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This Beautifully Illustrated And Updated National Gallery Companion Guide Introduces Art Lovers To One Of The Richest And Most Representative Collections Of Western European Paintings In The World Erika Langmuir Offers Enlightening Commentary On Than Of The Finest Works By Painters Including Piero Della Francesca, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, Vel Zquez, Ingres, And Degas From The National Gallery S Collection, Along With Masterpieces By Less Familiar ArtistsWith This Book, Readers Can Trace The History Of European Painting From The Thirteenth To The Twentieth Centuries Develop An Eye For Style, Technique, Imagery, And Genre And Learn To Appreciate The Talents Of Artists In A Variety Of Artistic And Cultural Contexts The Book Takes Into Account The Latest Scholarship From The National Gallery And Includes Discussions Of The Museum S Newest High Profile Acquisitions

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    I love this book I bought it when I was visiting London and since then this book haven t quit my bedside table yet.Truth is, I ve really enjoyed visiting the National Gallery of London.Now, when I go to bed and have some time before I fall asleep I read randomly a description of some painting Descriptions are very interesting There s the historical side of artist and may have some explanation of the character represented in the painting Then there s the explanation of the painting, the type of artistic expression and what the artist wanted to show to us All details are explained and the all painting turn out clear to me.I ve been learning a lot with this book, and it makes me really curious about what s in it, I ve been doing a lot of research about art and painting.Next time I ll go to London, I ll go visit the National Gallery again, and I ll have a different point of view of paintings, and a different sensibility to some details and characteristics.It s a shame I don t have a similar book about the collection of the Museum Of London.A.

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    When I was a child I would often go on trips to London with my family, and though we frequented the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, we never went to the National Gallery which tells you a lot about my parents So it was that I first stumbled in a few months ago, in my twenty fourth year, and was embarrassed to discover how little I could appreciate or understand it I whizzed round in about a day or so, then picked this book up from the gift shop at the end It has been uniformly helpful, and I now look forward to visiting again.

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    Such good memories.