the Disney film as a kid Obviously this is quite different and I really enjoyed it I ve downloaded the books to add to my tbr.

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    The audio production of this is very good I lately have been complaining about productions but not this time.In addition I have never read the stories themselves I have only seen the Disney movies and I was pleasantly surprised by the richness of the story I had assumed they would be somehow less Even so though there was a thread in the writing that bothered me when comparing the animals to Mowgli and then it dawned on me.My problem being is how Rudyard Kipling himself and his writings are inexorably interconnected with racism and the superiority of the white man Reading just the Mowgli stories reduces my exposure to the other portions of the Jungle Book, but I have read parts of the other stories such as White Man s Burden.I realize some people say to separate the artist from the art, or that some of the art can be salvageable and I don t think I can do that with this story I will give it 2 stars, but that is because of my connection with Disney.

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    This book was so much beautiful than I was expecting Definitely looking forward to completing the rest of the Jungle Book anthology

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    A beautifully told story, full of life and color and beloved characters.

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    SOOOO GOOD Amazing story, fantastic performance.I just love dramatisations.