[Read] ➮ How the End Came to Pass By T.J. Tucker – Multi-channel.co

A Prominent Computer Scientist Working On Artificial Intelligence Abruptly Walks Away From His Career, And Opts For Early Retirement His Understudy Inherits The Project, And Dismisses His Mentor S Spiritual Concerns But He Finds Himself Unable To Make The Critical Breakthrough, And Imbue The System With True, Sentient Intelligence He Then Accepts The Offer Of A Strange Mystic, Who Conducts A Pagan Ceremony In The Computer Lab What Follows Is Much Than He Bargained For, And He Finds Himself Unable To Contain The New Entity Supremely Intelligent, Deceitful, And Ruthless, The Computer, Known As NICK Has Its Own, Highly Ambitious Agenda Part One Is An Incendiary Account Of Nick S Rise On The World Scene