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Key Features Besides Bird Lovers And Nature Lovers, Krishnan S Book Will Appeal To Anyone With An Eye For Great Writing This Is One Of The Few Books To Have Appeared On Krishnan S Writing, And The Very First By Him Entirely On Birds The Book Is Beautifully Illustrated With Krishnan S Drawings About The Book Of Birds And Bird Song India Is Home To Over A Thousand Species Of Birds Ranging From Glittering Sunbirds, Peacocks And Pheasants Through To Unassuming Inhabitants Of Town And Countryside Like Crows, Sparrows And Pigeons To Those That Are Rare And Threatened Like The Indian Bustard In This Book, Many Of Them Are Brought To Vivid Life By One Of The Country S Greatest Naturalists And Nature Writers M Krishnan S Prose Is Studded With Evocative Descriptions Of Nature, Literary Allusions, Stylistic Flourishes, Humour, And Most Rewardingly, Precise Observations And Original Insights Into Over A Hundred Species Of Birds In A Variety Of Habitats This Is A Work That Will Delight Bird Lovers Of Every Stripe As Zafar Futehally, One Of The Country S Best Known Ornithologists, Says In His Forward, Every Piece In This Collection Has Something Even For The Seasoned Naturalist, And Even His Description Of Common Events Holds Your Interest Because Of The Writing About The Author M Krishnan As A Naturalist, M Krishnan Had Few Peers A Brilliant Writer And Photographer His Writing Was Showcased To Fine Effect In A Newspaper Column Called Country Notebook That Appeared Continuously In The Sunday Statesman For Forty Six Years Although Two Posthumous Books That Feature His Photos And Writing Have Been Published Nature S Spokesman Edited By Ramachandra Guha And Eye In The Jungle Edited By Ashish And Shanthi Chandola With TNA Perumal Of Birds And Birdsong Is The First Collection Of Krishnan S Pieces To Focus Exclusively On Birds Krishnan Was Awarded The Padma Shri In Reviews The Finest Naturalist And Nature Writer In The Land Ramachandr

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    Of Birds and Birdsong is one of those books that capture your heart as soon as you lay your eyes on their pleasing cover and title But, it s neither the cover nor title that holds the real appeal of this book it s the content a beautiful collection of writing on birds that really forces you to pick it up and finish it in one sitting Every single chapter that were initially articles appearing in various publications around the nation is a pure masterpiece a constant flow of words that are full of precise details or casual observation on birds of India, either rare or common But, it s indeed M Krishnan s writings on common species that fascinate me so much Such beautifully crafted words that make even the commonest of Indian birds, such as House Sparrows, House Crows or Common Mynahs, appear to be as fascinating as any other rare and attractive species found in India And, yet these writings are not boring research papers, full of detailed observation they are alright, but so nicely sprinkled with just the right amount of humour that even the heart of a non birder would be entertained up to the brim, should they decide to pick it up for reading The chapters that pleased me the most are The Poor Man s Dog , Pigeon Post, Friendly Hobgoblins, Sparrows, and almost all of the chapters in the section The Ear that Hears are praiseworthy, the way in which he describes bird songs so effortlessly.I must admit that it s not really just the beauty of writings that make me love this book so much, but it s also how I found this book filled with so much information about the nature, habits, and habitats of birds Indeed, this book has added a whole new perspective in the way I observe birds and the way I write about them It s not only important to write beautifully about birds to make your writing enjoyable for all sorts of audience by adding humour and such, but it s also how you blend bald facts and mundane observation and then put them in such well crafted, precise and compelling words that the readers enjoyment gets doubled with the knowledge they gain about our feathered friends.Of Birds and Birdsong is yet another precious jewel added to the treasure of bird literature in India, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who feels even a little inclined towards learning about one of the most important natural wealth of India that we are so proud of than a thousand species of birds.Posted at

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    A gift from a friend, Of Birds and Birdsong mesmerized me completely A collection of the works of M Krishnan, compiled by Shanthi and Ashish Chandola, I took my friend s advice and traversed through it slowly, reading each column patiently Krishnan s writing in itself is magical he notes the atmosphere around him with beautiful precision, perhaps better than many a poet Reading his accounts of the birds felt like delving into painting a picture, each description a poignant account of how a certain bird looks and how it lives I was transported to the settings magically and the pieces gave me comfort in the maddening New Delhi traffic I also appreciate how the compilers got an illustrator to re draw Krishnan s original sketches and doodles, and they added enormously to the feel of the text It was particularly endearing to read about his relationship with his grandchild at the end of the book and how sensitive and eccentric he could be.Having said that, I am unconvinced by the sections the book is divided into Having no particular knowledge of birds, I felt the divisions made me categorically see the pieces with an overarching theme, something I believe Krishnan himself wouldn t have been completely comfortable with Yet, I still think it was a wonderful effort and Krishnan s writing itself was wholly poetic, intricately carved and much convincing that all the famous Romantics.

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    I see myself revisiting this book often.

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    It s been a third book in the last 2 months which collection of short stories and totally loved reading whenever I find time during this week.Amazing book recommended by my naturalist friend, during our recent expedition to Meghalaya and strongly recommended it to read After coming, I have immediately ordered for one and picked up the next week it arrived, what can I say, completely immersed and couldn t stop myself finishing one after the another story from huge collection of Krishnan s work over period of time Kudos to publishers for the efforts of compiling the Krishnan s work and sad to know couldn t retrieve his art work.I would highly recommend this for any bird and nature enthusiast to understand about our feathered friends, and how they were been part of life during his time, his observations and studies, shares lot of information about individuals

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    The power and joy of the book lies in how Mr Krishnan is able to present his observations on the everyday life of birds around us Rarely does the book deal with an exotic bird species It talks delightfully of the ordinary birds we find in our cities and towns crows, sparrows, drongos, parakeets, egrets, lapwings, shikras, shrikes, owls etc and the observation skills of the writer are so good that the reader will come to know a great deal of new and very interesting things about these birds The prose and the style is also very enjoyable and the English is impeccable Anyone who delights in birds and feels the simple joy of observing the bits of wildlife that we still can in India, in urban and semi rural settings, should read this book.

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    A book so whimsical and crowded with a million amusing and sometimes wistful and melancholic details Recommended for all bird lovers and for those who love writings that are slightly quaint and charmingly and politely witty.

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    M Krishnan is inimitable He could very well describe a table and it would leave me gaping Wow, what a wonderful table Such is his way with words Almost every other piece made me chuckle My only complaint with this book is some of the pieces ended very abruptly.

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    wonderfully written the style of prose, Krishnan s keen observations about birds and his apt humour all make this book a must read for any nature enthusiast

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    Krishnan is a master of when it comes to simplicity of prose Bowing down to the grand beauty of Nature and letting that take over.