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Conor has too much heart to ever be like his dad or his foster brother So when dear old brother banishes Brenna to the Other world without the needed protection of her amulet, Conor will do anything to find her as he has some mighty strong feelings for her despite her being fae and the arch enemy of his hunter team An excellent storyline and some great storytelling I loved it I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Conor Malone isn t just another hunter of paranormals Living in West Philadelphia defending innocents, he was raised to hate all things paranormal especially Fae Until he meets Brenna, Brenna who is part Fae which he does not know right away Conor finds himself in a situation where Brenna winds up being at the right place at the right time Immediately you get a sense of something between her and Connor, and her banter with him too funny Conor was raised to be a true hunter no feelings, no emotions deal with the Fae destroy them However Conor is truly different and you get that from the get go He isn t like his father, he cares he has emotions and honestly he is the most adorable hunter so far Hunters are the best at searching for paranormals, their senses smell especially are designed to help them, hunt Now Brenna and Conor must find who is behind the kidnappings of the Fae and why they are doing this, the Unseelie are not easy to deal with neither are any of the others they come across I loved this from beginning to end this story captured me From the amazing witch you get to meet to the many different paranormals in this story absolutely LOVED and as they search for the caster responsible for the attacks, their relationship changes and takes some turns Conor and Brenna didn t expect As you take this journey through Philadelphia with Conor and Brenna, you will be captivated by the story line and your attention will not waiver I honestly read this book within 24 hours My apologies to the author as my review is WAY late But I truly loved this story of friendships, love, letting go and finally accepting who are and not being afraid of owning it. Hunters Are A Lonely Breed, And Conor S No Exception, Until The Day He Meets Brenna Even Though She Slinks In Unannounced And Kills The Wight He Was Hunting Down, The Girl S A Mystery And He Can T Get That Blinding Smile Or Those Gorgeous Curves Off His Mind Since They Re Both After The Same Caster Who S Unleashing These Monsters, He Suggests Teaming Up, And Despite Her Initial Reluctance, The Hungry Way She Scans Him Down Promises Something PowerfulHowever, Her Secrets Have Repercussions, And Faster Than Conor Can Lift His Glock, He S Drawn Into The Web Of Kidnappings And Unseelie Mischief, All Concealing The Machinations Of A Darker Foe One That Plans To Bring Philly To Ruin Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Born to be enemies but destined to be lovers Conor is a hunter who has vanquished creatures of all kinds Raised to be ruthless, he is expected to kill enemy fae on sight But when a chance encounter puts him in the company of a lovely half fae, he feels inclined to kiss her than kill her And after learning of her need for assistance, Conor finds himself playing knight in shining armor to the troubled Brenna.Brenna knew that the hunter would discover her secret sooner or later but the risk was worth it in order to get help in recovering her stolen amulet And after witnessing Conor s soft side in regards to an injured canine, she can t help but wonder if this hunter might be the exception to the rule.Even though a hunter and half fae can play nice with each other, doesn t mean that everyone will approve of the new partnering Conor s family despises the blood that runs through Brenna s veins and they aren t the only things that are a danger to her Banding with a resourceful witch, the pair take on the most vile creatures to threaten the city and all that live inside it.I flew through this book in a single sitting so it definitely held my attention The supernatural beasts and inhabitants of the city in the story were unique and interesting The plot held some betrayal and trickery, along with quite a bit of action At times, I did find the book to be wordy Everything was described in full and sometimes gory detail While I don t mind some telling, I also find myself skimming long paragraphs But the dialogue and romance definitely furthered the plot along at a satisfying pace.The leading lad and lady were great characters and well fleshed out The trust happened quite quickly but the actual romance was slower to brew and when the inevitable bedroom action occurred, it was fireworks all around I thoroughly rooted for this pairing and hoped to see their happy ending despite all of the obstacles in their way.In closingA good and solid start to the series I am definitely curious to see how Liam redeems himself in the next installment Four suns Full review on blog 4.5 5.0 Hunting for Spring opens with the best paragraph this reviewer has ever read Originality jumps from every page.Read full review in the I really liked this book I m a PNR junkie so I know what I m talking about Conor the Hunter was so engaging Reminded me a bit of the Supernatural boys Sam and Dean and that is never bad Brenna, a half breed, was spunky and a good match for our Hunter.There s a lot going on in this story Zombies, witches, Seelie, slaugh Unseelie, daddy issues, prejudice, secretsbut it all works I never lost interest in the story However, Brenna and Conor could have moved a little quicker with the sexy time, but that s just me I m an instant gratification girl I can t wait to read the next book Conor Malone was a Hunter, responsible for tracking mythical beasts, most especially Fae Unlike the rest of his family who hunted the Unseelie fae with no compassion or mercy, Conor had a big heart for dogs, a conscience, and a sense of fairness Brenna is a fiery, feisty half fae female determined to hunt down and retrieve her property Crossing paths with Conor, realizing that he is not like the other Hunters, that he is himself willing to work with others when it made sense, Brenna decides to accept his collaboration and learns to trust him Conor is drawn into the mystery of kidnappings and Unseelie activities which hide an even darker evil Will Conor and Brenna track down the source of who is unleashing the monsters Can they defeat it This was a good story with well defined characters and a fast paced mystery story line that keeps the reader involved in what s going on Give it a try and enjoy how the couple works together to get the job done Hunters, Fae, and loads of magic and mayhem Conor and Brenna should be enemies, but sometimes fate has other plans as these two find out between dangerous situations Hunting for Spring is a can t catch your breath, action packed start to a new series, and Katherine McIntyre certainly knows her stuff when it comes to exciting storytelling The story starts with danger and doesn t let up as the tension snowballs right up to an edge of your seat conclusion This tale of romance, betrayal, and family loyalty is impossible to put down and has me left excited to see where this series will go next. This story kept me enthralled The writing is rich with character, and makes you lose sleep because you can t put it down Yes, I said you CAN T put it down I look forward to reading of Katherine s masterpieces.XenaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More This story has a little of everything, sweet romance, sexy overbearing and frustrating alpha make and a beautiful woman who has the right heart and spirit Thoroughly enjoying and entertaining.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.