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When Tony And Ludmilla Set Off On Their Unforgettable Journey, India Was A Very Different Place In The Unyielding Capital They Try To Get To Grips With The Country Before It Gets A Grip On Them Escaping Delhi, They Almost Visit The Taj Mahal In Agra Where The Locals Walk The Town With Streetlamps On Their Heads After A Close Call With A Sword Wielding Madman, They Head Off Into The Rajasthan Desert On Arguably The Grumpiest Camels In India Exploring Goa They Unearth The Yellow Tribe Of Arambol And Discover Some Very Strange Goings On Over At Slow Beach A Humbling Visit To A School For Under Privileged Children In Tamil Nadu Leads Them To India S Southernmost Tip, Where The Rigours Of Travel Take Their Toll And The World Turns Black Travelling In This Land Of Contrast And Contradiction Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience, Full Of Memories As Colourful As The Country Itself This Is India Where Possibly The Biggest Culture Shock Is Arriving Home Again

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    A Pleasant Travel MemoirThe initial chapters are somewhat typical as Tony and Ludmilla try to overcome their initial revulsion to the dirt, beggars, poverty, and chaos of tourist travel in India But eventually they begin to see the hospitality and charm of ordinary Indians The last half of the book is often charming Overall the book is a good introduction to a longer visit to India in their case 6 months It covers many of the major tourist sites in Western and Southern India without trying to be a guide book Essentially it is a well written journal memoir of both the pleasures of meeting ordinary people except for the ever present touts in most tourist places and the hardships of overland travel bus and train for those on a limited budget I recommend it for anyone interested in travel to India or wanting an arm chair travel experience.