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An awesome dystopian fiction title A very promising opening salvo Very much looking forward to seeing how the series plays out There were some parts where the writing could have been tightened up, but I only noticed because the book was otherwise very well done Had a hard time putting it down, and then when I finally did, I had a hard time falling asleep It is an exciting story I would have no hesitation giving it as a gift. Everything About Fifteen Year Old Simon S Life Is Decided By His Government His Curfew, His Meals, Even His Fun When Simon Begins To Notice Nighttime Visitors And Hidden Messages, He Realizes That His Nation Is Even Dictating What He S Allowed To Know There S A Truth Out There To Be Discovered, A Truth The Government Will Stop At Nothing To Eliminate Join The Messengers As They Risk Their Lives To Protect Ittps Cph Messengers Clark s outstanding first novel is both entertaining and convicting at the same time She masterfully tells her story, adding countless rich details that enhance the narrative It is at the same time connected to past and present Readers will understand it as a modern day re telling of the early Christian church, while also pondering if this is the coming reality for Christians Clark s name choices for her characters is my favorite detail out of the whole book meanings and references to Biblical figures adds immeasurable depth to the plot.Suitable for YA and adults alike, The Messengers Discovered opens doors to profound conversations about living out our faith and why it matters even when steeples are falling Seamlessly weaving theology and the historic liturgy together with suspense and intrigue, Discovered is a welcome addition to Christian fiction and the Lutheran church Clark s gift of writing leaves readers completely satisfied while hungering for of Simon Clay and the Messengers and ultimately, the Word. The Messengers Discovered places us in a dystopian thriller where technology, creativity, and faith have been publicly eliminated In a world where everything is standardized and curiosity is smothered, what would be worth the price of defying authority Lisa Clark s compelling novel does a fantastic job of re revealing to both young adult and adult readers the truth and value of God s Word Clark builds anticipation and keeps us right alongside Simon on his compelling journey Seeing faith through Simon s eyes allows us to see our faith anew as well Clark s descriptions are vivid and the world she creates is one I look forward to exploring again. I very much enjoyed YA Christian novels when I was younger and now I love dystopian novels so when I heard about The Messengers Discovered which combines both, I jumped at the chance to read an advanced reader copy This book had me sucked in from the start and I just couldn t stop reading The first several chapters were centered around getting to know Simon and the world he lived in and felt rather lonely I was beginning to wonder if when we d meet any other characters and thankfully we did The book had a couple twists and turns I was not expecting which was great as I felt like I was always wondering what would come next The epilogue left it open for another book s which I am very excited for I can t wait to see what happens next.Thank you so much to Lisa M Clark for providing an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review In her first novel, Lisa Clark has achieved that which many authors strive for their entire careers a distinct story telling voice all her own Bravo She has masterfully constructed a story that shows how Christ and His Church are preserved, not through man s own machinations, but through His blessed Word. I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I ll be honest I really loved this book I ve been burnt out on dystopian fiction for awhile now, but I very much liked the Christian themes in this book and it brought a new angle A lot of dystopian fiction sort of ignores religion for instance, the Hunger Games has literally no mention of any type of religion whatsoever so it was interesting reading this book about a country where religion was eradicated I also liked that New Morgan was portrayed as stagnating Technological advances have regressed, students are indoctrinated in classes, and one always has to be careful about what questions they ask or even what they read.I liked Simon as a main character He was curious about his world, even if he didn t know what to look for until he discovers the Messengers At first he s just got a random teenage rebellious attitude, and doesn t even know why It s kind of reminiscent of my own teenage rebellious attitude And he doesn t stay that way, he grows as a character and starts searching for concrete answers He becomes a part of something so much larger than himself, and his interest in Christianity and his desire to learn and believe make him a better person.I will say this book has heavy Christian themes, with Bible verses and religious talk I know some people don t enjoy reading about that, but it s not really the schmaltzy, everything is will be ok if you just believe in Jesus brand of Christianity you often find in fiction There s no holding back that these characters put their very lives on the line just for possessing pieces of paper with Bible Verses on them It s reminiscent of the very early days of Christianity I really enjoyed it, as it made me think about how easy we have it nowadays in this country I did find that the end of the climax went a bit quickly, with some unanswered questions that I m not sure if they ll be answered in the next book or if they were just overlooked Regardless, I m looking forward to the next installment to find out what happens with Simon, Charity, and the rest of the Messengers. In a trend that will surely be replicated many times but never perfected in the same way, Lisa Clark has combined heady Christian theology and a dystopian YA thriller for middle grade readers Simon is the son of a secretive but loving father who discovers that the Darkness the nameless fear that his community of rules and order pins everything on is actually the message of the gospel Doled out in small but potent doses, the Message is sweet like honey to all who hear it in this debut thriller that is appropriate for children probably as young as ten Lisa Clark s writing is tightly effective, but the heart with which she deals with the theology is light and jubilant Young readers will love the rebellion against the authorities, while parents will delight in handing their children a book that not only encourages sharing their faith even in the worst circumstances but also embraces the importance of family, love and friendship The first of a series, I have no doubt that Clark s writing will quickly take this book to the top of the growing YA Inspirational genre. The world needs well crafted stories written from a Christian perspective, so it is exciting to see CPH venture into the world of dystopian middle grade fiction.Lisa M Clark s The Messengers Discovered follows Simon, a teenager growing up in a futuristic, repressive society where Bibles and other unauthorized reading material have long been banned Restless and discontent, Simon flirts with danger by engaging in petty misdeeds Then, one day, he realizes that his quiet father is deeply involved with something that does not officially exist the Christian church Like the church of ancient times, believers have gone underground Their messengers risk capture as they attempt to find, reassemble, and share the Scriptures from scraps and pages that have survived the government s purge As Simon enters the messengers world, he also learns the story of his mother s death and realizes that he, too, has a role to play in a society that is filled with darkness.I love the ideas around which this novel is built The concept feels fresh enough to be intriguing but also echoes the real world challenges faced by many Christians in actual times and places The very best scenes were those in which Simon hears Scripture or the liturgy of the church Genuinely moving and beautifully resonant, these passages demonstrate the power of God s Word How many middle grade or young adult novels are likely to bring a reader to tears with the words of the Creed The writing is occasionally uneven I would have liked a little showing vs telling There were also a number of scenes that seemed to hint loudly at future complications that never happened as, for instance, when our hero leaves dangerous evidence lying around but nobody ever finds it In addition, I have to admit that I felt as though every time a new Christian characters was introduced, they invariably smiled warmly, twinkled mischievously, or chuckled heartily, just so we would know they were nice After a while, this became irritating but perhaps that is because I m an adult reader instead of the target audience Flaws aside, I was genuinely moved by this story, and I applaud Ms Clark for tackling the challenge of writing it I look forward to handing this book to the young readers I know and to hearing their response to Simon s story May there be like it