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A COMING OF AGE ADVENTURE After Failing To Stop Ms Val From Collecting The Three Ancient Boxes, Peter Must Race To Find The Fourth If He Fails, The Evil Witch Norgana Will Return To Consume The World In War But The Journey To Mount Massive Will Not Be Easy Wargs, Goblins And The Three Fingered Cowboy Stand In His Way With His Friends By His Side And A Host Of Enemies Before Him, Peter Pomperfield Embarks On A Journey That Will Take Him To The Height Of Mountains And The Depth Of Darkness Along The Way He Must Decide How Much He Is Willing To Sacrifice The Lives Of His Friends, The Girl He Loves Or His Own Integrity War For Camp Willalacky Is The Third Book In The Peter Pomperfield Series And Follows The Events Of Siege Of Fair Oak

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    So I have gone through all the Peter Pomperfield books and slowly turning into a fan The books are simple and have a blend of adventure and mythical creatures that people of all ages should enjoy The main protagonist Peter although sounds way mature than a fourth grader but we have to understand that there is a reason for him to be the leader His acquaintance of the mythical creatures began in his grandma s house read the first book of the series where he befriended elves and gnomes At the same time he got hold of an evil plan of releasing Norgana, a threat to humankind He bravely took it upon himself to go extra mile to save the world from Norgana s coming Blessed with great friends human and mythical creatures alike , he continue his journey through the heart of the dwarvish kingdom As he tried to rescue the fourth box whose direction was pointed by the sunstone read the second book of the series , he faced an enemy who is powerful unlike any others but managed to find an unlikely savior at the end.Now a couple of sentances about the writer, D A Thompson I know he would be famous one day So far his books are kind of like hidden gems among the massive collection of kindle books I wish him all the success.