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Two Leaders In The Field Of Genetics A Bioethicist Health Lawyer And An Obstetrician Gynecologist Geneticist Answer The Most Pressing Questions About The Application Of New Genetics To Our Universal Medicine And What Personalized Medicine Means For Individual HealthcareBreakthroughs In Genetic Research Are Changing Modern Medicine And Pharmaceuticals But What Are These Changes And How Do They Affect Our Individual Care Genomic Messages Examines These Groundbreaking Changes And The Questions They Raise What Kind Of Specific Medical Innovation Do We Have To Look Forward To Now And Tomorrow How Will This Flood Of Genetic Messages Change Our Lives, Our Interaction With Our Physicians And Our Healthcare System Groundbreaking And Provocative, Genomic Messages Fuses The Often Conflicting Worlds Of Medicine And Law To Provide Information And Insight That Will Impact The Health Choices Of Every One Of Us, From How Medicine Is Practiced To Concepts Of Privacy, Confidentiality, And Informed Consent Ultimately, It Reveals How Genetic Information Is Changing How We Think About Ourselves, Our Health, And Our Future

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    This book really deserves 10 stars What is known about our genome health wise and what will be learned in days to come is so fascinating What might be done is a bit scary to me The book is well written and easy to follow especially if one tends to read listen to current events regarding our DNA What we do with our personal bodies and health certainly impacts one s interest in a book like this I enjoyed the authors personal views and comments Ethics and permission certainly have an impact One question I had if I personally will not give permission for scientists to look at my cells, do I merit personally taking advantage of the progress science has made using other people s DNA that gives me better health care

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    This book is worth reading I found several parts difficult to read and difficult to understand On the whole this book treats genomics in an approachable manner.I intend to reread it in a year of so.

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    The message we don t know as much as we think we know.

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    Optimism and fearGenetic manipulation of humans both for good and evil presented in a very understandable way leaves me with hope and fear for the future May God help us all

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    Science into EnglishThis book does a good job of translating medical ease into understandable language Not a light read, detailed engaging the reader.

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    This nonfiction book is both and less than I expected it to be The authors cover the use of genomic testing DNA seqyencing for medical screening But they also talk of a future when everyone will have a genomic analysis in their medical records In addition, they talk about prenatal genetic testing for many diseases or predispositins for disease They dicuss the ethics of all the screening and the need for informed consent.This book should focus on the meaning of informed consent, the history of informed consent, and the current Federal Requirements for informed consent for research They seem to assume a working knowledge of genetics and yet give general background on many aspects of the testing i found it to be too technical to be focused on the general population But I did not see anything to indicate that it was geared towards experienced readers.I have a good background in genetics and DNA testing as well as the requirements for informed consent in the USA However, the sections on future testing and the ethics of creating large databases without proper consent to be interesting and unexpected in this book I believe this is an important addition to the topic for the general population, but perhaps too much for a lay person to plough through Still I rated it at a 4 because it kept me engaged throughout and added ideas I had not thought about before.

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    Too long winded