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Have you ever read a complicated story Well if you haven t i suggest Outside Beauty.The Genre of Outside Beauty is Realistic Fiction Outside Beauty is Realistic fiction because this can happen to anyone in our world I personally thought this was a great book I thought this was a great book because it was so complicated that you just wanted to keep and keep on reading to see what happens Most of Outside Beauty takes place in Chicago of course where the family lives There is also 2 different places in the book Green Valley,California and Benton Springs, Arkansas First of all, one of the main character is Shelby She is one of the most important because she is telling the book so we know about her than the others In the beginning Shelby and her three other sisters Marilyn,Lakey and Maddie and of course the mother who s name is not said in the book are running away from their mothers ex boyfriend so they go with Lakey s father in Green Valley California and they stayed there for a while until they realized that her ex boyfriend got a person to follow them so they left immediately even though her and Lakey s father were hitting it off all over again and the mother and actually from three other mans that she had kids with she loved Lakey s father but didn t tell him anything they got back to Chicago and they were the same for a while until one night their mother got into a terrible car accident and they were sent to their fathers house for the summer Lakey went with her father in California Marilyn stayed with her father in Chicago Shelby and Maddie went to Arkansas Before they all left they promised to write letters to each other Eventually Shelby and Maddie started talking in the phone and one time in the afternoon Maddie called crying and saying that her father Mr Bronson hit her So after this Shelby tries to run away but is unsuccessful so eventually Maddie s letters sounds like if Mr Bronson wrote them or he was telling Maddie what to write So later a month passed and their fathers got a call saying that the girls mother had infection because of all of the plastic surgeries she had to take for her face because of the car accident the infection could even be deadly So they left immediately and they all met but Maddie wasn t the same she changed Then they got Maddie back to normal and escaped and went to Lakey s dads cabin house were the ceremony took of Lakey s fathers wedding with his new woman They got their and lasted their for I would say two days But then the police came looking for them and got arrested and waited till their fathers came When they came Shelby s father said that they shouldn t be separated because they need each other They got back and Shelby s father stayed until their mother got better eventually while he was at this he was selling his gum When their mother got better he left but the girls still saw him because they were going for Christmas while their mother was in vacation with her new boyfriend One thing Shelby noticed was that her mother was lonely that s why she had so many boyfriends and even her boyfriends were lonely That s why her mother cared so much about her looks because she felt lonely Sure she cared about her look but she was a great mother I would say this is person vs person because the way they have to fight back with their parents so they could all be together with each other The theme of the book would be how much kids know about their own situations, and how they can be counted on to deal with what they are given The 1rst person affects the book because we only know Shelby s side of the story we don t know the rest of the peoples side It affects it so much because like how did the other people go trough this whole concept Like I would like to hear Maddie s side of the story of how her dad hit her Or even the other people side of the story and how they dealed with this That s what I thought affected the story the most I would say Third of all, I thought the ending of the book was great how they all ended up together and the mom was okay One thing I would change would be when Shelby runs away that she doesn t get caught and she runs away and actually meets with Maddie and they run away I was surprised when they all run away together even in the condition their mother was in wouldn t that mess up the condition their mother is cause she cares so much I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 I rated it a 4 because the author could have done much better like I said in the top I would recommend this book to people who likes a complicated story like this one or just need a book to read I would also recommend this book to people who like to read books that can happen in the real world So how Shelby went through this whole caious about her mother almost dying and moving across the country with her father that was her whole complicated life and she got through so many people are going through tough times they think they cant overcome but anyone can overcome what they are going through just like Shelby did in this book Now that you have heard about this great but complicated story some of you guys might want to read it and hear even about this story go ahead I suggest it so much. I really loved Kadohata s Kira Kira, but this book as well as Cracker The Best Dog in Vietnam did not amaze me I can see her writing talent through her development of Shelby and the bond between her sisters, but the setting and plot could have been improved I do not understand the reasoning behind the 1980 s setting when the story did not revolve around historical context I would have liked to seen the story take place in contemporary society, with e mail and other electronic devices coming into play.Still, I will continue to read Kadohata s future novels This was good in terms of characterization, but plot progression needed some work.Want to read of my reviews Follow me here. My Mother Had Four Daughters By Four Different Men There S Only One Way Shelby And Her Sisters Can Describe Their Mother She S A Sexpot Helen Kimura Collects Men And Loans, Spending Money, And Gifts Of All Kinds From All Over The Country Sure, She S Not Your Typical Role Model, But She S Also Not Just A Pretty Face And Nail Polish She Is Confident And Brave She Lives Life On Her Own Terms, And Her Four Daughters Simply Adore Her These Girls Have Been Raised Outside The Traditional Boundaries They Know How To Take The Back Exit They Know How To Dodge Crazed Lovers In Highway Car Chases They Do Not, However, Know How To Function Without One Another Then Suddenly They Must A Late Night Phone Call Unexpectedly Shreds The Family Apart, Catapulting The Girls Across The Country To Live With Their Respective Fathers But These Strong Willed Sisters Are, Like Their Mother, Determined To Live Life On Their Own Terms, And What They Do To Pull Their Family Back Together Is Nothing Short Of Beautiful At Turns Wickedly Funny And Insistently Thought Provoking, Outside Beauty Showcases Cynthia Kadohata S Unerring Ability To Explore The Bonds That Bind ACTUAL RATING 1.5 starsI was sadly disappointed by this It seemed that if this author wrote Kira Kira, then her books shouldn t be this shallow It focused on beauty, beauty and sisterhood But mostly beauty.It didn t