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A Birthday Surprise, A New Journey West, And A Delightful Reunion But Then Comes Tragedy Marty And Clark Davis S Daughter Missie And Her Husband Had Homesteaded Land In The Far West, Many Weeks Journey Away By Covered Wagon But With The Coming Of The Frontier Railroad, The Miles Are Suddenly Bridged, Making Possible Their Long Awaited Reunion Grandparents Marty And Clark Are Thrilled To Meet Their Two Little Grandsons For The First Time Missie, Anxious To Hear News From Home, Plies Her Mother With Questions About Her Brothers And Sisters And As Willie Proudly Shows The Two Visitors Around His Successful Ranch, Missie, Just As Proudly, Shows Them The Little Soddy That Was Their Original HomeBut The Joyful Reunion Is Shattered By A Tragic Accident Will They Ever Be A Happy Family Again

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    I think I enjoyed the third book a little , but this one was nice too I watched the movie last night and it was way different from the bookI hope to start the 5th one soon though

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews Love s Abiding Joy is another lovely addition to the Love Comes Softly series, but unlike the first three books in the series, this one is pretty much pure inspirational, historical fiction There s really no romance to speak of The story is primarily a continuation of Clark and Marty s relationship as they face trials and joys with a side helping of Willie and Missie There are no new budding romances, and even these two married couples don t so much as share a kiss on the lips, only extremely chaste pecks on the cheek or forehead This was a tad disappointing, because the first three books had just enough romance for me to be comfortable categorizing them as such However, it was still a wonderful book that is every bit as good as the Little House on the Prairie series, which it resembles, and fans of frontier stories are sure to enjoy it.In the last book of the series, Love s Long Journey, Missie and Willie headed west in a covered wagon to settle on the frontier and build a cattle ranch They are now prospering in their new home, but Clark and Marty dearly miss their oldest daughter With a new rail line now running through a town not far from Missie and Willie s ranch, Clark and Marty are finally able to go visit them Although this part of the story moved a little slowly for me, I did find it interesting Compared to modern day travel, their week long journey by stagecoach and train seemed downright primitive, but in many ways, Clark and Marty felt like they were traveling in luxury Although it was still exhausting for them, I suppose when you consider the alternative of traveling overland by covered wagon it was luxurious The accommodations in their departure city were as well, but from there on, not so much, which makes me very thankful for our modern hotels and travel conveniences When Clark and Marty finally arrive, they couldn t be thrilled to finally see Missie and Willie again and be introduced to the grandchildren they ve never met After a rocky beginning, Missie has settled into her life on the frontier very nicely, and they have built a wonderful group of people around them as a support system Missie now loves life on the ranch every bit as much as Willie always did, and their two boys are as cute as a button Clark and Marty only plan on staying for two weeks before heading back to the family they left behind, but a tragic accident, extends their stay for much longer Just like the first two books of the series, a large part of this book is in Marty s perspective, but a decent chunk of it is from Clark s POV, which was a refreshing change I ve always adored Clark for his patience and gentleness, and I loved the way he teases Marty He has always been the perfect foil for Marty s bluntness and impatience We see a touch of that here, but it s mostly about her strength and resilience which I admire What I ve always admired though, is Clark s quiet faith and optimism When tragedy strikes, he does get upset to some extent, but only for a short time, and he doesn t allow himself to dwell on it too much That s because he believes wholeheartedly that everything that happens to him, good or bad, has a purpose He also believes everything will be OK no matter what, because God is watching out for us and wants the best for us With that in mind, he also puts his sharp mind to work figuring out ways to overcome these new obstacles with which he is faced The other thing I ve always loved about Clark is how he quietly lives out his faith in a way that is easy for others to see but non threatening That s because he never tries to shove his religion down anyone s throat, but instead, is a good friend and gentle teacher to everyone, no matter where they are in their walk with God In this way, he is able to reach many people in a positive and often life changing way Clark is such an easy man to fall in love with even when the book technically isn t a romance.Overall, Love s Abiding Joy was a very pleasant and heartwarming read I love that the faith message is a gentle one, and not preachy, like many inspirational books nowadays It also paints a vivid picture of life on the frontier and many of the difficulties inherent in living so far from civilization I very much enjoyed my time reading Love s Abiding Joy It has earned a spot on my keeper shelf next to its predecessors, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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    These books are sooooo good When you feel tired of the usually things you read these are defiantely a go to book for me at least They have beautiful story lines and amazing characters that you just fall in love with Highly suggest this book and really think anyone would enjoy this.

