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As You Sit Warm And Cozy In Your Chair By The Fire, Comforted By The Pretty Lights And Decorations Of Your Holy Nights, A Chill Runs Up Your Spine Part Of You Knows That The Things That Creep In The Night And Stalk Your Souls Take No Holiday Indeed, As Members Of The Los Angeles Chapter Of The Horror Writer S Association Are Here To Remind You With Twenty Dark Tales And Four Eerie Poems, At This Time Of The Year, Many Terrors Lie Just Beneath The Tinsel They Bring A Special Kind Of Fear That Can Only Be Found In The Winter Horror Days

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    As with any anthology, I expect to come across a wide range of stories some resonate with me, others leave me feeling .nothing This particular collection hit everything from stories I had rated one or two stars, to those that I loved and gave four or five stars to In this case given the large spread I rated each individual tale and averaged them out to an, unsurprising, three star overall average.A positive note in this winter themed anthology was that I did not come across any replicas or duplicates in theme The editor, David Lucarelli, did an excellent job in regard to that Obviously, the stories that I didn t, personally, care for may be the best according to another reviewer s standards I would urge readers to take a look and judge for themselves.Personal favorites of mine 1 Black Coal , by David Blake Lucarelli My hands down favorite Every element that I look at was present in this tale of comeuppance It has great tension throughout, excellent atmosphere that you can feel , and realistic characterization.2 Cursed By Saint Basil , by Kate Jonez A Greek legend that I was previously unfamiliar with This story took me completely by surprise loved every minute of it.3 Choking Hazard , by Michael Paul Gonzalez A twisted look at revenge from a most unexpected source The execution of this tale was a unique touch that I really enjoyed.4 The Fifty Eighth Item , by Kathryn McGee A internal look at Christmas and the value placed on material items Another story that really called out to me and struck just the right chord of horror and introspection.5 An Ugly Resurrection , by The Behrg An unique and grotesque take of a holiday tradition what s not to love Other stories I enjoyed included Lisa Morton s The Christmas Spirit , Lauren Candia s The Eve Sirens , Eric J Guignard s Patisserie du Diable , and David Gerrold s And Eight Rabid Pigs.A winter collection containing quite a mix of stories something for everyone The ones that stood out the most to me are worth the purchase price, alone

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    Winter Horror Days is a horror holiday theme anthology composed of works from writers of the Los Angeles chapter of the Horror Writers Association Edited by David Lucarelli and released by independent publisher Omnium Gathering, the anthology consists of twenty four entries in which twelve entries are serious horror, eight lean toward being either comedy or lighthearted stories, four poems and an editor s introduction.The horror holiday theme of the book is all encompassing, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Epiphany and even entries with pagan entities such as Krampus and Huldra No winter holiday is sacred and no subject too taboo as babies have their faces eaten off, ghosts rape the living, and entire families are immolated.Interesting or standout stories include Kevin Wet s A Ghost Hunter s Guide to Christmas Yet to Come which is a subversion of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol which reimagines Bob Cratchit and his family as a team of paranormal investigators hired by Scrooge to rid his house of ghosts Lucarelli s own entry Black Coal is a revenge tale which has echoes of Stephen King s short story Dolan s Cadillac Lisa Morton s entry The Christmas Spirit is an interesting and successful juxtaposition of modern and traditional gothic writing as it is told as a story within a story Readers who had enjoyed the recently released Crimson Peak film will no doubt be drawn to this story the most If there is a story that stands out above the rest it would be The Fifty Eighth Item by Kathryn McGee A story of two world travelers who had given up all but fifty seven of their possession, they settle into a cabin for the holiday in which mysterious events unfold There is this ethereal quality to The Fifty Eight Item that hits all the right marks it captures the season and the mood, but somehow successfully mixes innocence with horror, an extremely hard feat to pull off.Over all, the anthology is extremely comprehensive, with a wide net cast over holiday themes, horror and comedy, gruesome and psychological there is guaranteed to be at least one story that will strongly resonate with a reader.

