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Parapsychologist Sam Towne believes that ghosts come from the human mind not from beyond To prove his theory he invites eight volunteers including skeptical reporter Joanna Cross to take part in an experiment In a series of seances they invent Adam Wyatt a tragic Revolutionary War hero and are thrilled when he starts rapping on tables and spelling out messages But when members of the group begin dying in horrifying ways it becomes clear that Adam has taken on a strange and dangerous life of his own one feeding on their very thoughts and emotions Now Sam and Joanna must destroy Adam before he destroys everything in their world and even the love they have found for each other turns into an endless terrifying inescapable nightmareFrom cult classic author David Ambrose comes a story based on the true case of an experiment into the paranormal a story that will change forever the way you feel about

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    A great book that I will definitely read again #paranormal experiment #occult #in the name of science #this should be a movie

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    This one has the feel of an old school horror movie like Psycho The Exorcist or an old Hitchcock film it's definitely a psychological suspense A lot of it is setting the mood meeting the characters and all that stuff I would say the first two thirds of the novel moves pretty slowly although that's not to say it wasn't interesting Basically the characters are planning on creating a ghost with the idea that the mind has the power to do so and there's a lot of discussion about how this is so It's based on an actual experiment that took place and even mentions this fact in the forward and throughout the novel I enjoyed the philosophicalscientificparanormal talk that took place I thought it was all very interesting and thought provoking and it made the experiment that much real to me In fact if I could I would read the original book about the real experiment that took place and I'm not one of those people who whole heartedly believes in all that stuff It's in the last third of the novel that things really pick up I literally couldn't put the down at this point and I can honestly say it is one of the few books I've read that gave me goose bumps and no that wasn't because the air conditioner was on I read the end straight through and finished it at about 130 in the morning at which I had to wake up my husband to tell him I had just read a seriously creepy book no easy task that and all he did was murmur uh huh and roll over to go back to sleep Creepy really is the best word to describe it I've read scary books and I've read action books and this one doesn't really fit into either category This is one that will haunt you no pun intended well after you read it I find myself randomly thinking about it every once in awhile The ideas in it are chilling and the ending is one of the best I've read in a long time I would definitely recommend this book but it isn't for someone who's looking for a fast moving book from the very start You have to stick with this one but in the end it definitely pays off

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    I found what might otherwise have been an ordinary horror story I'm not a fan of horror surprisingly interesting because of the thought provoking concepts it contained I've written a number of novels that involve the paranormal THE THIRD EYE STRANGER WITH MY FACE SUMMER OF FEAR etc as well as one non fiction book PSYCHIC CONNECTIONS A JOURNEY INTO THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF PSI now out of print which I co authored with parapsychologist Dr William Roll During the course of that project with Dr Roll as my guide I was given an in depth look at the type of scientific research that is now being done on the very subjects that are dealt with as fiction ?in David Ambrose's novel Mr Ambrose must have done the same sort of research because in very disconcerting ways this story has the ring of truth What do we truly know about the nature of reality? About the effects that the energy of our minds might have on the world around us?Besides that the story as a fiction story contained what I considered a fascinating twist

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    Doing a reread of a book I really liked about 15 years agoI still really like this book; keeping it at 4 stars It feels like a throwback to the late 70searly 80s books about telekinesis and studying ghostly phenomena and the like The character attitudes and dialogue were a bit dated too I kept looking at the copyright page to confirm huh it really was published in 1997There are cheesy moments here but overall this is gripping story and an unusual take on ghosts

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    ad a few problems with this one the lead characters annoying in a kind of Harry Potter way well funny you should ask this is blah blah blah is used to explain evrything also the ghost is perfectly justified in killing everyone that created him because they wrote the worlds dorkiest backstory for him really bad

