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Voodoo Season revisits the mystical landscape of New Orleans and its most famous Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau that Jewell Parker Rhodes introduced us to in her previous novel Voodoo Dreams This time the award winning author of historical fiction sets the story in the here and now Meet Marie Levant The great great granddaughter of the beloved tantalizing Marie Laveau she is compelled by unseen forces to leave her medical career in Chicago behind and return to her roots But once she arrives in New Orleans Marie is both seduced and horrified by this mysterious landscape whose slave holding past merges with the spoils of the twenty first century A place where the uadroon Balls of yesterday are a present reality and women of color are still being abused and even horrifying rendered undead Yet through it all Marie can't help but sense that she's lived here before and that maybe there's to this city's history and her own With Voodoo Season Rhodes once again presents her legions of fans with a heroine of authentic power and an alluring unforgettable read

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    A story devoid of subtlety about a descendant of Marie Laveau learning about her power as a voodooienne power passed to females born with cauls The evil was too simple and the good too dependent on deus ex machina; or in this case loas ex machinaI did appreciate the author’s repeated attempts to clarify the fact that voodoo voudon is about kindness and healing about honoring one’s ancestors It has nothing to do with the 1950s white media’s portrayal of “zombies” and blood There is ”Only one Zombi Damballah il grand Zombi He has the power of faith possession Damballah is not evil”Our Marie is a young doctor working at New Orlean’s famous Charity Hospital in 2005 Charity Hospital for the Poor was founded in 1736 by a grant from Jean Louis a French sailor and shipbuilder who died in New Orleans the year before His last will and testament was to finance a hospital for the indigent in the colony of New Orleans from his estate It was closed permanently in 2005 a fact not part of this story by the wave of greed Disaster Capitalism that hit Louisiana and especially New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina The descriptions of the healthcare deprived patients in this book although only a couple paragraphs broke my heart ”A slight cough became pneumonia; a lack of insulin led to blindness gangrene; children who stepped on a rusty nail died painfully stricken stiff for lack of a vaccineRunaways grandmothers perfume scented call girls were battered bruised cut up locked in a sisterhood of pain”And now even that sorely underfunded hospital staffed by doctors in training is no But this was not about the end stage capitalism that is the USA rather a lukewarm story of voodoo and in that it waswell tepid

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    A one night read I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the films The Skeleton Key andor Eve's Bayou The book's flow and descriptions of New Orleans makes you feel as if you're in the book watching the story unfold

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    Here are all the reasons I wanted to love this book Written by an award winning African American female author I had a personal connection having lived in New Orleans for 15 years and love the local history and culture I amlike the protagonist female Emergency Room physician who trained at Charity Hospital as an outsider and the story is womanist with a self assured female who is unafraid of her sexual potency Despite having many good reasons to like this book I was so thrown off by the unusual style of writing that I could never immerse myself in its world The author utilizes italics to describe dreams inner thoughts mystical visions and glimpses of history These italics are interspersed with the real time narrative approximately every three sentences The effect she was trying for I believe was to give the reader her sense that history magic and alternate visions of reality coexist in one world The effect that it had on me was utter confusion

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    Voodoo Season is a mystery set in contemporary pre Katrina New Orleans Louisiana The author Jewell Parker Rhodes uses her knowledge of the voodoo religion and surrounding history and culture as the backdrop for this unusual mystery This was a very uick read for me and I really enjoyed the colorful setting and characters I particularly enjoyed how Rhodes described Marie's visions throughout the text I found Marie to be a very likeable believable character and I hope Rhodes will continue her adventures in self discovery through the course of future novelsI liked this well enough that I plan to go back and read earlier books of short stories and novels set in the past which also have to do with voodoo and Louisiana mystical cultureRecommended

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    Very much enjoyed this book Focuses on a woman named Marie that comes to New Orleans from Chicago to be an ER doctor at charity hospital She seems things in her dreams and has deja vu from time to time Things start falling into place as to where she came from and who her namesake was

