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In this fully revised and updated Second Edition you'll discover the very latest information about living in Second Life—from how to enter the world get started and get around to the many exciting new ways you can earn real world incomes meet other residents and enjoy all there is to do Authored by Second Life experts with contributions from Linden Lab employees and Second Life residents it's the perfect companion for anyone who wants to create his or her own reality in Second Life Includes a CD

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    “ Get a life”“All right I will I’ll get a Second Life Here is the new me”image error

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    Not bad as an overview but as with all technology of this type it's almost updated as soon as printed Especially true with a VR world such as Second Life that allows the users to change the world Unlike the static online game worlds the very landscape can change from day to day so references to actual places is hit or miss The sections on using the interface LSL scripting language and building were pretty useful as beginners guides For detail the online Second Life wiki is obviously much better

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    I wanted to find out that all the hype about Second Life was about The guide was very informative and if I ever decide to start a Second Life account I'll look it up again; it has good tips for beginners However after seeing how much time Second Life takes I decided my first life is too busy to make time for a virtual world

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    This is the best all inclusive book about Second Life If you want to know what it is how it works and then how to use it this is the book for you It helped me get my head around what SL is and what it can be