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InParty Of One,investigative Journalist Michael Harris Closely Examines The Majority Government Of A Prime Minister Essentially Unchecked By The Opposition And Empowered By The General Election Victory Of May Harris Looks At Harper S Policies, Instincts, And The Often Breathtaking Gap Between His Stated Political Principles And His PracticesHarris Argues That Harper Is Than A Master Of Controlling Information He Is A Profoundly Anti Democratic Figure In The F Debacle, The Government S Sin Wasn T Only Keeping The Facts From Canadians, It Was In Inventing Them Harper Himself Provided The Key Confabulations, And They Are Irrefutably And Unapologetically On The Public Record From The Last Election This Is No Longer A Matter Of Partisan Debate, But A Fact Canadians Must Interpret For What It May SignifyHarris Illustrates How Harper Has Made War On Every Independent Source Of Information In Canada Since Coming To PowerParty Of Oneis About A Man With A Well Defined And Growing Enemies List Of Those Not Wanted On The Voyage Union Members, Scientists, Diplomats, Environmentalists, First Nations Peoples, And JournalistsAgainst The Backdrop Of A Conservative Commitment To Transparency And Accountability, Harris Exposes The Ultra Secrecy, Non Compliance, And Dismissiveness Of This Prime Minister And With The Conservative Majority In Parliament, The Law Is Simple What One Man, The PM, Says, Goes Easy to sum up Stephen Harper is a Liar not in the sense of protecting state secrets, which is the Noble Lie that we accept must be within our politicians Ignoble Liar, that employs all the power of state, and even creates a few powers, to maintain one thing maintaining power for himself I see Harper has set his sights on becoming the longest running PM of Canada Damn the country he s interested in ticking one of his personal best boxes.The content is mostly not revealing, if you have been paying attention to this slimiest of slime politicians since Brian Mulroney and G.W Bush I didn t really find myself getting scared than I already am for our nation Very little is new here.What I didn t know is that Stephen Harper has never had a real job in his whole life He has been a political hack since university Maybe lots of others knew this but I didn t It s just another reason to distrust him He spouts free market blah blah blah yet he never actually participated in it He only ever was a political zealot spokesperson for those who did Even if you accept George Will s thesis about statecraft as a legitimate, even desirable career, his thesis turns on the logic of a serious student of public policy, governance etc Stephen Harper never studied or embraced a philosophical position on governance, policy or public good He only embraced a coldly calculated route to power, lied about his beliefs at every turn required and stabbed his mentors in the back if necessary which it was often Jim Hawkes, Manning, Flannigan and many Tom Flannigan of all people called Harper a predator That says it Stephen Harper scares thinking people because he epitomizes what happens when someone makes their life inside a small silo The reason he doesn t scare lots of people, is because we have become a nation in the image of America People living in their own tiny, tiny silos But I digress, and this is not specifically the thesis of the author of Party of One He just implies it and very tediously at that This is why I only give the book 2 stars It is over 500 pages my copy is 534p and it is deadly dull Sadly, it will barely preach to the choir because it is so deadly dull This is a reference book Pull it out when you want to quote or discuss any of the many distasteful things Harper has done Better yet, save this book for his eventual defeat Deny him any positive spin legacy. Repost from Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winner and former war correspondent for the New York Times on Canada s right wing neocon Prime Minister Stephen Harper Harper is a poster child for corporate malfeasance and corporate power, just sort of dismantling everything that s good about Canada So he s the kind of species that rises to political power and is utterly subservient to corporate interests at the expense of the citizenry.Yeah, he s a pretty venal figure.http www.straight.com article 73282. Canadians are sleepwalking through dramatic social, economic and political changes surreptitiously being implemented by a government abusing omnibus bills and stifling public and parliamentary debateMr Harper has not played within the rules Having attained absolute power, he has absolutely abused that power to the maximum This nearly 500 page book is dry at times, but its message is clear Canada s parliamentary democracy is threatened by Stephen Harper Michael Harris doesn t waste our time with the usual boondoggles and sixteen dollar orange juice scandals, he confines his review of the government s performance to examples which clearly show that this prime minister and his government really do treat the institution of parliament with the contempt with which they charged and convicted.Only rarely do we see the personal side of Mr Harper in this book this is a litany of what he has done as Prime Minister to alter Canada, not an examination of who he is personally There is no mudslinging here just the presentation of some rather terrifying facts The tone is a little sharpish, but frankly, I don t blame Michael Harris for that It has left me feeling than a bit sharpish too. The first of the self titled whither Canada bundle trilogy which includes Brent Ragthberger s Irresponsible Government and Donald Gustein s Harperism Somewhere author Harris had mentioned that writing the book was a heavy and altogether toiling task Reading it is much the same which it makes it all the fulfilling in a cruelly unwanted way.The events are generally well known, as well as the villains and