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Cute Definitely a beach read Character development falls off somewhat toward the middle of the book I was also surprised that, given the vast body of Springsteen s work, the author s supposed love for the singer and the mention of one of his famous early songs in the book s title, there weren t , and better, quotes from him Just sayin Just a fun silly book that is pure entertainment Taking place in fictional Bisbania, Princess Isabelle and Prince Raphael live a royal life in the castle Her royal mechanic Geoff is a friend she met who took care of her car while at Yale Things change when Geoff and Raphael take a plane ride and only one body is found Up to that point in the book, most of the story details Izzy s fashion, life and mishaps while handling public duties Society writer Ethelbald chronicles her clothing and moves with some speculation of pre princess life in the states After the fateful flight, each chapter has a cliffhanger that is bizarre than the previous one and that is where the fun begins Also, you are left in the dark for quite awhile as to who is actually narrating the story A little bit Princess Diaries, reminiscent of Princess Diana and the British royal family episodes you ll enjoy the change from regular chick lit My only disappointment is that The Boss wasn t one of the characters 2.5 starsWhen Isabella Cordage marries Prince Raphael of Bisbania, everyone, including his parents, think it uis a poor match Dizzy Izzy as she s called in the press never fails to call attention to herself in un princess like ways Take that shot in the newspaper of her laughing and shooting water out her nose, for instance Or the gaffes she makes commenting about different things But little does the press know that Isabella and Raphael are truly in love, and this overcomes a large amount of criticism.Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle is a novel in the form of a tell all book about the lives of royals The author is obviously an insider, but the person s identity is not known until almost the end of the book We follow the prince and princess through their engagement, their struggles, and the fateful event that changes the lives of everyone in Bisbania forever.It is difficult to provide a decent plot summary since Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle is mostly narrative and there s not a great deal of character development However, after you get used to the writing style, it s actually a delightful love story written in a very unique style A tongue in cheek sense of humor and abundant plot twists and turns add breadth to this chick lit novel. The book, Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle , is a fiction book that tells the story of a young yale graduate named Isabella Cordage I know that many people may be thinking that this book is like any typical story about a princess Trust me when I say that this book is nothing like any other princess story Once you read this book you will instantly fall in love with it This book tells the story of a young yale graduate named Isabella Cordage who marries Prince Raphael of Bisbania When Isabella starts making headlines and gets nicknamed Dizzy Izzy by the papers, she brings her friend named Geoffrey out for help Geoffrey is a car mechanic and lover of Bruce Springsteen Everything seems to be going well until a plane that is carrying the Prince and Geoffrey crashes Only one person survives the crash and this book quickly becomes a mystery that you probably won t be able to solve This book quickly becomes filled with plot twists.Personally, when I read this book, I was instantly hooked I could not stop reading it and fell in love with the plot I would recommend this book to people who love a good mystery and plot twists I would also recommend this book to people who are interested in drama. Upon rereading this book, I have a much different reaction to it Maybe it s because I don t read tell all biographies, so I m already not a fan of the style, but the narration came off as being catty when I think the author was going for witty My main problem is with some of the plot twists if only because there s a twist at the end of the last twenty chapters At that point, it stops being surprising and plodding And some of the twists you could probably guess from the beginning of the book Also, the Springsteen references don t contribute to the plot, and come off as of a gimmick Cover Me inspires a glove craze Seriously and there s too many pop culture references that come off as overbearing instead of witty. Okay so I found it on the sale shelf at Barnes and Noble It has Bruce Springsteen involvedI ve always enjoyed lit that includes music.The book could have been so much better but its hampered by a winding narrative by someone you know is an insider When you find out who it is, you re cool with it But then the twists and turns just get elaborate and intent on surprising you The deeper you get into the book, you wonder Why am I sticking with this Then the characters go from being portrayed as sweetly flawed into mentally and emotionally selfish When I got to the end, I felt a little bit hollow The first third of the book is interesting and funny The middle third a little confusing, but interesting The final third a disappointment. I thought I would love this book It s about a princess and references Bruce Springsteen Sounds right up my alley But no The narrative style was hard for me to handle It s told as a sort of tell all biography about a princess in a fake European country in the relatively near future But it s not told linearly or really in any sort of understandable order, which made it incredibly hard to follow at times It s filled with plot twists, some are completely predictable, and some are just over the top in the worst way And for being named after a Bruce Springsteen song, there were very few Springsteen references and they were rather gimmicky Overall, I was rather disappointed. There s a promising idea here the European princess who finds guidance through the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen as which of us has not, from time to time , but it s poorly executed in fact, the title and blurb have very little relationship with the story It s also written in a strangely flat, mannered way, which may be deliberate, but makes it hard going Add in a preposterous story, and generally unsympathetic characters, and it was all rather a waste of time, really. Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle is one of those random books that find its way into my hands at the bookstore, and I immediately know I must have it even if I ve never heard of it before return return Isabella Cordage is the daughter of a small titled family in a small country called Bisbania, and therefore one of the few suitable playmate for Raphael, Prince of Gallager and heir to the throne Over the years, they became close friends return return Since Raphael isn t likely able to marry for love, he married for companionship Isabelle fit the bill Much like one real life princess, she became instant tabloid fodder, overshadowing her husband return return Everything she wore fell under scrutiny and occasionally became the latest fashion Everything she did, no matter how little, was big news A spill down the stairs earned her the nickname Dizzy Izzy return return Before her marriage into the royal family, Isabella attended Yale and picked up an amount of Americanism She also picked up a crush on her car mechanic Geoffrey, a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen return return Geoffrey dispenses advice through Springsteen lyrics, which Isabella always manages to intreprete as an answer to her fashion woes Shortly after marrying Raphael, Isabella engages Geoffrey into her service and brings him and his wife Mae to Bisbania return return Five years after marrying, a small plane carrying Geoffrey and Raphael crashes into the sea Only one body was found The story creeps along from a light hearted royal chick lit into something vaguely sinister but nonetheless compelling return return Narrated from a the POV of a know it all observer, this novel reveals enough cliffhanger chapter endings to keep the pages turning Was the plane crash really an accident or was it murder Who is this observer and how does she know so much return return Beverley Bartlett keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last page of her debut As for me, this impulsive buy is a keeper return return 2006 Amazing E Book, Princess Izzy And The E Street Shuffle Author Beverly Bartlett This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Princess Izzy And The E Street Shuffle, Essay By Beverly Bartlett Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You