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A Hot Historical Romance From USA Today Bestselling Romance Author Jess Michaels The Youngest Son Of The Woodley Clan, Gabriel Has Been Obsessed With Bringing His Missing Twin Sister Home Since She Disappeared Over Two Years Ago His Drive Has Forced Him To Block Out All Else, Including Any Feelings He May Have For The Beautiful Juliet Gray But When She Is Brought To London By Gabriel S Mother, Avoiding The Desire She Inspires Becomes Impossible Juliet Never Wanted To Come To London In The First Place, Especially Since She Knows She Won T Be Able To Avoid Gabriel, Who Has Been Both Confusing And Drawing Her From The Moment They Met But To Give Her Father A Chance At Happiness, She Ll Stay In Town When Gabriel Asks For Her Help In Finding His Sister, Explosive Secrets Will Be Spilled And Long Suppressed Longings Will Overflow But Will Their Search Bring Them Love Or Expose Them To A Danger That Could Destroy All They Ve Built Length Full Length Novel Sensuality Level Hot And Steamy This Book Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Novel, But Is Part Of A Series The Wicked Woodleys

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    An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the writer and the publisher for the opportunity to read this 3.75 stars, but as a personal rule, I round down A 3.75 star rating means that Tempted was only.25 points away from an I love it rank It s a shame, I know, but there were just a few things that I could not ignore, things that kept me from going crazy over the book, such as First, there was too much anachronism in the story to be realistic You see, Juliet was a commoner a village healer, in fact and yet she was treated with such respect by the Dowager Marchioness, Lady Woodley , that you would think she was the daughter of a duke Lady Woodley even went so far as to insist she pour Juliet tea, and was so eager to please her.Okay, so maybe the Dowager Marchioness was really just a kind person And sure, maybe the fact that Juliet was the daughter of her former flame had something to do with it But still, that doesn t change the fact that this was set during the 18th or 19th century, that Juliet was a commoner, and that there was the issue of class differences to deal with I would bet my best buck that having commoners as personal guests, especially for someone among the ton, was simply not done.Said Former Flame Juliet s Dad was also treated with the same level of respect that was just too uncharacteristic of the times That, and the fact that he and Lady Woodley flirted so openly, even in front of Gabriel, just made me go Which leads me to my next point.Look, I have nothing against secondary romances, but a love affair between parents is just weird for me Others may feel differently about this, but this is a pet peeve of mine Sorry, but I do not want to read about the Dowager Marchioness blushing over whatever Juliet s Dad said I do not want to imagine them getting it on, as much as I do not want to imagine my parents, or anyone else s parents cavorting with each other So, yeah, can we just lay it off with the parents flirting openly in front of the kids thing I know it was suppose to be adorable or cute, but it was not Nope Just, no.In addition, there was no proper buildup to Gabriel and Juliet s relationship The story opens up with both of them having the hots for each other, and it just made things a little too easy for me.Overall, though, I enjoyed reading this Gabriel and Juliet were okay leads, if not a tad bit lacklustre at times The sex scenes were hot, which was to be expected from Jess Michaels I would recommend this for anyone wanting a good and sexy read Just don t expect a lot in the way of historical accuracy.

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    Juliet is the village healer, as a reward for curing Lady Woodley when she was ill, she is taken to London to enjoy society and perhaps meet a husband Juliet goes along with this plan, though she is uncomfortable with it because she can see that there is something between her father and Lady Woodley Gabriel is the youngest Woodley son, he is an academic and has no time for society and can t understand why the thoughts of Juliet with a husband bothers him Of course, everyone else knows they are in love even if they haven t realised it themselves yet.I always worry when I start reading in the middle of a series that I will have missed a lot and won t know what s happening but happily that wasn t the case here Yes, I had missed a lot by not reading the first two books but enough background information was given that I was able to keep up Much of what I missed in the previous books revolves around the mystery of Gabriel s missing twin sister He has been searching for her since she went missing but has had no success, Juliet offers to help him search and this leads to them spending time together and coming to realise they are in love.Overall, I enjoyed this book for the mystery than the romance I m giving it 3 stars because I had to suspend my disbelief than I liked and because there wasn t enough information given to discern which period of history it was set in Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I think this is the best of the series so far but it was still lacking that extra something that would ve made it great Gabriel, who was than an ass of the highest degree in the last book, came off as an adorably pragmatic nerd Juliet I found to be less interesting as a character but I liked how she helped bring Gabriel s emotional side to the surface Their romance sadly didn t develop the way I wanted it to because the plot s sole focus was on the search for Claire.While I m not enjoying this series as much as Michaels previous books, I am very interested to read Claire s story since it s been built up so much I hope I m not bound for disappointment.

