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One of the better Barbara Holloway legal mysteries they re all good, just some even better Once again it is the courtroom scenes that really stand out and move the plot along Very good. This book disappointed me, as I have really enjoyed previous ones in the series There was no suspense here, as we found out who did it about half way through and that was a complete cop out Barbara did things which were unethical and so potentially damaging to her client that I would have her struck off myself And what was all that with the saintly Darren Kate Wilhelm consistently delivers an intriguing case along with interesting courtroom drama I really enjoy the Barbara Holloway series because the major characters, her father, her partner and other minor characters continue from book to book The primary relationship between Barbara and her father, himself a lawyer has had its ups and downs, but Frank supports her legal work I guess you could read this as a stand alone, but you would miss the nuances between Barbara and a possible love interest My suggestion starts rom the beginning of the series This is a tough book to rate, the characters and dialog are good, but the murder and Barbara s case are so bad as to be laughable The case against her defendant was nonsense, no cop would make the arrest, and no prosecutor would file the charges on such non evidence And, in the end, Barbara s moral dilemma was meaningless any good lawyer would have presented the evidence, and offered to help the real killer The shame of it is that I normally like Wilhelm s work, and this one could make me quit scouring the used book stores for her stuff. I enjoy this series It is one of go to audio book series I like all the regular characters and the cases they work are interesting I love the relationships between all the people in Barbara s life and I find them relatable. Kate Wilhelm continues to deliver good mysteries using her Barbara Hollaway character In this novel Barbara is challenged by what she has to do to get her client freed from a murder charge There are several plot strands, but they all come together and support each other I really like this series. I really enjoyed it up to the trial but then it seemed to drag I was expecting not sure what so thought the end was a bit anticlimactic. Forgot how good this series is. Wally Lederer had been accused and had served time in jail for theft Five years later, he was freed and vowed to never go back to his old stealing ways He promised his wife he d change, because if he failed, Meg would readily divorce him Over the years, he d kept to his promise and lived a good, clean life as an entertainer One day, he chanced upon an old friend, Jay Wilkins and the two had a drink in his friend s home Things didn t go well between the two when Jay accused Wally of stealing his golden horse statue So he asked for his friend Frank Holloway s help about this matter, but the old man refused, said that he no longer practiced criminal defense His daughter Barbara stepped in When they were about to prove Wally s innocence, Jay Wilkins was soon found dead murdered And every finger pointed to Wally, given his history and recent fight with the victim Was Wally guilty as charged Or not I ve read a couple of Barbara Holloway novels before and as always, the author Kate Wilhelm reminds me of my favorite author Sidney Sheldon Her novels always makes my brain work like that of a CSI detective I tend to analyze every detail, doubt every character, look for loopholes, determine the suspect and in the end, be surprised with the twists Somehow, I was able to easily identify with Barbara Holloway, the lawyer because she strive hard to help innocent people and uphold their interests and integrity Her relationship with her father was also something to look forward to Wally, on the other hand, was commendable for his determination to change I liked that he was able to prove that not all ex convicts were destined to go back to prison over and over again.But than that, I was moved by the grace, directness and humor of Kate Wilhelm s writing and world building Sleight of Hand is another suspense mystery that s sure to make you think deeper and deeper as you enjoy devouring the pages, from start to finish. Gregarious Vegas Entertainer Wally Lederer Hasn T Always Enjoyed The Attention Of Center Stage Something He Learned About Himself Over Thirty Years Ago When He Was In The Slammer Serving Time For Picking Pockets He Claims He S Turned His Life Around, And His Lucrative And Legitimate Showbiz Career Seems To Support This But Will The Police Believe He S A Changed Man Now That Jay Wilkins, A Childhood Friend, Is Accusing Him Of Stealing A Valuable Artifact More Important, Does Respected Attorney Barbara Holloway Believe Him When He Pleads His Case To Her Wally Swears He S Innocent There S No Way He Would Jeopardize Years Of Hard Work For The Fleeting Thrill Of Minor Deception But When Jay Is Found Murdered, Barbara Knows Wally Is In Serious Trouble The Police Have Named Him As Their Prime SuspectBarbara Begins To Dig Up The Dirt And Is Shocked To Learn That Jay S Wife Is Now Missing And That Jay Himself Was Far From Being The Upstanding Businessman He Claimed To Be Before Long, New Evidence Points Toward An Unlikely Killer, And Barbara Must Decide If Protecting Her Client By Revealing The Truth Will Destroy Another Life She Means To Save