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Abandoned By His Mail Order Bride, Silas Jonesy Has Fought An Uphill Battle To Recover From A Pattern Of Poor Choices Now His Prayers For Reconciliation Have Finally Come True And His Estranged Wife Has Contacted Him With Her WhereaboutsKate Dawson Was Supposed To Be A Mail Order Bride, But Upon Realizing She D Been Deceived About Her Intended Groom, She S Now Settled Into Life As A Schoolteacher When The Mother Of A Student Passes Away, Kate Assumes She Ll Take On Care Of Nine Year Old Anthony Until Two Men Suddenly Show Up In Town, Both Claiming To Be The Boy S FatherSilas Can See Anthony Loves Kate, So He Enlists Her Help In Reaching Out To The Boy And Attempting To Prove His Paternity To The Court When A Common Interest In Anthony Leads To An Interest In Each Other And Silas And Kate Begin To Think They Can Overcome Their Rocky Start, Neither Is Prepared For The Secrets And Past Hurts That Have Yet To Come To Light Can Silas, Kate, And Anthony S Wounded Souls Bind Them Together, Or Will All That Stands Between Them Leave Them Lonely Forever My favorite of the series both the couple and the plot , this one had me turning pages quickly I m not against conflict in a book, I know that s what drives a story forward, but I appreciate when things get resolved quickly so you can move on to other things, and this book moved from one incident to the next at a good pace I adored both Kate and Silas, the sense and honesty they showed, and I really enjoyed how the author weaves former characters into the backdrop without making it intrusive or forced I feel like I ve enjoyed a visit to Salt Flatts and come to know all of these dear people I loved seeing them all brought together for the finale in such a sweet way. Satisfying conclusion to the Unexpected Brides series I look forward to what Melissa Jagears will offer next Silas Jonesy s life hasn t gone the way he d planned it His mail order bride left him after only a few months of marriage Since then, he s fought an uphill battle to overcome addictions, and to actually become a productive member of the community Then he receives a letter from his wife after ten years of silence He s hopeful that she wants to reconcile and he sees the letter that his prayers have been answered He doesn t expect to arrive in Missouri to find her dying and that she has a nine year old son Could he be the boy s father Kate Dawson has her own opinions regarding mail order marriages She was supposed to be a mail order bride but never went through with the ceremony Now she s a teacher.Over the past few years, she has grown to care for her student Anthony and his sick mother She promises his mother to care for Anthony, and she intends to do that until a man shows up claiming to have been married to Lucinda ten years ago Soon Kate and Silas must join forces to determine what is best for Anthony especially as another man claims to be the boy s father With Silas doing all he can to prove his paternity, Kate only wants what is best for Anthony Their tentative relationship is tested when Silas s past and Kate s fears come to light Can they figure out their differences to be the family that all three desperately need This is the third book in the Unexpected Brides Series Each one stands alone While this one was not my favorite, I did enjoy it.First I found that Silas had changed so much from the first book to this one Seeing how he s changed and grown made him very believable I loved how he struggled I also loved how he was willing to do whatever he needed to for the sake of providing Anthony a safe place, even if he wasn t the boy s father.I didn t really care for Kate I didn t really like the way that she judged Silas on his past but didn t like having her own faults called out in question I also didn t really care for how she just behaved in general Don t get me wrong I did come to like her, but it wasn t until much later in the book, like almost the end.Still the book overall was a very good read I enjoyed catching up with the characters from the other books as well.I received this book from the author for the purpose of reviewing and promoting My thoughts and opinions are my own.Recommended to fans of mail order brides, historical romance, Mary Connealy, Jody Hedlund, Karen WitemeyerRating 4 stars A Bride At Last by Melissa Jagears is a Christian historical novel, and I was blessed to receive a copy It deals with a variety of themes and is set around mail order brides, widows and orphans, and the lost searching to be found.Silas was abandoned as a four year old by his mother at a boys orphanage For years he has wondered why and has been searching for love He married Lucinda, a mail order bride who ran off after just seven months, ten years ago Silas fears he is destined for a lonely life until he receives a letter from her.As the novel opens, Lucinda is dying She has a nine year old son Antony who wants to live with their friend and teacher Kate Dawson Kate has provided for them both during Lucinda s illness and loves Antony like her own Unknown to Kate, Lucinda has written to Silas claiming Antony to be his son Silas appears wanting to take Antony home Richard, whom Lucinda had lived with, and whom Antony called Pa also appears wanting Antony for himself And Antony wants to live with Kate What a mess It is up to a judge to decide.The novel deals with the issue of racial discrimination The young black servant girl seems to have no rights and is invisible to all but Silas, who treats her with kindness and as a person.The theme of running, and subsequently searching runs throughout the novel Instead of facing up to their problems, several characters tend to run away either physically or mentally rather than face up to their troubles or perceived problems This then results in searching by other characters It reminded me of God s love for each and every one of us If we wander away from Him, He will keep searching for us until we are found.Fear and trust are two linking themes Fear of being rejected and abandoned again, means