exactly help that for some unknown, inane reason Shelby would think in exclamation points That is officially one of my pet peeves I understand if the exclamation point is used likeI don t care , she yelledbut when used inMy sisters were in that tornado with meI just don t see the point It makes it sound so weird and un natural And this SHELBY is apparently 14 years old The way the author wrote her either made her seem younger or older than her actual years It was very confusing and just plain irritating If she s 14 years old, then ACT like a fourteen year old Mr.Bronson on the other hand, the villain of the story was lame What did he do exactly Oh you know, just spank Maddie and was slowly changing who she was But aside from that, ya know Normal dude That was it That was the GINORMOUS problem that Shelby and her sisters had to tackle And the fact that they were separated Other than that, it was smooth sailing.Characters flat, boring, 2D the whole time I was reading I just wanted to say So what So what if you re separated So what if you re not happy SO WHAT Story could be better written lame problem in my opinion I was expecting and definitely not this FLOP. I loved this book Four sisters and their perpetually , never single mother Perpetually, because she never stays with any guy for any length of time All four girls have different fathers their fathers are all very peripheral to their lives But she s also always with a man she s beautiful, and her beauty is her main asset The girls are very close, and Shelby, the main character and second oldest sister, is like a second mom to Maddie, the youngest Maybe I like it because I m the youngest of four girls, but I think I d love it no matter what It s a great story, and I don t want to give anything away. I thought that this book was okay, it wasn t good enough for me to want to read it constantly but wasn t bad enough for me to never want to read it again In this book the mother of the 4 daughters isn t the best role model any child could ask for She acts like a single woman who parties every night just to get a roof under her children s head However, I wished the author included details to make me feel like I was in the moment to really imagine and experience the feeling of how miserable they felt about their mother s accident or about how they felt like when they were being separated I wish she included , I really think that the book would ve been a slab bit better Otherwise, this book is good to get into the feels and see what it feels like to have a mother who doesn t really do her job It made me realize a lot of things and made me see things from a different perspective that I wouldn t have noticed if it wasn t for this book We hear stories all the time about how kids grow up not really knowing their birth fathers and not having a good mother to take care of them, this book would be one that seemed realistic. Wow, this was great YA novel, about four sisters who are actually half sisters because their mother or less makes a living by serial dating men and then breaking their hearts when she moves on to the next guy The sisters, who range in age from 16 down to 6, get daily lessons from their mom about poise, graceful posture, preventing wrinkles, appraising jewelry, and attracting men Most of the action takes place during a summer when the girls are separated as each goes to stay with her own father When I started reading this, I was thinking what the heck kind of messed up scenario is this for a young adult book But I was completely sold by the time I was half way through, and the author does a great job of taking a character like the mother who by all rights should be pretty unlikeable, and showing how true it is that her daughters love her and appreciate her even as they start realizing some of the ways in which they do not want to be like her I don t have any sisters and this book makes me wish I did.Grade A Recommended To anyone who enjoys YA literature. I have found Kadhhata s books to be rather uneven What I will say is that she does know how to write books, whether or not the audience is interested in her characters, settings and story lines.When I started this book I thought that I might put it down, but I kept going with only a few breaks until I finished it Shelby and her sister, Marilyn, had difficult although believable roles as the older two of four siblings When their wandering mother is seriously injured in an auto accident it is up to these girls to make choices for the four of them Outside Beauty reminds me of an updated version of Homecoming, by Cynthia Voigt I hope that this book finds its way to readers who can appreciate it. 2.5 stars.I m not sure what to think of this This author is either a hit or miss for me either I love her book or I don t like it But this one was just bareable The writing was nothing special, but it hooked me in enough to continue reading it, and it was quite a short book so I was able to finish it in a few hours.Four sisters in this book grow up under their irresponsible parent in an apartment somewhere in 1980s Chicago The neglecting parent is one cliche that I m getting tired of truth be told, and unfortunately Shelby s mother Helen was the epitome of this overused trope She teahces her girls to be beautiful, perfect ladies in order to attract men She pushed her own dreams onto her daughters, not caring whether or not it was appropriate for their agesMy mother had briefly entertained the idea that we would be like the Partridge Family or the Jacksons a family band We took singing and dancing lessons and didn t much like them Then my mother decided she wanted us all to be not only songbirds, but sex bombs, each in her own way She could see potential in my sisters but not me, because I wore glasses, and the contacts she once got me made it feel like dust was rubbing against my eyes So I was always clutching at my face and crying out, There s dust in my eye My mother said I was a late bloomer.Sexbombs The sisters are very close to one another, and share a strong bond, which was a sweet to read, and I think the only redeeming part of this book that and Jiro he was awesome This quote is what captured my interest the most I would never be truly lonely as long as my sisters were okay The line between loneliness and happiness seemed slender to me If I were killed by a car tomorrow, Jiro my father would be unhappy If anything happened to any of my sisters, I would be unhappy You were taking a chance by letting someone make you happy or sad My mother had never wanted to take that chance, for whatever reason.You know what I would love to read I d love to see what made their mother the parent and person she was What happened in Helen s childhood that made her so obsessed with beauty, that she teaches her daughters to be shallow themselves Why has she chosen to quench her loneliness with different men Too bad we ll never find out, because the book ended on that quote Sigh. Disappointing, considering the beauty of the author s previous book, Kira Kira This one suffers from fits and starts in pacing, as well as an uneven premise with a flimsy resolution Parts are charming the sisters close ties is the glue that holds the book together All told, though, I think the author lost track of intention and the plot suffered.