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Jewel Thefts, Missing Persons, Even Murder Are All Elements In The World Of The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes What Connects The Stories In This Book Is That The Cases He And His Biographer Dr John H Watson Investigate Are Based On Adventures Beloved Of Childhood In A Novel Twist To The Usual Holmes Pastiches, Mrs Puhl Has Based Her Plots Involving Mr Sherlock Holmes On Folk Tales, Nursery Rhymes And Other Snippets Of Children S Literature She Has Brought Them Into The Victorian Era And Kept Them True To The Expectations For Holmesian Stories But These Are Not Children S Tales There Are No Talking Rabbits, No Flying Carpets Or Magic Wands There Is Not Always A Happy Ending They Are All Grounded In The Logical World Of Holmes And Watson Two Men Are Determined To Prove In A Race Which Of Them Is Faster A Child Is Missing And Presumed Dead Can Sherlock Holmes Help Heal The Mother S Broken Heart A Baby Is Found In A Basket At The Foot Of The Seventeen Steps To B Baker Street Did An Ancient Legend Lead To A Modern Day Murder Join Mr Sherlock Holmes And His Biographer Dr John H Watson As They Explore The Unusual Cases Brought To Them From The Land Of Bedtime Stories And Wise Adages You May Never Feel Quite The Same Again About Children S Literature

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    A terrific blend of Holmes stories and folklore Staying true to Sir Doyle, Puhl keeps the interplay between Watson and Holmes alive I m a harsh critic when it comes to Holmes retellings so consider this high praise My Rating 5 stars

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    My thanks to Steve and Timi at MX Books for my review copy of this book, and for continuing to share Sherlock Holmes with the world These adventures of Sherlock Holmes are set in similar situations to Folk Tales such as The Bremen town Musicians or Robin Hood Placing Holmes in this world makes for some terrific stories.This isn t the world of Fairy Tales The stories are not full of magical beings fairy godmothers, or The Wizard of Oz The author states that the stories do not contain this element because magic is illogical And yet there is an undercurrent of people and events that could be interrupted as magical Folk Tales were invented to make children aware of dangers in the world There was a true fear of wolves, witches, devils, demons and such To let children remember the danger, stories were written, often with a moral, to teach caution.These tales are meant to teach children about Sherlock Holmes I am going to skip my usual detailed thoughts on each individual story, as I cannot see how to word the brief glimpse into each tale without spoiling the entire tale.It is my opinion that the stories in this volume go a bit deeper than the ones in volume 1 I am not saying that the author has changed a lot, but it is harder to spot the Folk Tale behind the story All in all, it is a pretty good read I give this volume of stories five stars Quoth the Raven

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    I received the book today and I am so excited and happy I just kept the book down to come and notify the site that i received the book One could literally feel the mystery and the thrill of the chase This is something which I could definitely read than once.