that Silas would rather withdraw from life and impose loneliness on himself than trust another person may make him happy Silas tries to be in control of his own life, making his own plans rather than surrendering to God and trusting Him Kate too, tries to run her life without looking to God and trusting His plans which are so much greater than hers.Both Silas and Kate have things in their past that are preventing them from moving forward The past needs to be dealt with Hurts forgiven and exchanged for trust, or both will miss out on their futures.The bond of sisterhood is revealed in the novel Kate tries to keep her troubles to herself, but when tears fall and are seen by her friends, so they step in with their love, companionship and help There is a fine line between concern and gossip Gossip is malicious and not healthy Concern listens to the problem and then steps in and helps.The novel has a good old fashioned community feel about it In the good and the bad times, the community comes together to offer support.I really enjoyed reading A Bride At Last I found myself caught up in the lives of Kate and Silas as they searched for happiness and belonging I loved Antony, a tough little nine year old who needed looking after, but thought he was an adult A great novel with some serious themes and some delightful banter. About this bookSilas Jonesey s life in Salt Flatts, Kansas, has not followed the course he imagined After his mail order bride, Lucinda, abandoned him, it was an uphill battle to recover from a pattern of poor choices and sour moods Now his prayers for reconciliation have finally come true his estranged wife has contacted him after ten years of silence to tell him of her whereabouts Kate Dawson was supposed to be a mail order bride, but after realizing she had been deceived about her intended groom she never went through with the marriage Settling into life as a schoolteacher, she s spent her spare time the past few years helping her student, Anthony, and his sick mother When Lucinda passes away, Kate is ready to fulfill the woman s wish that she take care of nine year old Anthony until a man shows up in town asking about Lucinda and claiming he was married to the woman ten years ago Silas and Kate disagree over who should raise young Anthony, who has opinions of his own about his future After being forced to come together for the good of Anthony, Silas and Kate begin to see another side to each other and the possibility of a united future despite all that stands between them When Kate s past comes to light, Silas s feelings about women who abandon their grooms immediately throw the walls right back up between them Can Silas, Kate, and Anthony s wounded souls bind them together as a family, or will past hurts and new resentments leave them lonely forever Series Book 3 in theUnexpected Bridesseries I have read 1 2 but the reviews on in the Old Rating System Spiritual Content Many Prayers though most of them areGod, please show me a signPrayers Scriptures are quoted mentioned Mentions of those in the Bible Talks about God praying H s are capital when referring to God Church going Hymns are sung.Negative Content Minor cussing including a blast , an idiot , a form of shut up , three forms of doggone , three forms of dumb and six forms of stupid Curses and rude names are said but not written Many mentions of spankings beatings Many mentions of drinking, drunks, gambling smoking Silas used to be an alcoholic but has been sober for four years this time but a large part of this story is him fighting the urge to get a drink, pouring old alcohol away remembering the taste of whiskey Semi detailed to Detailed Blood bare above not detailed NoteThere were plenty on how Richard has treated Lucy d mning stuff .Sexual Content a not detailed kiss, Eleven Barely above not detailed kisses, Five semi detailed kisses, Two Detailed kisses, Two Very Detailed kisses Remembering kisses semi detailed Mentions of Talking Above kisses kissing Wanting to touch and kiss staring at lips semi detailed Touches semi detailed Noticing, Nearness Blushes semi detailed Flirting Smelling Men leer at Kate three wanton s A mention of virility A handful of hints about brothels working girls Many Mentions of honeymoons, desires, loving someone baby making up to semi detailed Mentions of children born out of wedlock mistresses Love, falling in love, ignoring how you feel, the emotions Kate Dawson Silas Jonesey P.O.V switches between them Set in 1885 Epilogue set in 1893 361 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One StarEarly High School Teens One StarOlder High School Teens One StarMy personal Rating One Star Blah, not again I did not enjoy this one at all I made the mistake of putting it down midway and did not want to pick it back up But, I somehow got to the end and here I amsighWas all the kisses really necessary I don t think so I also think that the cover back cover are really plain and not very exciting I personally didn t enjoy the back n fourth emotions between Kate Silas, and this will probably be the last time I pick up a book by this author Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the Publisher Bethany House Publishers for this review. Melissa Jagears is one of those authors who takes a common trope in this case mail order brides or marriages of convenience and puts her own spin on it, giving the theme a refreshing twist and making it stand out above the rest Her characters are full of passion and humor and kindness and life and so are her stories We learned some of Silas history in the previous book, A Bride in Store, but in A Bride At Last he is the main character and as such the details of his painful past come fully to light Abandoned by his mother to an abusive orphanage as a child, then abandoned by the first family who adopted him, then abandoned by his wife it s no wonder Silas struggles with fears and has sometimes turned to alcohol to numb the pain In the course of fighting for the son he only just discovered was his, he meets Kate a young teacher with a history of