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    This was not what I was expecting, but I loved it anyway I love watching these characters grow 3

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    This is my second time reading this book My goal is to read all 8 books this year unlike in 2012 when I only made it to about 6 This book is probably my favourite in the series so far It s suspenseful, deals with day to day life on the Canadian prairies in pioneer times, faith, and especially how medical emergencies were dealt with back then However, just like the 1st 3 books I have found a couple of holes in this story Go to my reviews of the books if you want the whole rants Book 1, the hole was there was no way Marty would be THAT ignorant about the Christian faith since the church had such a powerful presence everywhere Book 2, the hole was not dealing with racism issues in a realistic way between the Graham boy and a First Nations lady Book 3, the hole was the realistic ness of having Mexican immigrants and several other characters who unrelatedly happened to know Spanish I did research and I couldn t find anything about Mexican immigrants on the Canadian prairies at this time Recently figured out this was set in the states I just assumed it was Canada cause the author is Canadian and as for this book SPOILERS AHEAD the hole had to deal with when Clark realized he lost his leg I honestly don t believe he would be that okay with it When Marty told him he lost his leg he looked shocked, turned to the wall for a sec, then a minute later the doctor came in and he was sympathizing with the doctor s tough decision and giving praises of joy Sure, it said that in the days following he wept, but really, when a person loses a limb like that unexpectedly especially being a farmer in the 1800s I couldn t imagine he wouldn t be thinking about how much this would impact him and his work Clark s reaction is not realistic and I believe Oke wrote Clark to basically have no faults Looking back on the 4 books I can point to instances of Marty s stubbornness and other characters faults, but not Clark s, and yet he s always doing the preaching about how much of a sinner he was, and yet Oke wrote him to be almost sinless I still like the series it s nice brain candy and I enjoy reading about day to day life of pioneers, but Oke has made a lot of careless mistakes My Mother and Father in law say that this is just fiction and one should make allowances for inaccuracies, but I disagree all of these mistakes are obvious and careless.

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    This book was so frustrating The beginning wasn t that bad I was excited to return to Marty and Clark while reading about Missie s budding family So far, the books have been sweet with a dash of drama I didn t mind the slower, calmer pace What I do mind is unrealistic optimism.To lose a limb is devastating, regardless of who you are While there are people who ve recovered somewhat and made their stories inspirational, they only succeeded after months or even years of struggling That is completely fair Their entire life has changed For a farmer like Clark, losing his leg could mean the difference between life and death He wouldn t be able to plow his fields or feed his family When this horrible thing happened, I settled in to read about how this inspirational family overcame this tragedy Instead, that was solved in one page I kid you not Clark spends a page one afternoon crying and praying, and then he s fine That s it One afternoon of wallowing, and then he s accepted it Not only is it unrealistic, it s just uneventful There s no point in the rest of the book Not only did Clark accept his new life, so did everyone else No conflict No struggle No story I guess Clark is supposed to be a Christian s fantasy a simple yet manly man whom other men look up to who is also very spiritual Taking this into consideration, it makes sense why Clark would get over his loss so quickly That said, it doesn t excuse the poor storytelling What strengthens faith is doubt It s ironic, but it s like having day without night You need one to really value the other Since Clark never doubts, never struggles, neither his character nor his faith grows This book is preachy and bland and did a disservice to the complex character in the first Love Comes Softly book.

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    What a wonderful story a reunion between parents and child who have not seen each other for several years and a beautiful story of how to smile through adversity, how to let God be God, and how to trust Him for everything Very inspirational April 2015 my very favorite of the entire series Reunion of Clark Marty with daughter Missie and then a terrible tragedy, which a deep and abiding faith can turn to a deep and, indeed, abiding joy.

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    This book had such a good story about the trip, the rescue and the doctor, etc I enjoyed it all The movie was disappointing because it was completely different I was looking forward to the scene with the bedbugs, but the whole journey was skipped altogether If the movie has no resemblance to the book, it should not have the same title

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    Beautiful series of Christian fiction.

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    This is the fourth book of the series Like the others, reading the previous books in order adds some depth of feeling and identification, but it probably isn t absolutely necessary And like the others, this story is complete at the end, but with the promise that the saga continues.This is a Christian book and as much as any previous book, faith and God are an essential part of this story The beginning drags a bit as Clark and Marty journey to see Missie and her family and that journey is drawn out There is also a portion at the end which is somewhat anti climactic The reunion is nice, but the heart of the story is the tragedy That story and how that event plays out as part of this family s faith journey is what makes this book stand out.The author explores how Christians deal with God s will Part of that is how they pray in the midst of crisis The author presents through the story her explanation of how God works in these things and this explanation is probably good as far as it goes There may be a bit of a spoiler in the paragraph that follows, but I don t think so If you open this spoiler , it reveals some of the feel of the climax, but no specifics view spoiler I feel that explanation by the author s story simplifies God a little too much God is bigger than human explanations His will is unsearchable to man This story wraps things up with a neat little bow and despite the tragedy things seem satisfactory But so many times, and maybe most of the time, tragedy in life is not wrapped up with a bow and things don t seem satisfactory to those at the center of it I don t mean to minimize the strength of faith and courage of the people in the story, and that was extraordinary, far beyond anything I ve ever experienced But even so, they looked back on the experience and saw the good in it and walked away knowing much of how God worked together for good in this tragedy But as I said, most of the time, those who have experienced tragic circumstances either never see enough good, or it takes a lifetime to see it That s why it takes faith to trust God in the hard times Tragedy isn t always explained by good things that follow it hide spoiler