Prime 39 Sixty By T.P. Johnson –

I loved reading THIRTY NINE SIXTY This book was fast paced and a quick read Aedan O Breine wakes up 3 days before Christmas to find a pink note from his wife informing him that she is pregnant with his second child Aedan is a furious self absorbed man During the next 3 days, his life and attitude change This novel made me think a lot about myself This is evidently the 1st in a series of books Can t wait for the next one With Three Days Until The Holiday, Aedan O Beirne Discovers His Family Is Missing He Has Until The First Stroke Of Midnight On Christmas Day To Find Them, Or He Will Lose Them ForeverIn This Romance Story, The Pace Increases As Aedan Sets Out On A Transforming And Pain Filled Race To Find His Family Alone, Bloodied And Bruised, He Carves A Path Across Chicago S Loop And To The Suburbs Searching For His Family His Love For Them Comes Into Sharper Focus With Each Hour PassedSet Against The Background Of Chicago S Beautiful Urban Landscape Filled With Historic Towers And Skyscrapers, Sixty Does Not Release The Reader S Interest Until The Last Page Is CompleteDon T Delay, Order Your Copy Today Would highly recommend Very enjoyable reading and thought provoking Hard to put down as their was a new twist on each page I won this book on Goodreads and look forward to T P Johnsons next book. I really liked this book but I did not like the ending I was expecting I agree with a lot of the other reviewers that it was a very good read which kept my interest from chapter to chapter I didn t like, however, the continuous use of the phrase, come on and the fact that the characters didn t use contractions when they spoke I always find this unusual because most if not all people use contractions when they speak As a lawyer, I never used contractions in my appellate brief writing, but I use contractions all the time when I m writing on my non legal website Perhaps it s just a personal style. 4.5 starsI won this on a Goodreads giveaway It s a really good debut novel I wanna read The thing that made it not five stars was the main character I feel like he s too self absorbed His bad mood and anger was often released onto his wife and child It was kinda frustrating, but I liked the story as a whole. I found this book very difficult to finish because of the poor writing style Every character was stilted, awkward, and wholly unbelievable I can t see a single real person acting the way any character in this book acted I kept reading to see if if would get any better plausible it didn t. This book is a quick read that keeps your attention and makes you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next Many twists and turns, as well as the unexpected make it exciting Great book Couldnt wait to see what happened next I recieved an ARC free through goodreads.To be edited when i finish the book I m excited to read this and the blurb just sounds amazing. Couldn t stand main character at first then slowly began to like him.