running away when the going gets tough To top it off, Kate suffered abuse at the hands of her drunk brother in law and is understandably leery of Silas past history of drinking How in the world could two people with this much baggage ever see the way clear to trust each other That, my friends, is the making of a beautiful story, and Melissa Jagears delivers one in spades The crate scene Be still my heart Your own heart will ache for them and smile for them and then repeat as you make your way through the story, probably in one sitting due to the twists that will keep you riveted to the pages.Emily Dickinson wrote, Success is counted sweetest by those who ne er succeed I think in A Bride At Last, we could say that love is counted sweetest by those who have never really known love And oh my, how sweet is this love story And the kissing Unlike Fred Savage in The Princess Bride, I adore kissing books and this one does not disappoint Sparks aplenty Even than the romance, though, there is the love of family even the kind of family we piece together ourselves Family found, family created, family restored Not without its difficulties or hurts, but family nonetheless for people who have long been without.Speaking of family, the epilogue at the end ties the whole series together so poignantly My fangirl heart grinned happily and yes I even got a little misty eyed Loved seeing Dex Rachel and Everett Julia and Will Eliza from previous books and their families some years down the road And of course Silas and his family Also, there were some minor characters that popped up earlier in the book who I m hoping we get to know about in future books series.Bottom Line A Bride At Last is a book which will draw you in by its characters and keep you there by its many captivating layers of twists and turns With tender honesty, Melissa Jagears pens a story of people torn by addiction, abandonment, and anxiety and the beautiful healing that can come when they lay these wounds at Jesus feet Recommended for anyone who enjoys marriage of convenience stories or who struggles with trust issues And people who like kissing books I received a copy from Bethany House Publishers via Litfuse and Netgalley in exchange for only my honest review. How do you trust your heart to the one person who, by their very nature, has the power to break it That is the dilemma both Silas and Kate grapple with throughout this story An interesting dilemma which the author carries out to nail biting perfection A Bride at Last is the kind of book with multiple layers and storylines that make it hard to tear yourself away Ferreting out both Silas and Kate s backstories kept me on tenterhooks the entire read There s such depth to their hurt and it s easy to understand why trust is an issue for both of them Understandable perhaps, but also deliciously infuriating And while they both have reason to be wary of the other, it doesn t stop the sparks from flying Beware, potential readers, you might just get your fingers singed while turning these pages Fans of the Unexpected Brides series will be thrilled to meet up with quite a few familiar faces from earlier books In fact, Silas is a secondary character from A Bride in Store and definitely not hero material, or so I thought But Jagears proved me wrong when she wove the strength of testimony into his wounded heart A mesmerizing read that will hold you captive right to the very end My thanks to Bethany House and the author for gifting me with a complimentary copy of this book. I have enjoyed all of the books in the Unexpected Brides series There are three full length novels and one prequel They have all been such good stories and each book can be read as a stand alone A Bride at Last has taken the top spot as my favorite in this series and I highly recommend it.There are so many things that I liked about this book First of all, the attraction between the two main characters is fabulous There is a lot of tension and some mistrust between the two, as well And, whew Silas and Kate share some pulse pounding kisses It just all works together for the perfect mix of affection, angst, passion, etc The story changes location about halfway through the book and the challenges that these two main characters faced in the first half morph into new challenges Throughout the story there is also a little boy who is very believably written Misunderstandings, reluctance, and fear color decisions that are made by all of these characters.I really felt for Silas and Kate and what they were going through, but even , I felt compassion for the troubling backgrounds that they both came from They both endured so much, which impacted the people they became.A Bride at Last was a thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish, and the epilogue at the end of the book was wonderful I highly recommend it.My thanks to the author and the publisher for the complimentary copy that I received in exchange for my honest review.You can read this review on my blog at Such a good book I ve been fighting a bit of a reading slump lately but I had this book finished in about twelve hours, it was that good Since I knew that Silas was going to be the hero of this book I payed extra attention to him in A Bride in Store, and while he had some changes to make I just knew that he would become a man to be proud of And boy was I right I loved how real the author made him, he overcame his addiction but the temptation was still there and it was inspiring to watch him fight to maintain what he d worked so hard for I loved how much he was willing to sacrifice for Anthony, and how hard he worked at being the best father he could be Kate was fantastic too I loved her selfless love and care for others, especially Anthony Both Silas and Kate had painful pasts that made them scared about surrendering to love and it was beautiful to watch them both overcome their hurt and find healing with God and each other.So in closing, this book well this whole series is amazing and I heartily recommend it I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own.