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Shane Bradford Has Been Put On A Mandatory Two Week Vacation From His Job He S Also Been Handed A Gift List From His Ultra Controlling Mother That Includes Visiting A Tea Shop That Contains Than Just Flavorful Teas The Substitute Storeowner Intrigues Shane, But Finishing The Shopping List Has To Come Before Finding Out If His Vacation Could End Up Being Than Sitting And Staring At The Christmas Tree In His Condo Baris Ardor Didn T Expect His Last Customer Of The Holiday Season To Be The One That Was Hotter Than The Boiling Water He Used To Make Tea For His Mother S Customers But After An Awkward Meeting And Accidentally Keeping Shane S Shopping List, Can Baris Find Him And Make A Better Impression When Shane Finds Out That Baris Is Just A Temporary Visitor To The City, Will His Vacation Become Something Permanent Or Will He Let The One Man Who Warmed His Grinchy Heart Just Walk Away

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    UGH why do short stories have to be so dang short headdesk pThis was just rolling along entertaining the heck out of me and I could see the happy moment coming and then BAM it came and the story was over grrrI wanted details I wanted to see them down the road ten years later I want because this was a story about two great guys that were screwed by life and deserved better Oh well, I guess that is why we have imaginations I can see it now grin

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    Baris and Shane are perfect for each other They both need to realize they aren t their family nor their family s mistakes I would love about these guys.

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    I was enjoying this story and then it just stopped It did not come to a satisfying conclusion in the least.

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    AwesomeThis was a story about two men each from dysfunctional families Baris and Shane have a chemistry that they just can t shack When Shane tells Baris who his father is Shane seems to think that because of something that happened in the past they shouldn t be together But will a True Love finally prevail for these two no matter what

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    Short and sweet but to the point Loved this book so good to be so short Awesome work and I can not wait to read Winter Wishes.

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    Great sweet readShort sexy story about 2 guys who hit it off, but family issues could keep them apart Who is going to give in first and play cupid

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    Also part of the

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    Great little short I want to know about Shane and Baris