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Alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780989948609Let's start with what this book is notYOU'VE GOT THIS is not a diet book In fact when it comes to the fundamentals of weight loss most of us are already uite savvy For the most part we know what to do and what not to do in terms of exercise and healthy eatingSo what you don't need dear readers is another diet bookWhat you need is a mindset resource Something to help you get your head in the weight loss game so you can win it once and for allIn YOU’VE GOT THIS Dale Barr a certified health and wellness coach shares inspiration and motivation to help you shift your mindset and make lifestyle changes that “stick” during the first 30 days of your weight loss journey Arranged as daily doses of guidance YOU’VE GOT THIS addresses the most common pitfalls encountered by anyone trying to lose weight and offers tools to manage the associated emotions so that you can stay the courseThink of this book as a bedside companion and your personal coachBy addressing the often overlooked mindset element reuired for sustainable weight loss YOU'VE GOT THIS will show you that the impossible can become possible once you put your Mind to it

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    Thanks to the Goodreads group for giving me the chance to read this new book You've Got This Is a very true caption to how those of us that battle our weight and what we have to go through Where there is a willthere is a way her dad would say How true but most the time in life you really have to work for it I love the Day names This book is so true of how we have to conuer battles in our life Patient is a Virtue Just Not One of Mine Isn't that right put out cheese straws chocolates and nuts boy is that a real weakness The tortoise and the hare that how it seems to go one step forward two back When you read this book you will see we all face the same battle we have soul mates with the same battle This book is one you need to keep and when you feel weak you can go back read the part you need to reinforce your strength gather it back up and put your swag on

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    When Dale contacted me for a review I was uite intrigued A book to help people on their weight loss journeys by providing bite size daily encouragement no matter what their weight loss plans might be certainly sounds like a good recipe to get through that first month of full on dieting and exercise doesn't it? Upon paging through the lovely paperback version I found myself liking it much than even what I initially assumed I would Miss Barr has a no nonsense way of speakingerr writing that at the same time makes you feel like you're getting advice from a trusted family member or friend yes You've Got This is that conversational In fact it's almost like having your own personal cheerleader Despite the fact that this novel is about weight losswhich some find a taboo subject for some reason there is just the right amount of humor in the novel to keep a smile on your face even in the most frustrating parts of your journey Speaking of weight loss I know that that is what this book is supposed to be about but in all honesty the encouragements within could really be beneficial to most all no matter what lifestyle journey you are on I think perhaps my favorite part of the book though is that in including her personal journey in the book it made the tips and encouragements that much down to earth So if you're a just beginning your weight loss journey or any journey and are wondering how you're going to keep on track or maybe you've tried a time or two and had trouble staying on course I highly recommend You've Got This In my opinion it's basically a weight loss must have Also if you are wanting to start a weight loss regimen but just don't know where to start Dale informed me that she will soon be releasing a book to help prepare one from scratch a sort of preuel to this one so you can have your plan and be ready to use the wonderful mindset tools in You've Got ThisI received this book in exchange for an honest review via the author which in no way affected my review or opinion

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    I’m not much of a self help book person but if I were “You’ve Got This” is the sort of self help book I’d read Conversationally arranged Barr first builds a bond with readers and the gives them a 30 day dose of common sense and attitude changing insight to help with the process of rethinking the way they’ve approached their existence with the latter portion a guide in dealing with those off days we all have This is a book with a clear view that we are humans and it’s easy for us to fall off the horse but essential to get back on again if we’re to stay on trackBarr’s approach is no nonsense without being preachy Barr has been where you are and she knows you can do it and the way that you’ll accomplish your goal is to maintain a spirit of capability rather than defeat The approach in convincing her audience is to maintain an air of approachability A feeling of sitting at the kitchen table with a really supportive friend Going with that theme are some of Barr’s creative ideas For example gift wrapping cheat day foods so that when you have them they’re extra special gifts to yourself “You’ve Got This” is a friendly and easy to use guide with uite practical advice The author Dale Barr provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my review

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    I feel like this book is like a best friendwho tells you like it is while you are trying to get myself back on track with health and fitness I adored the bolded uotes For example AS FAR AS YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY IS CONCERNED YOU'RE NOT A VICTIMAND NO AMOUNT OF PITY PARTYING AND NO ARGUMENT YOU MAKE WILL EVER CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE p 41 There is so much wonderful tidbits in this book There are mood indicators and mindset tools This is practical information and that about the mental side of healthy living which to me is harder to tackle This is a must have book for anyone starting on a healthy journey Nothing is new but how it is oranized makes is such a great book 4 stars

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    This book is a gem Finally someone isn't telling me what to do but how to do it Unlike most weight loss books that tell you what to eat what not to eat and how to exercise this book tackles the bigger issues it gives you the tools so that you can actually DO what all the other books are telling you to doYou've Got This has completely changed the way I look at weight loss It is actually FUN using the tools and they really work I have even been using them to manage stress at work and at home Dale teaches you how to change your mindset and makes the whole thing seem so much less daunting and actually manageable

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    I received You've Got This free from goodreads Its a realistic motivational guide for the first 30 days on any weightloss plan I would suggest this for anyone needing to be motivated in need of support they feel they are not receiving from friends or family or reminded daily of why they are partaking on a weight loss journey

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    This is uite an inspiring book which I won not that long ago in the Goodreads Giveaway I don't usually read self help books but did find this book easy to read and being that I could do with losing a little weight gave me the encouragement to do so