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I m not married, but this is such good, practical advice coupled with stories that help you understand it Brilliant Fulfilling Marriages Don T Just Happen Truly Joyful Marriages Are A Lot Of Work In Hidden Keys Of A Loving, Lasting Marriage, Best Selling Author Gary Smalley Shares The Principles Of Strong Marriages He Points Out The Common Problems Between Husbands And Wives And He Shows How To Turn Those Troubles Into Teamwork Hidden Keys Of A Loving, Lasting Marriage Explores Two Reasons Why Marriages Fail How To Meet The Needs Of Your Spouse How A Husband S Lack Of Affection Weakens A Marriage Crucial Differences Between Men And Women How To Motivate Your Spouse To Listen To You This Book Is A Combination Of Smalley S Earlier Published Works, If Only He Knew And For Better Or For Best The First Half Of The Book Discusses The Husband S Part In Building A Successful Relationship The Second Half Of The Book Shows How Wives Can Nurture Their Marriages Good Marriages Require Both Husband And Wife Working Together To Understand, Appreciate, And Honor One Another This Book Shows You How To Do Just That Didn t care for this one at all More because a lot of the problems and things discussed were non issues for me and my marriage I would recommend it for couples just short of their honeymoon phase It was quite repetitive though seeing as two books were combined into one a men s section and a women s section. Marriage is not 50 50 It is 100 100 This book is a must read for all married couples It helps men understand women and women understand men And it tells how to make the marriage work beautifully 646.78 Sma it was the perfect book that i have ever red This book has two main sections marriage building principles for the husband and marriage building principles for the wife He says, the main problem that we men have to overcome is our lack of knowledge and skills to nurture our wives to a level from which we can enjoy a growing, loving and intimate relationship Many women also come into marriage without understanding They don t understand that admiration is to a man what romance is to a woman This is a book emphasizing the skills needed to make a marriage work. I m not sure this is the premiere marriage book, but it is definitely worth a read Broken down into 2 sections one for the husband the other for the wife, it explores differences in communication styles and how to improve the ways we communicate so each spouse knows what is needed in the relationship for it to thrive It does focus a lot on the husband role and how the female needs to teach the husband to be a good spouse As with all self help psychological books, take out of it what you think will help your relationship and leave the parts you do not agree with or do not apply.