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The Time Of Stalin Portrait Of A Tyranny Is An Extraordinary Book Of Historical Revelation, A Searing Criminal Indictment As Told From The Inside Of Soviet Society Anton Antonov Ovseyenko Was A Child Of The Bolshevik Revolution His Father, Vladimir Antonov Ovseyenko, Led The Bolshevik Storming Of The Winter Palace In October And Went On The Become A Leading Soviet Military Figure, Political Operative, And Diplomat He Was A Victim Of Judicial Murder During Stalin S Purges Of The Late Thirties Vladimir Antonov Oveyenko S Official Rehabilitation In Was One Of The First Acts Of Khrushchev S De Stalinization Program His Son, Anton, Almost Totally Blind And A Survivor Of Many Years In Stalin S Prisons And Concentration Camps, Told The Story Of Stalin From Personal Experience The Fate Of The Soviet Union Under Stalin As Well As The Official Silence That Again Enshrouds The Man Anton Denounced As A Gangster Led Him To Write A Remarkable And Damning Book The Time of Stalin Portrait of Tyranny by Anton Antonov OvseyenkoI am still reading but I find this very interesting and some what scary When you think that the man you allow to lead you is so corrupt and just plan crazy I like the way the author writes he seems to have healed quite a bit his writing shows his pain but as if he is absent for the moment This man as a child lived in the concentrations camps Very good read so far.