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The Biggest Mystery Of Our Era Finally Gets The Balanced And Unbiased Investigation It Deserves ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human Or Alien Technologies Is A Far Reaching Exploration Into The UFO Phenomenon That Covers All Possible Scenarios And Discounts Nothing Written By Novelists, Filmmakers And Independent Researchers James Morcan Lance Morcan, With A Foreword By Advanced Interstellar Propulsion Systems Expert Grant Hayman And An Afterword By Leading Scientist And Space Industry Veteran Dr Takaaki Musha, One Of The Great Enigmas Of All Time Is Examined With Equal Doses Of Open Mindedness And Skepticism This Book Includes Never Before Mentioned Accounts Of Popular UFO Topics Like Area , Roswell And Alien Abduction Claims, As Well As Tackling Less Reported Subjects Such As Nazi And Japanese Antigravity Experiments And Even Rarer Theories Involving Quantum Physics And Lost Civilizations Of The Ancients What Do All The Sightings Of UFO S Around The World Reveal Who Is Covering Up The Existence Of These Strange Craft In Our Skies And Are The Technologies Manmade Or Extraterrestrial In Origin Forget What You Think You Already Know And Prepare To Be Surprised For Those Searching For The Truth About These Exotic Technologies And Wanting To Know Why They Are Being Concealed From The Public, ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Is A Must Read

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    ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human or Alien Technologies By James Lance MorcanThis book includes never before mentioned accounts of popular UFO topics like Area 51, Roswell and alien abduction claims Also subjects such as Nazi and Japanese antigravity experiments and rare theories involving quantum physics and lost civilizations of the ancients The book is well written and researched I found the photos and photos of articles intriguing, compelling, shocking and last, thought provoking I was never one to believe in aliens, UFO s or anything of that nature But after reading this, I am open minded and am beginning to wonder how much has been kept secret from society It now has crossed my mind that there very well is truth in this theory, and the possibility of a government cover up seems probable than improbable.I highly recommend ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human or Alien Technologies to those who are curious about the unexplained Aliens, UFO s, cover ups and science A definite 5 star read I feel should be on everyone s TBR list.

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    I was particularly impressed by the unbiased, objective, journalistic views presented in this interesting book The authors look at all angles and possibilities, allowing the reader to digest them on his or her own merits versus being nudged or sometimes shoved to the conclusions desired, as is the case of many such books The authors assume that UFOs do indeed exist, a fact which is gradually being accepted as evidence is released and credible witnesses continue to come forward However, rather than assuming these strange vehicles are of extraterrestrial origin, the possibility is presented that perhaps not all of them are.All possibilities are covered, including connections between Japan and the Nazis of which I was previously unaware The authors do an excellent job of staying on topic as expressed by the title versus going off on tangents, which is so easy to do in a field where there are so many unanswered questions And in that vein, I suppose that rather than answer any, additional queries are easily spawned as it provides a variety of additional angles to consider but doesn t go into that much detail or substantiation regarding them References were embedded within the text itself as opposed to being listed in a bibliography which I find a little awkward for following up in a selective or methodical manner.The book does not discuss the possible technologies involved but rather sticks to the evidence of whether UFOs are of alien or human origin or perhaps a combination of both Also note that 19% of this book relates to additional titles by the same authors, both fiction and nonfiction Clearly this father and son team have reported on a profuse amount of information in their Underground Knowledge series.

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    S alright I found out about this book when I joined the Underground Knowledge discussion group, it s written by the group s founder , here on goodreads If you re looking for a basic primer to introduce you to the field of all things fringe science with respect to hidden civilizations and UFOs, this book is as good as any It s breadth is an advantage to the newbie, while it may have sucked some of the quality away from the text for folks already steeped in the genre It s worth the 3 or so that is charging for the Kindle edition at the moment if it fits your level of entry and curiosity.

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    I can see this Underground Knowledge series of books of which this is the second fast becoming a first port of call for any reader wanting an overview of the topic at hand These books are designed to introduce themes of conspiracies and alternative subjects with an unbiased, level headed approach that sticks to the very best examples in each case My only criticism of Antigravity Propulsion Human or Alien Technologies is that the title doesn t reflect how much the book addresses the question of whether we are alone and just how much of an abundance of evidence there is, with plenty of reputable sources given, that the governments of the world are in cahoots with aliens or at the very least, if that isn t true, then it s still darn clear that the military has technologies that far surpass our own understanding So, as much as I enjoyed reading about the intriguing antigravity ideas, it was just as interesting to revisit those old alien stories.The Morcans have done it again Keep an eye out for others in this much needed series.Harry Whitewolf author of New Beat Newbie.

