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Ed Brubaker FATALE VELVET Captain America Winter Soldier and Sean Phillips FATALE Criminal Marvel Zombies launch the first show stopper from their unprecedented five year deal announced at Image Expo in January—the hotly anticipated epic noir series THE FADE OUT As an added bonus to this exciting launch this first issue will clock in at 40 pages and feature exclusive back page articles For fans wishing to experience noir fiction in true ‘40s style an oversized movie magazine replica variant edition with 8 extra pages of behind the scenes art and articles will be available for order An intricate and groundbreaking crime story on a level Brubaker and Phillips have never tackled before THE FADE OUT weaves a tangled web through the underbelly of a 1948 Hollywood A noir film stuck in endless reshoots A writer plagued with nightmares from the war and a dangerous secret An up and coming starlet's suspicious death And a maniacal studio mogul and his security chief who will do anything to keep the cameras rolling before the Post War boom days come crashing down THE FADE OUT is the most ambitious series yet from the award winning Noir Masters

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    I only had the 1st issue of The Fade Out but it was enough to really get me excited about reading the rest of this volumeBig Thank You Mike for gifting me with this oneSo this takes place in the early days of Hollywood and focuses on a guy who works for the movies studio as I think? a writer or something At any rate he's not a actorHe wakes up from a drunken blackout only to find himself in the home of a starlet And she's deadNow admittedly this is basically the opening of almost every noir story out there But somehow Brubaker still made it interestingHow? How do you do that Ed? Good stuff Give it a try if you get the chance

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    Buying and reviewing single issues of comic books isn’t something I normally do I think Locke Key has been the only exception I’m the kind of reader that would prefer to wait until the trade paperback is released and read it all in one shot However seeing as I have the opportunity to get in the ground floor of a Ed BrubakerSean Phillips project why not give it a go?The dynamic duo of noir return with The Fade Out a story about murder most foul in post war America This time around the creative crew have taken on a research assistant in an effort to make this tale as historically accurate as possible as well as an editor a first for the collaboration in nearly a decade to assist in smoothing out any bumps along the road For a team as talented and ambitious as Brubaker and Phillips this can only be good newsWith Phillips’ perfect penciling and Brubaker’s grim and gritty storytelling The Fade Out could prove to be their most polished and remembered work yetIssue one blew me away bring on issue twoAlso posted Every Read Thing

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    There is something to be said about an author who manages to make a basic noir plot set in post WWII Hollywood exciting The genre has become so formulaic over the years it's pretty much become a cliché in itself sex drugs scandal murder blah blah blah Enter Ed Brubaker I think I'm a little in love I wouldn't say he did to the noir genre what he did to James Bond in Velvet where clichés were appropriately shaken and stirred but he came pretty closeGranted the story has an unoriginal premise a Hollywood writer wakes up in a strange place after drinking himself to oblivion and finds the dead body of an up and comic actress in the next room Think this is boring and oh so conventional? Don't yawn just yet Because Brubaker is here to work his magic I picked this up thinking I'd read a few pages and finish it the next day Silly little me I couldn't put it down The characters are complex and the plot is compelling What makes it really interesting is that Brubaker keeps adding new layers to the story as it progresses giving it much depthSean Phillips' art might not be as atmospheric as Steve Epting's in Velvet but it really adds to the noir setting The panels are brilliantly laid out and the color scheme complements the story perfectly This is pretty awesome stuffAnd look at that cover And at all the covers for the individual issues I love them so much I'm actually tempted to buy each of them separately Too bad my bank account doesn't agreeBut I have to admit one thing really really really pissed me of here That ending? Seriously? When I don't have volume 2 handy and have yet to order it? You have got to be kidding me How am I supposed to sit here and wait for 8 whole freaking days until it gets here? Not so in love with you right now Mr Brubaker I guess all that's left for me to do is to read Fatale while I bite my nails in frantic anticipation Then again I could also reread James Ellroy's LA uartet series Yeah that could definitely work

