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Trumpeter Miles West only planned to tour with a dance band for a couple of years after college Now middle aged he finds himself still riding a bus across the country with a group that plays under the name of a long dead bandleader in musical parlance a Ghost Band Playing music that revives long forgotten memories and rekindles romances the band is never far from the specters of the past In a breathtaking moment during a special song for sweethearts Miles is shocked to discover the link to the past is far real than anyone ever dared to imagine In Dark Within Wooley gave us a new way to view technology His Awash in the Blood shed a new light on vampirism Now he has expertly conjured a fresh vision of the spirit world Ghost Band is a rich haunting exploration of murder mystery and music that will resonate with readers long after the last page is turned

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    A ghost band is one that keeps touring under the name of its leader after that leader is no So when trumpeter Miles West starts getting strange visits during his restroom breaks well call it 'The Shining' meets 'Young Man With a Horn' Scary in that lovely restrained sort of way