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    I find it interesting that as we become smarter, we tend to question and of our own existences Are we an enigma of evolution Did God create us Neither of those questions could answer why in this vast unimaginable universe do we feel so removed I mean, where did we come from Whether we seek God or the greater unknown, we tend to look up at the skies And somewhere up there and beyond, something mysterious, something extraordinary holds the answers.This book, Antigravity Propulsion outlined some astounding technical questions that warrant some thoughts Mind you, I am a skeptic when it comes to U.F.O conspiracies But after reading this book I am starting to wonder The proof might just be your inquisitiveness I can t tell you what to believe, you will just have to read the book and decides for yourself.

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    After reading The Orphan Trilogy and The World Duology Book 1 2, I was hooked on writing of these talented father and son team duo, Lance and James Morcan had to offer This indeed is a very different kind of book than there others, it being non fiction, but just as equally engrossing In Antigravity Propulsion , we are given astounding insight into UFO accounts from The Roswell and alien Abduction claims, to the popular Area 51 beliefs, which includes never before mentioned claims and reports on this profound subject.I find it hard to believe that Earth in all its glory, is the only planet in this vast Solar System that holds life Our planet is young compared to most others and its inhabitants are very recent We are primitive in our ways considering after inheriting the earth over two hundred thousand years and it s in only approximately the past century that we have figured out how to fly to a few near by planets, make electricity, and all that other good stuff This, I m sure in infinity prospects, doesn t even amount to 1 8th of a blink of an eye within space and time So who are we too assume with out any doubt, that THIS IS IT When we don t yet have the true technology to really explore beyond a few close planets in our own solar system We haven t really seen much maybe a speck of a dust particle compared to what the WHOLE picture has to offer So, yes, there may quite possibly be Aliens out there billions of light years away or much closer than that with technology well beyond our comprehension.Don t get me wrong, I m proud of our own achievements and of what we have accomplished, but, these are baby steps compared to possible well formed and higher intelligent species living light years away from our own spectrum and other creations of God Who s to say what s around the corner in other Solar Systems We can t even fathom thatThere is too much evidence that absolutely overwhelms me in retrospect What is this BIG secret the government assumes to keep hush hush e.g Area 51 Is it for our well being and our protection Is it so we don t freak out I ll just say this If their are Aliens out there, and they discovered our world many thousands of years ago and sightings have been documented for many centuries, which they have Earth, to my knowledge, has never been invaded, we have never been in danger So maybe these outer worldly species are friendly and inquisitive, after all, haven t they been visiting us since the Dinosaur Age maybe even before that Who knows for sure.So, why the BIG secret, why conceal any of this to the world Don t we have the right to know for our own judgement and peace of mind Who would it hurt.The Morcan s did a fantastic job with research and examining the UFO theory involving ancient beliefs and quantum Physics This is an astounding book which truly captures our thoughts to the fullest Well done authors, you really blew in mind with this one.I was given a copy of this book by the authors for an unbiased review.

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    An interesting book that refreshingly looks at the possibility of antigravity propulsion from many different viewpoints, rather than focusing on an pre conceived theory presented as fact I appreciate the authors efforts in admitting their own personal opinion while not discriminating against reports of any other potential sources of antigravity technology.This book, like the authors GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ, is a great stepping stone for the reader to discover, through their own research, about the topics that interest them in this book.

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    This book tells us about some never before mentioned stories like Area 51 , Roswell and Alein Abduction claims We also learn about such subjects as Nazi and Japanese anti gravity experiments, rare theories involving Quantum physics and lost civilizations The book is well researched and written I found the photos and articles to be intriguing and thought provoking I never really believed in aleins or life on other planets but after reading this book i winder how much the government has kept secret from society

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    This is an excellent read for an individual looking to expand their thinking regarding government cover up, hidden advanced technologies, and the possibility of alien communication.James and Lance have done a vast and intense research which can be seen in the large variety of sources they present to the readers This makes it easy to follow up on their material in order to learn The book includes some interesting photos and multiple fascinating quotes from high ranked individuals, including some US presidents.I recommend this book to anyone who desires to learn , whether a skeptic or a believer, it doesn t matter This book is not attempting to mold you into a conspiracy theorist, but rather present you with factual material that should not be dismissed as junk science or paranoid rumors at least not until the sources have been properly researched by the reader.