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    This had me thinking if humans really are living up to their full potential If these Fairies do exist, then comparing comparing us to them, we are just throwing stones at each other I think their inventions are amazing, and how Eoin describes how they work could make a person believe these inventions could exists, like the iris cam, small electronics that you wear as contacts that can record film and sound, can change your views by zooming in and out, thermal imaging, night vision, and even x ray vision Another invention is the bio bomb, or blue rinse as the fairies call it, which destroys all living tissue, and not touching anything else, it uses light as its weapon Enough of the inventions, though, the story line is amazing, including Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and other species of Fairies Artemis Fowl himself is the most interesting person in the world, I m always wondering what is going on his head, with an IQ that could be over Albert Einstein, I hold Einstein with respect, most of his theories were correct Artemis had said this in the interview of The Artemis Fowl files I think people would read these books just so they can see what he says next In book one, he was seen as an evil mastermind by the fairy people, and had plans only to make himself rich, what they did not understand was that his mother was insane and sick, and nobody knew anything about his father at the time during the book, Artemis had to kidnap a Fairy and use it as a ransom for his money, or, accurately, his gold, and that is how he had his first encounter with Holly Short, the Lower Elements Police Recon officer, or LEP Recon for short In the second book, the Arctic Incident, is where they make peace, or less, when Artemis retrieves an email stating that the Russian Mafia has taken hostage of his father, at the same time, the fairies are noticing that Goblins are illegally getting their hands on human technology, and they suspect Artemis is helping them, when they find he isn t, they make a deal that Artemis will help them find out who is helping the Goblin gangs, in return, they must promise Artemis the support of the LEP to help retrieve his father In the next book, Artemis swears he will go good after one plot, which is to have an illegal deal with Jon Spiro, a man who owns a company and has a shady side to his past, but then things went wrong, Spiro had a trap and stole what Artemis was dealing with, in these turn of events, Artemis gets out of there alive, for a price his one true friend has to pay now in this adventure, Artemis seeks help from his fairy friends to retrieve the device that Spiro stole, for the device could spread a war between humanity and the Fairies, but the price for the help of his friends is a mind wipe of all of the memories that includes any fairy related subject In the fourth book, The Opal Deception, shows the old evil Artemis Fowl in a scheme of stealing a famous painting, at the same time, an old enemy comes back to seek revenge on all of Artemis friends and Artemis himself In the fifth shows new characters, where a girl is just as intelligent as Artemis, and she seeks to be noticed for the genius she is, but she does not know about the fairy people she is about to harm in her plan and it is up to Artemis to stop and save a whole rediscovered fairy species All of these books i recommend to people who would like to read about fairy tales in a realistic shade to the 21st century society.

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    Take a boy genius, his trusty butler, and said boy genius s bent for coming up with plans to restore his family s fortune by stealing gold from fairies This is the premise of the first book in the series, simply entitled Artemis Fowl The author combines folklore and fantasy, as well as a deft use of language, into a series that is easily readable and action packed.Other books in the series include 2 Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident 3 Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code 4 Artemis Fowl The Opal Deception 5 Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony 6 Artemis Fowl The Time Paradox my personal fave I read this one almost breathlessly on a car trip to Michigan

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    I love these books, like really really love them It s been such a long time since I read the first one that I m going to have to re read it, but amazing series It s definitely in the sy fy category, considering its about a 12 year old boy genius who discovers the world of fairies and goblins and dwarves and tons of other fantastical creatures However, I do have to say that in my opinion the series gets a little far fetched toward the end Like, book 5 and 6 were probably my least favorite, just because it made the series take such a huge turn, but i mean they were still good, otherwise i wouldn t of rated the series 5 out of 5 Really great series though, good job Eoin Colfer x3

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    First of all, the series is Books 1 through 8 There are 2 other add on books the author wrote after that, but most people don t bother with them Secondly, all boxed sets are paperback.I found the first few books very imaginative and well written But the quality falls off sharply after the first 3 I didn t end up reading all the books completely after that sort of skimmed them I had the idea the author lost interest after awhile.It will be interesting to see how Disney makes a movie out of the first 2 From the trailer, it looks good.

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    A thrilling fantasy book with a fantastic property of immersing the reader into the book itself Worth reading actually than that.

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    Amazing series He draws you into this underground world and you find yourself lost in it Five stars

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    Evil genius ,faires and Trolls great

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    Another wonderful series with a convoluted and well fleshed out bit of world building by Eoin Colfer It also appealed to me because of the code that runs along the bottom of the book, inviting readers to become part of the character s progress by engaging in a bit of code breaking themselves This is highly recommended for those who enjoy fantasy, thrillers, action, and who have a mysterious affinity to Ireland and the emerald isles I don t know why but I was curiously drawn to them whilst reading this book, must be the little green dancing men and also those who like solving puzzles If you ve just finished a series with a fascinating world and looking for another to jump into, pick up this series and immerse yourself, you won t regret it.

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    Some of my absolute favorite books I ve read, and re read and re read I was the kid sitting in the library translating the script at the bottom of the page during lunchtime No, I wasn t one of the popular kids, why do you ask.I even got to meet Eoin once at a library in New Zealand This is where I learned that his name is pronounced Oh en rather than ee en or oin.Artemis Fowl ranks among the books that helped form my appreciation for reading as a teenager, and I always make sure the bookshop I work in is stoked with his adventures.

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    This series was recommended to me by the owner of my used book store I call it mine, because that is where I go I was skeptical, come to find out, I had already purchased the first book at a used book sale for the library Needless to say, I should have started the book much sooner Fantastic I think I read them all in 3 weeks I love the characters I am very excited for the next book to come out, I was unconvinced that 6 was the last It wasn t ended like a series is supposed to be Very excited for July.