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    Full disclosure, as an author I have a story that appears in this anthology As a reader, however, I would be remiss if I didn t leave at least a short review regarding the quality of work in this collection.Over the past year I ve read at least a dozen collections of short stories, some by single authors, others collected anthologies My favorite, by far, was Wastelands Stories of the Apocalypse, a collection of post apocalyptic tales, which contained some of the most unique stories I ve read Having grown up on the great King I m a huge fan of short works, and find it takes almost talent and certainly knowledge of craft to imbue a work of 3 or 5 or 10 thousand words with a satisfying and surprising beginning, middle and end It s really not as easy as it sounds.All this to say, Winter Horror Days absolutely blew me away The quality of the stories, the craftsmanship and ingenuity and pervasive sense of dread that carried throughout the collection And while Horror is in the title, this is not your average slasher B movie collection of bloody horror tales These stories have grit They have class And they ll stick with you long after you turn the page For an anthology based on Winter Tales, I expected to find a few stories repeating themes or central ideas Instead, each tale was unique and expertly carried out This is truly one of those anthologies that will stand the test of time Kudos to David Lucarelli and Omnium Gatherum Press for a remarkable publication I couldn t be humbled to be a part of it.

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    I love anthologies I m a sucker for movies like Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, and Doctor Terror s House of Horrors Anthologies always have something for everyone But when you take an anthology and revolve it around a central theme well, that just makes it all the better.Now, take that theme, in this case Horror, and write stories about a beloved holiday say Christmas and you have Winter Horror Days This book was recommended to me by some members of the Horror Writers Association and it doesn t disappoint.Twenty four twisted tales revolving around Christmas, winter, or the Solstice each one twisted than the next.The book starts off with a story from my absolute favorite female horror writer, Lisa Morton and ends with an unusual tale about the antithesis of Santa.Here is a rundown The Christmas Spirit Lisa Morton This was one of the stories I enjoyed the most Not because Lisa wrote it, but because it is just that good It s a story within a story, within a haunted house Ray and Elise inherit a house They think spending Christmas in it will help save their marriage Ray, in an attempt to do just that, purchases an antique book as a gift for Elise and it turns out to be anything but ordinary Great way to set the tone of this anthology.In the Dead of Winter K.A Opperman OK, if you ve read any of my reviews, you know I m not a fan of poetry Thankfully this was a short, one page poem about winter.Mother Night Elise Forier Edie I have to admit, the beginning of this story left a lot to be desired It was confusing, disjointed, and didn t capture my attention It was written from the point of view of a man just wakening out of what seemed like a long coma or something half thoughts, false memories, etc However, by the end of the story, everything was tied up nicely and finally made chilling sense Stick with it the ending was worth it.The Eve Sirens Lauren Candia Welcome to the new neighborhood we love Christmas here We just don t like the carolers Remember, on Christmas eve, lock your doors, close your blinds, and don t make a sound.Christmas 78 David Ghilardi Another poem Can t say too much about it without giving it all away Let s just say it s about a clown.Crying Wolf Kate Maruyama As an avid reader, I can usually figure out the gist of a story, and the ending, pretty quickly Not with this story, however Holly lives a life she hates Mom and Dad are cordial at best yet they love to entertain at Christmas She was accosted as a child by one of the affluent guests and has hated Christmas ever since Her closest confidant and protector, her brother, cannot attend this year s party so she has to find a new protector and does.Cursed by Saint Basil Kate Jonez This was an interesting story combining the Greek legend of Kallikantzaros hobgoblins and a women not wanting to believe in the old world Keep a cross and some basil next to you you may have to use it.Witch Sisters by Sean Patrick Traver Fallen witches, a Bishop of Old Roman Gnostic Succession, a convent used to house a demon, the release of said demon, and the calling for an exorcism Quick moving, and different kind of read.A Ghost Hunter s Guide to Christmas Yet to Come Kevin Wet An homage to A Christmas Carol, taken from a different perspective What if instead of dealing with the