Clotel or The President's Daughter eBook é The

First published in December 1853 Clotel was written amid then unconfirmed rumors that Thomas Jefferson had fathered children with one of his slaves The story begins with the auction of his mistress here called Currer and their two daughters Clotel and Althesa The Virginian who buys Clotel falls in love with her gets her pregnant seems to promise marriage—then sells her Escaping from the slave dealer Clotel returns to Virginia disguised as a white man in order to rescue her daughter Mary a slave in her father’s house A fast paced and harrowing tale of slavery and freedom of the hypocrisies of a nation founded on democratic principles Clotel is than a sensationalist novel It is a founding text of the African American novelistic tradition a brilliantly composed and richly detailed exploration of human relations in a new world in which race is a cultural construct

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