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    I was mildly indifferent to the story and the characters in the beginning gripped in the middle and kind of lost by the endIt's difficult to write about it without spoilers hence the other reviews are so intriguing I guess The beginning of the novel is a weird scene and then we jump to the events that happened one year before that and it seems impossible that these events of the past could lead to the events of this beginning i e ending so one keeps guessing whether the final explanation would make any sense Except for that the first 100 pages are not particularly exciting and although some of the supporting cast are nice the main characters do not seem particularly likeable maybe it's just me of courseThen the story gets scary and the book becomes a page turner; one doesn't understand what's going on except that it is frightening and interestingI must admit the final explanation does have some logic behind it but for my liking too many things are left for the reader to figure out as best she can I did not particularly enjoy the writing itself but the writer has an eye for body language I could not always imagine what the characters felt but I always saw how they movedI'm sorry if this isn't helpful This book was part of my 'scary novels to read around Halloween' list and the other two were by Shirley Jackson and I enjoyed them much But 'Superstition' is eerieview spoilerBut the sex scene in the end? For me it must have been the most improbable scene in the whole novel just under the circumstances hide spoiler

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    Superstition by David AmbroseAmbrose uses an actual experiment carried out in Toronto Canada by a team of Parapsychologists known as the “Phillip Experiment” as a platform and structural foundation for his novel Ambrose writes a rather decent suspense Ghost story definitely scary in its’ own way In 1972 the Phillip experiment was conducted to try to prove a theory that simply stated that ghosts and possibly other forms of paranormal activity were produced in the human mind and can be produced through expectation imagination and visualization If you are well versed in the results of the experiment you know the basic very basic outline of events and occurrences through the novel In Ambrose’s novel Superstition a parapsychologist Sam Towne invites a journalist recently involved in exposing paranormal frauds and seven other volunteers to take part in en experiment to prove ghosts can be created using the human mind Many issues that arose with the Phillip Experiment also arise in this novel One being does the groups combined unconscious minds affect the outcomes or has the paranormal events truly been conjured by the group The Premise of this novel got me interested enough to pick it out of a large group of books to read but the action and its’ plot development and possible outcomes drew me to the finish as if being coaxed to the edge of a multi story balcony only to be pushed over the edge with the hard hitting realization of the conclusion

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    This book had a fascinating premise and was an intense read until the last few chapters that became totally confusing which came close to ruining the experience It was amazing to read about the experiment where the group of chicks were able to make the little robot they had imprinted with as their mom come to them when they were caged several feet away from itThe ending is inconclusive because you are not even sure what is going on What happened to Adam? It also would have been better without the needless occasional crude sexual remarks and F bombs However I am going to reread it to see if I can understand the ending better it is that goodProbably the most thought provoking mind boggling book that I have ever read I'm sure this will be long rememberedETA Ok after rereading the Prologue and the last few chapters I understand it better now and have raised my rating from 4 to 5 stars

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    Great story line where a group comes together to try and disprove the existence of ghosts or of the unknown in general Coming at it from the perspective that we ourselves are creating the paranormal occurrences that may happen So they try to create a ghost someone who has never existed before but what happens when the Ouija board comes out blows them away This is a great ghost story and I loved this bookThis was one of those unputdownable books Its broke up into short chapters which I like it helps me to keep going in other books This one I didn't want to stop It has lots of surprises in it lots of thrills no blood and gore it was written back in the day so I like some of the innocence in it things to me were way better back in the 70s and 80s with books and movies I love rotary phones and no cell towers lol

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    What just happened?WOW I would really love to discuss this book with different people and get their takes on what just happened? This book is captivating can't put it down you think you know what is going on but do you? Without spoiling the book by telling you what goes on all I will say is my cousin and I read the book together and she couldn't figure it out I actually couldn't either; however I kept pondering over it like a sliver stuck in my hand that needed to come out yet I couldn't get to it Finally I came to a conclusion explained it to my cousin and she could see my resolve and accept it phew Now that makes an excellent read Have you read this??? Let me hear your theories