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    Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyJess Michaels has brought us some delightful stories, I first fell in love with her Notorious Flynns which led me to Those oh so Wicked Woodleys. We ve followed the family from despair into desire and finally into love One by one the siblings have gathered, in unity to find their run a way sister, and along the way they have fallen in love.It s Gabriel s turn and turnabout is than fair play This one had a bit of an interesting twist and in some ways it defies the rules of regency romance. Our heroine, Juliet, is not one of the ton She s a commoner and a village healer While accepted in the village will she, can she be accepted in the ton It seems her healing abilities have brought her to the attention of the Dowager Marchioness, Lady Woodley, whom she healed And we discover that there is a link between Juliet and Lady Woodley, Juliet s father was Lady Woodley s girlhood crush A complete and total misalliance. But times have changed and maybe, just maybe Juliet will have a chance with the Woodley her heart has chosen If only said Woodley wasn t such an idiotface. Gabriel Woodley, said idiotface yep, I said it is consumed with finding his sister, his TWIN sister No one else seems to care All the rest of them have moved on with their lives But he NEEDS to find his sister, not love He needs to rescue her from the life that she has fallen into again, I m not sure she is all that innocent Any type of romance would just be a distraction In fact all Juliet is, is a distraction. But Gabriel is forced to accept Juliet into his life, his mother after all adores her. And to be honest, so does Gabriel There are those who complain because this story reaches between the two obvious classes of the 19th century Such things just weren t done but they were, often than people want to admit But even if they weren t Jess Michaels has slowly set the scene for this to happen It s not like other characters in this story line haven t slipped out of the top tier to fall in love Thte precedent has been set, let it happen and enjoy The search for Clare commands most of the story in this book and Gabriel s way of dealing with it. He s an ass..there I said it but he manages to redeem himself and learn that maybe, just maybe he needs to forgive his family for daring to find love and importantly allow himself to as well Clare herself plays a prominent part not that we actually see her in this book And to my way of thinking only undermines my thoughts on her There is something shady going on with Clare, than she married a mob boss The other secondary story Or thirdary It s the romance between the dowager Marchioness and Juliet s father What a sweet second chance romance and it s lovely how her children are not judgmental and allow her to fall in love Just a joy to read.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Tempted, provided by netgalley.

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    If you like Jess Michael s novels, you ll love Tempted It s the newest addition to the Wicked Woodley s series One of the reasons why I love it while you read about the Woodley s family you get in touch with characters from other series as the Flynn s I love that You feel kind of connected with the old books This is the love story of Juliet Grey, the young woman who helped the Woodley mother to get healthy again with her knowledge of herbs, and Gabriel Woodley the most logical man of the family He is head over toes in science and has no idea how to work emotions respectively feel them till Juliet crosses his way But there is so much to this story It s also the love story of the Woodley mother and her youth love interest Juliet s father And it s also about Claire the sister who left the family to live another life Because of Claire s disappearance Gabriel became the man he is Everything has to be logical and explainable But love isn t Gabriel needs to realize that there is to his life than looking for Claire Juliet is changing everything It s a very, very well told story as always and you love the characters You cannot put Jess books away and that s what I really love about them You are pulled into this story and she doesn t give you the option to put the book aside Thanks, Jess Rating 5 I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Jess Michaels does not disappoint in the newest installment of the Wicked Woodleys series.Juliet Gray has been helping care for the Lady Woodley since she became sick And while she doesn t feel like she belongs in their circle, she does care deeply for the familyespecially when it comes to Lord Gabriel Gabriel has been obsessed with finding his twin Claire at all costs He is only to willing to pay any price, but lately Miss Gray has been distracting him from his goal to bring Claire home When his mother announces that Miss Gray and her father will be joining the family for the holidays, he is stunned Even so when it becomes apparent that his mother wants to find Juliet a husband, because for some reason he cannot handle that thought.As the days go by and the two interact at the Dowager house, Juliet offers to help him find Claire by offering him a new set of eyes But as the two grow closer and give into the passion they both feel, it becomes harder for Juliet to deny her feelings for Gabriel No one thinks he feels emotions, but Juliet sees the torment in his eyes for the loss of his twin and will do anything to help When Gabriel s obsession puts Juliet in danger, he must decide whether or not to chose between the woman he has come to love or his search for his sister.Great story Looking forward to Claire s installment.

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    While, a stand alone, the reader really should read them all to get the whole story, but not necessary.l, as each story can be read as a stand alone The Wicked Woodleys is an exciting, unconventional family, who doesn t play or love by Society s rules, but are ruled by their hearts.Ms Michaels has yet to disappoint me, with her fast paced, adventure filled, passionate stories They are steamy, passionate stories with villains and a HEA In Tempted , it actually has two romances in one, as both parent and child find their HEA, and their second chance at love Well written with engaging, intriguing and interesting characters In this series, the author crosses the boundaries of Regency England, and bends the rules of the social classes for love An intriguing story, with an intriguing storyline I can t wait to learn of the Woodley s missing sister, Claire, Gabriel s twin sister.Whether you are a fan of Historical Romance, Erotic Romance or Romance in general, you will find so much in one of Ms Michaels stories, than steamy passion, you will find a mesmerizing, powerful, and compelling story, with engaging characters and powerful romance A must read A wickedly delicious tale Received for an honest review from the publisher via Net Gallery Rating 4.5Heat rating SteamyReviewed by AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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    Tempted is two love stories packed into one mesmerizing read I received an ARC of Jess Michaels latest work in exchange for an honest review Ms Michaels in my experience has never written a book that has not captured my attention right away With this particular read it was slow going at first, but with intriguing characters, a twist of mystery and magnetic chemistry the story got back on track The brooding Lord Gabriel refused to give his heart to the gentle Juliet due to the pain steming from estrangement from his twin and the loss of his father Juliet is happy with her simple life in her beloved country far away from the complications of society and Gabriel What I liked about this story is that it explored two generations of lovers that have a complicated history but shared an all consuming passion that proves powerful than any objection they have and any obstacle thrown in it s way In the end I found it hard not to love this book.

