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Cousins Rivals Queens While Mary, Queen Of Scots Takes The Center Role In This Retelling Of Her Life, Mary S Story Cannot Be Told Without Her Lifelong Struggle For The English Crown With Elizabeth I After Suddenly Being Widowed At Only Eighteen Years Of Age, Mary Leaves France, The Only Home She Has Ever Known, To Take Her Rightful Place As The Queen Of Scotland, And Someday She Hopes, The Queen Of England Queen Of Scotland By Birth, Rightful Heir To The Throne Of England, She Must Return Home And Claim Her InheritanceSo Began The Years Of Conspiracy And Intrigue, During Which Time Mary S Hot Passions And Thirst For Revenge Overwhelmed All Judgement, Reason And Honour Fans Of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, And Antonia Fraser Will Love This BookMary, Queen Of Scots Was The Basis For The Film Of The Same Name Staring Vanessa Redgrave As Mary, Glenda Jackson As Elizabeth I, And Timothy Dalton As Lord Darnley John Hale Served In The Royal Navy Before Working In The Theatre, Television And On Films He Founded And Directed The Lincoln Theatre Company In The Mid Fifties Before Going On To Be Artistic Director Of The Bristol Old Vic He Directed Plays In London, At The Edinburgh Festival, The Baalbek Festival And In America As A Freelance Director He Also Worked In TelevisionHe Became A Full Time Writer In The Mid Sixties And Is The Author Of Four Novels Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry, The Grudge Fight, A Fool At The Feast And The Paradise Man He Is Also The Author Of Four Stage Plays, Each Of Which He Directed Himself It S All In The Mind, The Black Swan Winter, Spit Head And Lorna And Ted He Was Nominated For An Oscar And Won A Golden Globe Award For His Work On The Screenplay Of The Royal Command Film, Anne Of A Thousand Days His Most Recent Television Play Was The Lion S Cub, First In The Elizabeth R Series He Also Wrote The Script For The Film Version Of Mary, Queen Of Scots Endeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Digital Publisher For Information On Our Titles Please Sign Up To Our Newsletter At Endeavourpress Each Week You Will Receive Updates On Free And Discounted Ebooks Follow Us On Twitter EndeavourPress And On Facebook Via We Are Always Interested In Hearing From Our Readers Endeavour Press Believes That The Future Is Now

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    This is a fairly short, no fluff story It s mainly just talking, not a lot of extra action or fluff which I think in this case it could have used a bit of This story was just a bit too boring for me Love Mary but this novel did nothing to enhance her story I received a copy from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a review

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    A free digital copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Endeavour Press I had initially thought that Mary, Queen of Scots was a non fiction read on the last years of the tragic monarch but it turned out to be a fictional story about the intertwining lives of Mary Stuart and her cousin, Elizabeth Tudor, the reigning queen of England That being said, Mary, Queen of Scots was not a great read and this was mainly due to two things bad writing and poor characterization.First, bad writing Mary, Queen of Scots read like a middle schooler s Reign fanfiction Its transitions between scenes was shoddy and jarring one minute we were watching the fun loving and cunning English court then the next, we were in dismal and barbaric Scotland The writing makes it seem to be marketed towards pre teens and in general, the middle school age demographic, but the fact that there was a lot of bawdiness and sex scenes tells me otherwise Besides that, the author would frequently dump information on the reader, telling what was happening instead of showing the events and exploring them at full length Basically, the bad writing of Mary, Queen of Scots made for an extremely dull and horrible read.Second, poor characterization, which was a result of the bad writing that I mentioned above Mary, Queen of Scots had a whole slew of interesting characters, including the titular figure and her cousin, but none of them were fleshed out There were instances when fascinating sides of Elizabeth s personality were hinted at such as her lewdness and her vanity, but these were never explored Hale s awful writing was particularly disappointing since I felt that he didn t do justice to these people who all played a significant role in history.Aside from complaints, I can offer nothing else about Mary, Queen of Scots It was a very bad read and I wasted a good three hours of my life on it In A Nutshell Mary, Queen of Scots was a horrible read and it wasn t a worthy historical fiction of Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor The only thing good about this book was its compelling cover but sadly, it was the opposite of a riveting read Perhaps we should cut some slack for this was published way back in 1972 but basically, this book was a huge disappointment and if it isn t clear yet, I don t recommend this at all.

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    When I first started reading this book, I was disappointed that it was only 147 pages By the time I was 85 pages in, I was relieved that it was only 147 pages This bookisn t good That s being really nice If you know even the most basic outline of the history of Mary, Queen of Scots, you know this book There s nothing interesting, clever, or innovative in this And the writing is just plain bad I actually thought, after the first two chapters, that maybe this was a middle grade book and I just hadn t noticed That was until everyone started sleeping with each other It was then I realized that it was just poorly written I would say that this reads like a 14 year olds Reign the TV show fan fiction, but the original copyright is from 1972, so I don t know what to make of it And quite frankly, I ve already wasted a good 2 hours of my life on this book and don t care to spend any time thinking about it I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and boy is this ever one.

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    This is a clean, concise story, not a lot of excess description anywhere Just the dialog, and the action, which I could picture quite clearly Very much like a verbatim account from a movie which I believe it is I initially thought it was too simple, but I grew to like it It s a quick read, and you ll get all the pertinent information, but you will not become emotionally vested with any of these characters I love this era of history, and this touches on personalities, political machinations, and the intrigue of a story not told as often as other stories of the Tudor line I received a free copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    Mary loses her husband while she is in France Seeing her position wavering, she decides to come back to Scotland where she is expected to rule Only to discover that it is not very easy The kingdom needs to be tamed Elizabeth, on the other hand, sees her as trouble and conspires to overthrow her demeaning herself in the process The book is the tale on Queen of Scots from the time she ascends to the throne till she dies at the scaffold in the tower of London It is filled with the conspiracy theories and the murderous epidemic that washes the land during Queen Mary s rein for complete review, visit

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.While not an in depth, non fiction account of this tragic queen s life, this short book does give the reader a genuine feel for the futility of life in this turbulent time in England and Scotland s history Women, even one as powerful as Mary, were merely a commodity to be used by powerful men wanting to better their own positions in life A good introduction into this historical period for readers perhaps wanting to delve deeper.

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    Mary Queen of Scotts by John Hale did not start well for me as the beginning of the book was a bit jarring and startling Things settled down and Hale writes a readable book that tells the life of a queen who thought her destiny included ruling both England and Scotland I found the Mary Queen of Scots a perfect, light, pedestrian read during the busy holiday season.Recommend.Review written after downloading a galley from NetGalley.

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    A familiar story of two very different women who are fighting for the same goal the throne of England Only one will succeed.A great piece of writing which was turned into a great film in my opinion.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Endeavour via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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    History can surpass fiction in its telling of twisted tales.

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    Jennifer had to be an historical figure for 7th grade, this is what she chose and I read the biography along with her.