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A Celebration Involving The Onyx Club Dominants And Their Ladies, Brings The Couples Together As We Say Goodbye To Them In The Most Spectacular Of Ways Matthew And Ella Are Focused On Their Growing Family And Are Still In The Throes Of Their Filthy Desire Brandon And Penny Have Survived Their Dangerous Desire And Are Now Dealing With Penny S Inability To Have Children Nathan And Bianca S Carnal Desire For Each Other Has Yet To Be Sated They Re Moving Beyond Bianca S Horrid Start In Life, And Focused On Making Progress Ella, Penny, And Nathan All Have Surprises Their Partners Have Desired Course Language And Incredibly Scorching Sex Scenes Also Includes The First Chapters To Filthy Desire, Dangerous Desire And Carnal Desire

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    5 Star Review of Desired Onyx Club Series by Sebastian Ex This Novella tied up the Onyx Club Series It is an extremely quick read This was a great conclusion to each of the couples in the series Sebastian Ex s writing has only gone from strength to strength with each new book and I can say with certainty that when I see his name, I will be reading.Although short he packed a lot of panty melting moments into this book I would have loved it to be a bit longer and perhaps have had a re visit of the couple a few years down the track but that is just wishful thinking as I know it had to end.Congratulation Sebastian Ex on wrapping up a fantastic series and one I will highly recommend.

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    A perfect ending to a fantastic series I can truly say I loved the way this series ended, so satisfied Author Sebastian Ex gave us a perfect ending to the Onyx Club series with something to look forward to Jason and Roxie keeping me hooked and waiting for of his books Definitely one to add to your reading list and move it to the top

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    Loved ItWhat a way to end we still get the alpha males taking care of their women each couple get a nice surprise, and you can feel the love coming from all of them.Sebastian Ex will always be a go to author for me.

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    Love SebastianShort sexy ending to a great series It was great getiing to know what s happened with all of the characters.

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    All I can say is I absolutely loved this I almost loved this than the other books in the Onyx Club series It was just beyond perfect If you have read Sebastian s books you have to get this novella Even if you have not read the rest of the series, get this one I will not give anything away, except you have to buy it All the couples we have come to love are here, and Sebastian does not fail to deliver Smoking hot and I mean 10 burning flames of hotness There are surprises and that burning question we all had is answered So satisfying, thank you Sebastian for such a fantastic wrap up to a moving and amazing series Buy it now, don t wait And the very endFive stars is not enough, not even close.

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    I loved this short novella It was beautifully written and set at the perfect place A wedding.Dylan and Daisy are getting married All of the gang are there in celebration of all things love Ella has a double shocking surprise for Matthew during the ceremony Penny has a heart warming gift to share with Brandon during the drinking dancing part of the evening Last but not least, Nathan offers a gift to Bianca to lock their hearts together forever Love, Love, Love A perfect celebration between the hot sexy Dominants of the Onyx Club and their submissives Reviewed by Tracy LadiesOfLoveBookBlogAndGraphics

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    This novella was all kinds of amazing Truly a fantastic end to this series, showing us how the characters are doing I am so pleased Sebastian wrote this The love stories of the couples, the way this novella wraps up the whole series is nothing short of brilliant I must admit Sebastian can certainly turn up the heat in whatever he writes Oh yesIt s wonderful to read how loved up each couple are Who is getting married, who has are things going for them all Read it and find out I absolutely loved it I sincerely hope he keeps up with writing, he has a unique style that makes his stories very enjoyable to read Must read author

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    Amazing epilogue to the Onyx Club series Sebastian Ex has brought all the guys and their girls back together for a wedding In doing so, he managed to bring all the best loved qualities of the couples together in a story that just works The story is funny, sexy and simply put hot While it s sad to say goodbye to an awesome series and the couples we have grown to know and love, this novella just capped it all off To say it s entertaining doesn t do this story justice An absolutely terrific read and if I could give it stars I would do so HIGHLY RECOMMEND as a Great Fun Story

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    5 Star ReviewI have to say I was sad to see this series end but what a way to end This novella finished each book perfectly as every couple we have come to love is featured in this sort book Sebastian has given us yet another smoking hot read and I really don t want to give too much away, you need to buy this book to see what happens as every couple gather s for a wedding but who s wedding..Perfect ending to a perfect series I loved it

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