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We Re Obsessed With Reality Television These Days Yet We So Often Neglect The Greatest Reality Of All The Reality Of Our Nation, And How It Came To Be In Error Australis, TV Columnist, Comedian And History Buff Ben Pobjie Recaps The History Of Australia From Its Humble Beginnings As A Small Patch Of Rapidly Cooling Rock, To Its Modern Day Status As One Of The Major Powers Of The Sub Asian Super Antarctic Next To Africa Region Pobjie Recognises That History Can Be As Gripping As Any Reality Show As Thrilling As It Is To See Delta Goodrem S Chair Turn Around, There Is An Argument That The Second World War Was Even Exciting And Like Any Good Recapper, He Provides An Immediate, Visceral Sense Of What It Was Like To Be There In The Moment At Our Nation S Defining Events All Historians Know That It Is Only By Looking At Where We Have Been That We Can Understand Who We Are, What We Stand For, And Why Nothing Seems To Work Error Australis Is A Scholastic And Side Splittingly Funny Account Of A Young Nation That Has Spent Many Years Seeking Its Place In The World, And Almost As Many Years Not Liking What It Has Found A wonderfully irreverent waltz through Australian history This book is laugh out loud funny. As a greedy reader of Ben Pobjie s Masterchef recaps and with an interest in Australian history I was fortunate to study it with the late Tom Stannage I was hanging to read this book And was not disappointed I mostly read it in bed shared with a husband and toddler and found myself physically shaking to suppress my laughter at times, particularly the chapter on federation and the descriptions of Peter Dutton and the artwork The recap style and references to popular culture will possibly date this book, but the essential themes are timeless, such as the ridiculousness of the veneration of bushrangers and soldiers in the Australian psyche What this and David Hunt s Girt provide is an accessible context for understanding Australia s brief white history, leaving us incredulous that such a rabble could ever go on to form a half decent country Kudos to you both for bringing this history alive. Error Australis is a humorous historical book that made me laugh out loud, and that is a rarity for me I wish this book had been around when I was studying Australian Studies at university as it taught me than many textbooks I read at the time The footnotes were brilliant, the callbacks cleverly used, the photo captions perfect.The only problem with this book is that Australian history is so bizarre that there were times where I started to think made up parts may have really happened. Sometimes you read a book that speaks so deeply and truly to your secret soul, you feel sure a funnier, educated and productive you must have written it in your sleep I wanted to quote some of my favourite bits, but would have ended up typing out the entire book I loved it all, even the weird chapter Especially the weird chapter Special mention for the Breadfruit and Malcolm Turnbull, who wept for there were no worlds to conquer. We aren t taught much about Australia here in the USA well, other than the fact that a place called Australia exists somewhere very far away and many kangaroos live there After reading this book, however, I now feel as if I know everything worth knowing about the history of my neighbors down under I strongly suspect that not everything in the book is literally true, but that won t stop me going forward from using it as my handy, go to reference text for all things Australian Granted, this might cause some embarrassing moments in the future, but whatever Perhaps my favorite chapter, which I thought was one of the not so literally true bits until I looked it up online was the one about the emus There was actually an Emu War Really Why, that s just about the most amusing thing I ve read in a history book, ever In any case, if a relatively clueless American can be so highly entertained by this book, then I m sure actual Australians will find it laugh out loud funny. A very, very funny read I actually read this book twice, once in my head and then immediately out loud again to my husband I am a MASSIVE fan of David Hunt s books Girt and True Girt Error Australis has a similar vibe although with gags and less historical accuracy This book is good fun It s like having an after work drink and gossiping about historically important dead people we ve never met Four juicy breadfruits out of five. Hilarious Worth it for the breadfruit alone. Ever since I read Ben s other book, I had been watching out for a copy of this one I m generally loathe to do orders for books I think I can get locally, and sometimes I enjoy the thrill of the hunt Finally the chase ended at QBD Penrith, and this was one of the first books I read from that trip.This book is fun and yet informatative, although you can t always take the information as fact All of the jokes appealed to my Australian sense of laid back humour, and I had the rare treat of laughing aloud than once I had to read the funny parts to my boyfriend, who also received this same treat after reading Aussie, Aussie, Aussie last year He liked it too If you want to know about Australian history and get a laugh doing it, I can t recommend this one highly enough I d love Ben Pobjie books, please 5 StarsThis is possibly one of the funniest books I ve ever read From Pangea to the Great Emu War of 1932 to the current Turnbull government, nothing and nobody is off limits This book is overflowing with crazy facts that really make you wonder how on earth Australia has managed to remain in existence in 2018, so long as you take most with a mountain of salt As Pobjie introduces the book, It is said that those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, and even if this is not true, it is certainly pithy, which is even better under most circumstances And there can be no doubt that to repeat history would be a ghastly fate, given how often people in the past had severe diarrhoea.