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    I'm going to say 2 12 stars for this oneUmmmmmI'm not even sure what to say about this one let's just start with what I did likeI love books that are set in Louisiana and the Bayou that setting within itself intrigues meThere's so much legend and history there that in of itself lets me know that a book is going to be creepy as hellAnd when you start getting into the premise of the sight voodoo and all of that good stuff well that just makes this supernatural girl go hmmmI need to check this outThat is what happened with this bookCame across it in the library loved the cover and started readingIt traces the history of one of voodoo's most highly regarded priestess' Marie Laveau and traces decendents from her and the legacy she left behind on New Orleans and the religious practice of voodoo both the white magic and the blackThe main character's name is Marie Levant she's a doctor who works in the ER at an extremely run down hospital in Louisiana and is very passionate about her works and wanting to heal and help others she relocates herself there from Chicago on no than a hunch that this was where she needed to beMany characters are introduced within the first 100 pgs so it's kind of a lot of information to digest as a reader and builds a good mystery with hints of many supernatural elements at workYou don't know who's the good guy and who's bad you just know that something isn't right in this town and that sinking feeling of dread will follow you as a reader throughout the whole bookSo having said that I think the premise this book is built on was a brilliant idea and would attract lovers of mytery and the supernaturalThis is a trilogywith one book before this one that acts as a preuel if you will to this trilogyBut something about this book just didn't do it for meHence the 2 12 ratingWhat I did not like was the pacing and the amount of time it took for me to get to the end of this story as I stated before there are a lot of characters and continue to be introduced as the story goes on along with all of this there is a series of murders happening as well to young girls between 16 20 who all happened to be with child at the time of their deathWhich was great but I felt no connection to any of the characters including the heroine Marie I found myself confused and disheartened as several different times in the bookI had checked out all three books in the trilogy at once thinking yeah I'm going to read this whole thing all three books but I returned the other two along with this one todayI'm not saying that I'll never read the other two books but I don't see myself reading them in the near future I don't know maybe within the year but not the next couple of monthsThe story just didn't make me want to go gah I've got to hurry up and read the next book like nowAnd being that my currently reading list is long I need for a book to really hook me to push me to read all seuels etcBut it was okVerdict if you have a peaked interest in what goes on in the religion of voodoo the life and history of Marie Leveau with an interesting fictional spin on what one of her decendents could be capable of they were living today in the 21st century and books set in the bayou than it's worth checking this book out for a suspenseful ish not a word I know I just made it up leisure readBut would I say run to the store and buy it? NoCheck it out from you local library and see how you like it first before spending money on the trilogyIf you love this book after reading it than buy all means invest in all books of the seriesThe author is an award winning author so hopefully she won't disappoint you

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    I kind of liked this book but it feelt like something was missingI wouldn't call this a cime novel because it wasn't really any detective work It was a lot focus on the supernatural than the mystery Even though I usually love books like this I felt a bit bored towards the ending The novel wasn't that exciting after a while and I think I'd liked to learn a bit about the characters

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    This is the second book in a trilogy though it can be read as a stand alone It was a fun read though there were times it got a little over the top even so then the subject matter voodoo – already is

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    This was a really good book I found the way the author combined a present day story about present day characters with the past to be entertaining exciting and just a touch creepy but in a good wayMarie Levant is a doctor who has come to New Orleans from Chicago for reasons she doesn't uite understand except that she feels her roots and something she needs to understand can only be found thereWorking in the charity hospital Marie seems to see hear and feel things nobody else does When young women start turning up undead Marie feels compelled to investigate along with cop Reneaux who Marie is attracted to DuLac the drunken Doctor she works with As she delves into who is harming young women and why along the way Marie will discover many things some she'd rather not know about her past and her futureThe story is well written intricately and cleverly crafted to weave the voodoo past of Marie Laveau into the present life Marie Levant is living I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone interested in a slightly different take on Marie Laveau

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    It's hard to pass this one up a voodoo mystery set in New Orleans with a female second year medical resident as the main character Since she's moved to New Orleans Marie Laveau has been having terrible frightening dreams of otherworldly creatures who are trying to possess her In the novel Marie learns what these beings are and what they mean Meanwhile light skinned young women are turning up murdered at the hospital and Marie and an appealing detective think there is a link among them all Marie finds herself moving between centuries where she discovers the power and love of her great great grandmother also named Marie I chomped through this novel in a little than an afternoon Very much escapist fare with enough history and culture as backdrop to keep my attention A fun read