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    I feel like we're spoiled by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips They go so well together like PBJ Cookies Cream Lono Dead Hookersthey really are a dream teamBut it's not like they're doing anything crazy that's changing boundaries or going outside of the norm; they're just creating fucking awesome crimenoir stories that feel timeless The kind of thing you read and are then convinced you've read before or seen a movie version of and I mean that as a total compliment I'm not saying it's just run of the millTheir latest The Fade Out seems to have a few things in common with 'Satellite Sam' Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin's book about TV in NYC in the 50s Except this book is in the movies in the late 40s in Hollywood and is much better There's still sex drugs dames scandal but Ed and Sean show how to make it the best it can be Every time I start a book of theirs it feels like I flipped across the channels late at night and came across a great Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade movie with the narration of the main character all world weary smoked a few too many cigarettes had a drink or 5 and always had stories about women who'd done you wrongThere really doesn't seem to be much I can say about these guys other than I hope they live forever and keep producing such masterpieces As much as I love Ed's superhero work Captain America especially I think this really is his calling Why he's not making movies yet is beyond me Screenplay direct whatever I feel like Hollywood needs to take some of these and make them into the talkiesSo ya I will for sure be checking out the rest of this series and thanks to Humble Bundle and Image for a winner

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    This issue was gifted to me from a friend he just saw this got mad at me for saying friend sigh MEN the man I'm going to marry and live happily ever after with who loves Brubaker so I gave it a go I really recommend it to film Nior lovers I absolutely adored the art super slick transitions too The theme is constant and classically Nior but really hits it off at the very end Can't wait for the #2nd Issue

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    Excelent art higher than others Brubaker makes an awesome jobCrime Noir Sex Cigarrettes and a little bit of violence yes genre violence Some of the scenes remains me The Dahlia Noir the video from Gustavo Cerati Crimen videos from Lana del Rey all that ´30 style that I use to love

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    You ever read something and you feel like you're actually participating in that era? Maybe if you could stretch your imagination just a little and feel like you have a front row seat to the dialogue that's happening in the panel or on the page of the book your reading?So the protagonist if you can call him that it this stage is a screen writer He is also a drunk and he has PTSD He's been actively involved in wrapping up a new production and in some form or fashion involved with members of the cast Well things interrupt that production There's the beginning of your plot that's going to lead to a bigger pictureIn this story things happen those things a covered up and never investigated and your main man is very troubled by this All while he's attempting to also take care of his alcoholic palThe art is well done It has great balance and depth You can definitely feel the mood before you ever even read the dialogue The dialogue is VERY good and I really think that's what's going to make this comic as the story continuesI own the second issue and look forward to giving it a read

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    THE WILD PARTY Charlie Parish wakes in a bathroom with a hangover and a sketchy recollection of the past night He pieces a few details together and realizes he's in the house of Valeria Sommers the lead actress in a picture he's written Only Valeria lies dead strangled in the living room Twenty feet away from where he woke up He picks a rag from the carpet and wipes away any evidence of him ever being there slips out and walks to the Studio Office He's later woken up by his secretary who gives him the bad news of Val's death As if it couldn't get worse Phil Brodsky covers up the death as a suicide Charlie still struggles with piecing together the night before and gives up and gets to work where he meets Gil Mason another writer and is torn he confesses everything Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips have never disappointed They're the dynamic duo of Crime Nair

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    More Brubaker Phillips film noir tributeEd Brubaker and Sean Phillips being us a look at the dark side of Hollywood à la El Leonard Having recently read Criminal and Fatale Deluxe these stories get a little samey However they are entertaining well written and well illustratedOur “hero” is a screenwriter with links to blacklisted screenwriters during the McCarthy era He investigates the death of a starlet who like many starlets is exploited sexually and treated as a pin up Other unsavoury characters mainly men abound There are no really likeable characters deliberately so as most of those working in Hollywood at the time were particularly sleazyThis is only Act One and the collection ends on a bit of a cliffhangerFans of the creative duo will not be disappointed

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    I'm excited that I actually came in on the ground floor when the very first issue came out with this one That's a first for me I'm intrigued with this and thought the first issue was really entertaining The period detail is great too For Old HollywoodLA fans keep an eye out for Angel's FlightMy only uibble so far is that the plotline is a tad generic as far as noir goes There is one big surprise though that comes near the end of the issue that felt fresh