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Broke And Despondent, Trickster Durksen Hurst Returns To Mississippi Seeking Redemption For His Disreputable Past And Maybe Some Glory When He Encounters A Dozen Hungry Slaves Hiding In The Wilds, He Persuades Them To Build A Plantation With Him A Scheme That Will Threaten The Town S Dominant Family The Brilliant, Mad Widow French And Her Tortured Son, DevereauWhen Antoinette DuVallier, A Mysterious Woman From New Orleans With Unknown Ties To The Frenches, Arrives Desperately Seeking Her Missing Boy, Long Buried Secrets Are Exposed That Tear Asunder The Once Sleepy HamletAs The Tangled Webs Of Deceit Unravel, Each Startling Revelation Shines A Fresh Light On What It Means To Be A Man Or A Woman, Free Or Enslaved Indeed, On What It Means To Be HumanAn Atmospheric Southern Gothic Mystery Like No Other A novel set in rural Mississippi just before the start of the Civil War The protagonist, Durk Hurst, has a plan to acquire a large tract of land and build a plantation He has no money and a checkered past He encounters some slaves fleeing for their lives and persuades them to join them in his long shot venture He gets title to the land by winning a chess game from an Indian chief and starts to build his mansion, but he comes up against the dominant family in the area, a elderly woman and her inscrutable son Add in a beautiful stranger, a deceased toddler, and sexual misidentification, and the fun begins as Durk fights for his plantation, his men, and his reputation This is a fascinating read My Southern Gothic thriller, The Lies That Bind DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1 , began as a screenplay, which had been well received by Hollywood and recognized by Missouri Playwrights Association I was even offered an option contract on the script However, nothing came of it, and I left the script alone for a time But it haunted me I thought it had so much meat, such deep themes, so many possibilities So I decided to turn it into a novel I worked on it on weekends, put it aside for periods of time, rewrote and rewrote, until I found an agent The inspiration for The Lies That Bind came from my love of Faulkner, which I read a lot in college, especially Absalom, Absalom , perhaps the greatest American novel In that book, Thomas Sutpen, a man emblematic of the Old South, steals land, builds a plantation, and becomes a legend for good and evil It always bothered me that Sutpen received all the notoriety, and his slaves, who did all the work, are barely mentioned.In The Lies That Bind, a flawed, inept charlatan forms a secret partnership with a group of escaped slaves to build their own egalitarian plantation Their success is clearly due to their common effort and especially to Big Josh, who had run a plantation for his former master But the townsfolk give the charlatan front man, not Big Josh or the others, all the credit for the enterprise s success Their antithesis, the Frenches, widow and son, the town s dominant family, are concealing their own dark secrets These deeply disturbed characters were inspired by a number of people I d actually known I hope readers will see from reading this book a parallel to today s world That in a society based on a Big Lie slavery , people are forced to live a lie merely to survive However, the tides of history and the power of basic human needs will eventually bring down any false structure or idea, no matter how powerful and threatening it may seem at the time Think of our country s civil rights and women s movements, gay rights, etc. The Lies that Bind DarkHorse Trilogy Book 1 by Ed Protzel is imaginative It is innovative, it is rich and complex, it is character driven, it has a breadth of detail that many others do not have This book is all about characters, it is all about what drives each of them, and is compelling Once or twice, I almost got lost on a twist but figured it out and followed the curve precariously It creates a universe unlike many others It is gruesome, it is wonderful, it is unpleasant, it is thought provoking, it is the first of three You ll want to read the other two for sure.Full disclosure, I have the singular distinction of having interviewed the author That interview is here A twisted tale of wanting things you cannot have A charlatan who wants peace, no running slaves who want freedom, an old woman who wants to be in control of everyone and everything a son who wants to be rid of her forever, yet wants a child to carry on the family name the child s mother, who had him torn from her grasp and is desperate to get him back a young woman who is compelled by God to free the slaves, and the Civil War is at their door From the first sentence to the last, I was pressed to find out the truth Can t wait for the sequel CJ Loiacono The Lies that Bind by Ed Protzel is set in a small back country town called Turkel, Mississippi It s an entertaining and complexly plotted pre Civil War novel about fairness and decency versus slavery and greed Cotton, the South s money crop, also plays a large role in the story There is an illuminating scene in a cotton broker s office that s reminiscent of how big business, especially hedge fund bankers, work today Protagonist, Dursken Hurst, a drifter and idealist who wants to end slavery, is pitted against Marie Brussard French, Turkel s aging and reclusive doyenne, who lives on her large plantation Like the chess pieces Mrs French manipulates in the her sitting room, she also controls all aspects of life in Turkel, including those of her son, Devereau These main characters are supported by a cross section of humanity, from local Indians slaves assorted riffraff and a beautiful woman on the run The book is aptly named, because much in this novel is not what it appears to be One of the strengths of the book is in its vivid characterizations and the author s depictions of the natural world, such as these descriptions of Devereau and of the setting sun Devereau was thirty one, the rosy softness of his naked cheeks and his slight stature gave one the sense of an adolescent boy Lightly freckled and frail, with cropped auburn hair, this morning he appeared a trembling, emaciated stick figure, with eyes bloodshot and swollen Dark rapidly closed in, the sun s retracting tendrils leaving bloody claw marks upon the clouded sky The final residue of daylight trained quickly behind the western hills, drawing with it what little warmth remained of the day Perhaps because this is the first of a trilogy, The Lies that Bind is very ambitiously plotted Through most of the novel, delicious details are released at a slow, easy pace Towards the end, the action speeds up, sometimes leaving loose ends One might wonder if a few revelations could have waited until book two. The Lies that Bind is historical fiction which I rarely read The novel opens with the interestingly named Dursken Hurst being chased and hiding in a bayou in Mississippi This is the type of novel that gives you a lot of characters to keep track of but it s very well written I like the writing because you are immediately curious about Dursken s mixed heritage, lack of parents and why a group of men want him dead It has surprising twists and an unpredictable ending I love that in a book That s really good writing.