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Edison Marshall S Pulp Classic Comes To The Kindle For The First Time What Mysterious Lands Lie Behind The Frozen Mountains Of The South Pole Dr Adam Weismann Is Waylaid To Monitor A Feverish Patient Muttering About Verdant Lands Hidden In Antarctica He And His Kidnapper, The Cold And Calculating Professor Belgrade, Follow The Sick Man S Clues To Discover The Moss Country, An Antarctic Valley Of Green Secluded Behind Walls Of Ice But Adam And Belgrade Soon Find That The Moss Country Is Not Uninhabited, But Home To A Primitive Tribe And Animal Species Unseen Since The End Of The Last Ice Age It Is Home, Too, To Dian, The Young Woman Worshipped As A Goddess, The Daughter Of The Sun And The Moon, Who Has Sworn To Defend Her People Against The Brutal Beings Who Lurk At Her Country S Edge

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    Written in 1935, this is pure pulp fiction Contains a hidden secret area with unknown people long thought died out Ferocious early animals and only ancient weapons Into this steps our hero who quickly becomes enad of the people, place and high priestess A fun pulpy read.

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    This novel reads very much like one by Jules Verne but not of the same quality Probably not a page turner but it does get interesting at the end when the Neanderthals confront the Cro Magnon people It qualifies as a love story but not in the contemporary romantic style definitely off beat This is a reprint plagued by some ridiculous spelling and punctuation errors, but there are not enough to spoil the reading experience Why on earth could the publisher not afford to have someone read through the text before printing it Shoddy.