spirits, Scrooge enlists the help of Bob Cratchit to remove the ghosts That s right Bob and his family are ghostbusters Should have expected the ending, but didn t Another of my favorites in the lot.Black Coal David Blake Lucarelli I can t say how I feel about this one It s a cautionary tale about lying and the consequences but it felt forced, and a little too political for my liking It was like reading a advertisement for Greenpeace about the dangers of coal mining.Patisserie du Diable Eric J Guignard With no slight to Lisa, this story was hands down my favorite of the book It revolves around food, Paris, and a Mardi Gras tradition, La Galette Des Rois the King Cake Be careful who you buy yours from, and hope you don t get the slice with the baby.Dread of Winter, Dreams of Summer Janet Joyce Holden A one page story that I just didn t get.The Sun Robin Morris The only word I can use to describe this story is horrifying Ethan, a very young boy, his baby brother, and Mom are in a car accident Ethan take off with Daniel in search of help and finds it after helping the Sun A truly horrifying tale that will make you put the book down for a minute to comprehend what you just read.Choking Hazard Michael Paul Gonzalez I think every manager should read this story Be careful how you treat your employees, they may have something in store for you Just like the elves and Santa.Krampus Comes to Town Another poem this one about the legend of Krampus.Showdown in Beverly Hills Hal Bodner what happens when two holiday icons arrive at the same house as a setup Well, they face off in a battle That s just what Santa and the Hanukkah Fairy had to do Not really a Horror story, per se, but an entertaining one all the same Especially if you grew up celebrating both holidays.The Quiet Christmas Tree Tracy L Carbone Have you ever seen those ads that take your loved ones ashes and put them in a planter so that you can grow a tree with them being part of it Well, after reading this story, I don t think I ll be doing that ever.Shamash Xach Fromson A Hanukkah story about a cursed hanukiah I thought the story had potential, but was lacking in some explanation This family receives the hanukiah from an estranged brother and then die at it hands But I felt the explanation of why the hanukiah was made to attack flimsy, and almost non existent.An Ugly Resurrection The Behrg Ever wonder what Frosty the Snowman thought every year Well, now you do, and it is disturbing.The Scary Neighbor Ian Welke Everyone has that neighbor You know the one, no lights at Christmas, keeps to themselves, hates kids Well, what if they finally get fed up with the taunts, threats, and kids purposely making noise in front of their house The consequences become dire.Santa Christ and the Xmas Miracle Terry M and Regina West I ll come right out an say it since this is my review I did not like this story At all First, I am not a fan of stories that take place in a desolate future with it s own language That makes reading the story that much harder because you have to try to translate as you read For example The docamints and fotograffies are not necessary to the telling of the story Not that it mattered, since I didn t like the story either It s about a man who survived and what he does to gain wealth.Winter Witch Ashley Dioses An eight line poem Can t say much.The Fifty Eighth Item Kathryn McGee Wow this was a heart wrenching tale about a husband and wife who have chosen to scale down their possessions to just fifty seven They decide to spend Christmas in an out of the way cabin Margaret discovers a key a key that unlocks her life, and provides her with everything she gave up in the form of Christmas presents Or did it And Eight Rabid Pigs David Gerrold We have learned that for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction For ever good, there has to be a bad Nature needs balance Well, what is the opposite of Santa Claus Satan Claus of course Steven Dhor creates a story about the antithesis of Santa Claus and calls him Satan Claus After telling the story multiple times, it becomes a best seller, and a reality.So there you have it Twenty four stories Taking our the few poems, there was only one that I would say pass on David Lucarelli the editor did a great job in choosing these authors This may be destined to be a holiday reading tradition.

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    When they were good they were very very good When they were bad they were awful.3.5 stars

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    We all know that themed anthologies can be hit or miss, but this one is a hit, with a wealth of consistently fine, clever, and often ghoulishly humorous horror tales that are all set in the winter season This is the perfect volume to curl up with on a cold winter s night, while sipping a hot toddy, and praying that Santa isn t seeing you when you re sleeping.