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Lord Griffin Disappeared Five Years Ago Into The Wilds Of Brazil, Leaving A Fianc E In England Now He Has Returned To Claim Her, But She Is Betrothed To A Duke, Who Not Only Outranks Him But Is A Far Suitable Match For Myra Though A Beauty, Myra Hasn T The Spirit And Charm Of Her Younger Sister, Alice, Who Has Always Treasured Her Memories Of Griffin But He Is So Intent On Winning Back His Fianc E That He Scarcely Notices The Child Who Has Grown Into A Delightful Woman The hero is OK but the heroine is a vapid non entity and, while the secondary characters are amusing, they aren t enough to make this a good read I did admire the courage of the timid duke and his beloved They are a nervous wreck but they don t give in to the threats of the theoretically at least larger than life hero. Joan Smith l ideale per l estate Rinfrescante, direi La storia tenue e bizzarra, ma salvata dal giusto humor. Every ten years or so, I go through my classics piles of books These books have survived the test of time as I ve grown and matured No one else may consider them classics but they still resonate with me My classics pile contains of a lot of Regency romances The Savage Lord Griffin will be staying in my classics pile.Even though I originally bought this book when I was in my 20s, it still resonates with me I think it s because Alice, the heroine, is wise beyond her years while her sister was a ditz The hero, even though he s much older, is the one who must mature before he s able to recognize true love.Usually, there s not a lot of character growth in a Regency romance That s not the case here and I appreciate it. It has its moments of funny, but overall the romance falls a little flat Is it just me or was Lord Griffin kind of a jerk and a fool He wasn t exactly good romance hero material.he seemed genuinely in love with our heroine s insipid sister, he chased and flirted shamelessly with another nasty debutante and he just seemed clueless in general about women Our heroine certainly deserved better than a tacked on epiphany that she was really the woman for him.