heroes, but there is nonetheless much to learn a doubly unfortunate paradox of choice as the grievous actions of this regime continue to offer up one calamity, injustice and coverup after another Perhaps a revised edition will be necessary sooner than later sigh Still, there is a saving grace in the numerous stories and profiles of those people, some known others less so, pushing back and Harris offers the space to learn of and from them The major and well known stories like electoral fraud, Senate spending scandals, muzzling and treatment of veterans are told in a straightforward way, and though other questions left out are expected, their absence is no less noticed The cozy relationships with most mainstream media is given a pass, and the question of religious influence in government if any avoided Perhaps deliberately In any case The Armageddon Factor by Marcia Macdonald has the latter covered.An engrossing read that makes me believe that these times are trying times albeit not necessarily trying TORY times. I thought about burning this book and posting the video as a review Why Because I m a Tory Which means I like to burn books I like the screams their pages make I also lie And I m a narrow minded bigot And if you haven t detected the hyberbole yet, then you must be an earnest Liberal with no sense of humour Yes, I m a Conservative But, yes, I too am concerned about the centralization of power in the Canadian Parliamentary system Which I why I thought this book would be a great addition to my political shelf It would detail Harper s rise and iron control over a docile caucus Because that s what the jacket and publisher s blurb suggested the book was about.Instead, it was basically recycled newspaper articles with a little innuendo Harper gave a speech to right wingers in America Shock He must be a hidden Republican and hypocrisy It s terrible Harper excluded abortions from his funding of maternal care abroad he should have given money But wait, isn t it terrible Harper funds any maternal care abroad when First Nations women are dying thrown in F 35 scandal Read it already Contempt of Parliament Been there Robocalls Still following the story in the papers Wayward senators Pretty sure I ve heard about that You see, there s nothing new here No analysis No narrative of power coalescing around and corrupting the throne Where is the inside scoop on the Harper Conservatives Where is the prescription for a better democracy I don t hate this book because it offends my ideological sensibilities I live in a democracy and good people really good people disagree with me I think this is a terrible book because it wasted so much promise And it wasted four hundred eighty five pages of my precious time Yet, I ll keep it as an abiding testament to what terrible political writing looks like. This book is an awesome resource for Canadians Harris outlines Harper s origins, rise to power, his accomplishments, and his many schemes I feel like I have an idea of Harper s personality and intentions, especially with the early chapters outlining some of his terrifying thoughts on Canadian politics delivered in secret speeches to rich white guys I hope those conservative voters that voted for Harper will read this book and see that Harper is his own man with his own agenda voters, caucus, friends, and family be damned The book, while very informative and extremely well researched, is detailed to the point that I stopped caring about each scandal before the end of each chapter That s probably just my own limited attention span kicking in but that s why I only gave the book four stars Read this one for insight into the workings and failings of your shady government, Canadians It was G.D F 35ing amazing.Best take down of Hair Harper like EVER I highly recommend it to all of my 500 subscribers on Facebook.MUST READING FOR ALL OF CDNPOLI..Dear Nadine NadineLumley Asking you to please RT this In urgent need for your all of your 850 followers to see these youtube videos where Michael Harris explains the background information he acquired prior to writing his PMSH book Canadians really need to watch these 3 parts on YoutubeOnce done watching it s easy to understand the need to pass this information on.At this point I choose to believe that we don t know what is going on, and NOT that we don t care It s not a lot of time, I promise Part 1 Part 2 bit.ly 1faQxdQ Part 3 a million, MYL NE I read a few years ago Harperland by journalist Lawrence Martin that was mainly received as balanced and fair, but offered a disturbing portrait of the PM as a control freak and vindictive Party of One offers the same observations but in a far detailed manner due to the greater number of years Harper has ruled While some of the criticisms authored by Harris might be dismissed as partisan, there are some that are clearly not for example Sheila Fraser, who is not fondly remembered by either Conservatives of Liberals One of the author s main points is the absolute deterioration of Parliament under Harper and to be fair, a process that started many years ago and the frightening deterioration of privacy laws and oversight As I write this, the Conservatives have just passed the anti terror legislation that is a further reduction of the privacy of citizens and a curtailment of rights Where is this county headed If you have any concern as to where the current Prime Minister and the CPC are taking Canada, then you may want to take a gander at this book Harris is not at all complimentary about Harper and has absolutely no shortage of material when it comes to this government s shortcomings Needless to say it is a left leaning book and will not appeal to those who support the CPCs However, it is impossible to read this book without coming to the conclusion that Canada has changed and the outside perceptions of Canada has changed under Harper s stewardship A well written and thought provoking look at Canadian politics.