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We all need help sometimes, but 17 year old jolly requires a little help than the rest of us Up knee deep in problems jolly is desperately looking for a babysitter so she can try to get her life back on track 14 year old livan is looking for money to keep and store for collage She just happened to find her solution waiting for her a babysitting job She meets the mess of the family and decided to help Jolly for the better of her two kids I thought the book was good The language was interesting and a little confusing But I would suggest it to fellow poetry lovers. Wow This book has been sitting on the bookshelf in my classroom for 8 years, but I only now had the pleasure of reading it I loved it It has symbolism, poetic format, imagery, philosophical political issues regarding teenage moms and welfare, and two emotionally strong, female protagonists Two teenage girls one a mom, the other her children s babysitter become friends and develop their self esteem and strength together It gripped my heart at the end, there Phew Wasn t prepared for those tears at all.I will be recommending this tomorrow in class.11 5611 14 12 An Award Winning Novel About Growing Up And Making ChoicesVirginia Euwer Wolff S Groundbreaking Novel, Written In Free Verse, Tells The Story Of Fourteen Year Old LaVaughn, Who Is Determined To Go To College She Just Needs The Money To Get There When She Answers A Babysitting Ad, LaVaughn Meets Jolly, A Seventeen Year Old Single Mother With Two Kids By Different Fathers As She Helps Jolly Make Lemonade Out Of The Lemons Her Life Has Given Her, LaVaughn Learns Some Lessons Outside The Classroom Fourteen year old LaVaughn answers an ad for an after school babysitting job that turns out to be life changing She cares for the two young children of 17 year old Jolly, who works second shift at a factory and whose life is a mess When Jolly gets fired, LaVaughn babysits for free during Jolly s job search The book is beautiful to read with a poetic style that defies rules and expectations, and tells a provoking story that challenges the reader s assumptions about poverty, teen pregnancy, and life choices This book jerked me out of my comfort zone, but it did not sweep me away to a better place like the plot driven escapist books I enjoy reading I didn t sympathize with main character, LaVaughn She seems too perfect, inhumanly perfect, with no endearing faults Her only real fault and it is not endearing is a tendency to judge others I found this book depressing, but the writing is beautiful and the story poses some worthwhile questions. While a nice enough story about resilience, Make Lemonade confirmed that I just don t get the whole novel in free verse phenomenon Sometimes limits, such as the compressed length of a short story, or the structured poetry of Shakespeare s plays lead to increased creativity on the part of the author As I have for the other verse novels I ve read I felt like the poetry in Make Lemonade led to lack of complexity in characterization and material closer to a short story than a novel. I counted 17 ladies and girls on the bus And I thought of all the blood That s a lot of blood You know I love that because that s what I think every time I see a group of girls I think of how much blood they bleed and how much there s to come If I pour all their blood they bleed into a pool, would it overspill Do they smell their blood after they catch their blood I wouldn t have thought this woman pictured it like me It s good to write things people think but don t ever say It s good. This book is about how a mom Jolly who s seventeen and has two kids, is helped by thirteen year old LaVaughn, and she turns out to be one of the most important assets in Jolly s life This book kind of tells you about the things that Jolly went through, but it s mostly talking about the life changing events that went on in Jolly s household This book was very serious, and I m not the serious type, but I have to say, this book was great It s very focused on the topic that the book is about A lot of moments in this book were very good There was one part of Make Lemonade that really cuaght my eye.That was when Jolly did everything she could to save her baby, Jillie She did CPR and mouth to mouth all the way untill the ambulance came I think that is truly showing love for her baby, even though she s only seventeen. This poetry book was not my cup of tea. This was a very powerful book for me It s a novel told in a free verse style, and I wondered if that would bother me I soon realized, though, that the verse style made the story powerful Even though it reads very easily as a novel, it allowed the author to place subtle emphasis on certain words and phrases I loved it Make Lemonade is the story of 14 year old LaVaughn who befriends Jolly, 17 year old mother of two, when she answers Jolly s ad for a babysitter It s easy for her to judge Jolly and the situation she got herself in, but when LaVaughn gets to know about Jolly, she begins to understand that there is to Jolly than she first realized.While the story, as seen through LaVaughn s eyes, appears to be about Jolly and her transition into a person who takes hold, the underlying story is all about LaVaughn We see her change and develop as she comes to love and care for not just Jolly s children, but Jolly herself The relationships she builds gives her new perspective and understanding into the world outside herself.The story was beautifully told, and I m eager to read the next book. This is one of the best YA books I have ever read It tells the story of a young girl in the poorer neighborhoods in NYC who answers an ad to babysit for two young children The mother is only 17 The characters in this book are courageous and well developed It is an amazing read and should be on the reading list of every middle school in the world