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    An Appetizer for Claire s Story In that charged moment, he was flooded with wishes He wished he had never met her He wished she weren t so beautiful He wished he were capable of expressing the emotions he normally crushed down deep inside himself He wished she would ride away and never come back He wished, very fervently, that she would come up the stairs and kiss him FINAL DECISION I liked this book but it suffered for me because it made me want Claire s book than I was excited about reading this story There was nothing particularly wrong with this book, but it raised the anticipation for Claire s book such that I wanted to read that book than this one.THE STORY Gabriel Woodley, the youngest son, has been obsessed with finding his twin sister since she disappeared He keenly feels the loss of his sister because he considers her the emotional part of himself Without his sister, Gabriel has difficulties with personal relationships Indeed, Gabriel doesn t want anything or anyone to get in the way of his search for his sister The one person who threatens his single minded devotion is Juliet Gray Juliet is a healer who helped save his mother s life In gratitude, the Dowager Marchioness of Woodley wants to take Juliet to London to help her find a husband Juliet agrees only because of the budding romance between her father and the Dowager For herself, she knows that she cannot hope for marriage because she is already ruined She cannot help her attraction to Gabriel even as she knows that there is no future in it.OPINION Gabriel is a difficult hero to like He keeps himself emotionally apart from others and his obsession with finding his sister has made him a jerk in other books Through this book, however, readers get to see that Gabriel loves his sister tremendously and while it makes him disregard others, he has good intensions As Gabriel falls for Juliet, he finds a new outlet for all that passionate caring His journey in this book is to turn from his obsession to find meaning in his own life.Juliet is sweet and independent and too willing to sacrifice herself for others For a great portion of the book Gabriel doesn t treat her very well and frankly, I would have smacked him silly Juliet s compassion and intelligence makes her a great pair for Gabriel She moves him in a different direction even as she understands and accepts his obsession This book doesn t feel as grounded in an actual historical period Because the Woodleys are nontraditional people and so are their friends, the standards and morals of the time don t really apply to them I don t mind these types of historical books where the historical part is flavor than accuracy, but I know that some people are particularly disturbed by these types of books.I was also pleased to see a cameo by characters from the Notorious Flynns series I have a particular fondness for seeing old characters again Readers who are not familiar with that series will not be confused.My only problem with this book is that I would much rather be reading Gabriel s sister Claire s book Her story has been an incredible mystery since the beginning of the series Her book is next in the series and this book brings forward questions about what is going on with her I suspect that I will like this book better after Claire s mystery is solved and I can concentrate on something other than my questions about Claire.WORTH MENTIONING Virgin hero catnip.CONNECTED BOOKS Tempted is book 3 of the Wicked Woodleys series There is an ongoing story in the series regarding Gabriel s missing twin sister, but enough is recapped here that readers could start with this book.STAR RATING I give this book 4 stars.NOTE I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in order to provide a review I was not required to write a positive review All opinions contained herein are my own.

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Juliet was a healer with a most unassuming personality She never tried to push herself into the family of Woodleys, they just accepted her because she helped their mother But Juliet was so much than what appearance She was beautiful, caring and giving to everyone in the family, except Gabriel Gabriel made her feel so different when he was around her Gabriel always appears to be watching her closely, why did he do that Did he not trust her with his mother Why does she have to be attracted to Gabriel Juliet was trying not fall for Gabriel, because Gabriel appeared to walking around with such a burden on him Gabriel was the brother with most intelligence and least amount of social skills Gabriel was primarily focused on finding where his twin sister Claire was Everything he did was to find Claire He had tried to make his other brothers focus on the search for Claire, but they were only interested in their wives Not him, he would never put any woman before his search of Claire, until Juliet came into his life to help heal his mother Juliet appeared to be one person that made Gabriel become unfocused on Claire Juliet made him feel.I so enjoyed how Jess Michaels blended the two personalities of Juliet and Gabriel Juliet made Gabriel likeable in this book Because to be honest, I did not like Gabriel very much in the previous book Deceived The author completely developed Gabriel and made me understand why he was obsessed on finding Claire I really empathized with Gabriel Let me just say that Jess Michaels is one of my most favorite authors I just love everything she has ever written I was so lucky to be able to read this advance copy of Tempted Her books have never disappointed me I can not wait to read her next book about The Wicked Woodleys.