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Ragnarok is upon the worlds and the time to fight is now They come from all of the Nine Realms Dark Elves Dragons Frost Giants Elves They all come to fight for Odin And they answer to Valkyrie Brynhildr Tricked by Loki Bryn is now imprisoned and finding a way out is harder than it seems Time is running out for those who fight for Odin and while Aidan's absence is felt by all Bryn and her team know there is no time to wasteBut Bryn is determined to find him and stop him using every means necessary From poisoned water to black goo to an electronically monitored Bifrost Bryn will use all the tricks up her sleeves to save Odin and the Nine RealmsThe war is nature and there is disaster all across the Nine Realms Ragnarok is here In this the 5th and final exhilarating installment in the Valkyrie series Bryn takes on Loki with her eye on bringing him to the Vigrid Plains the site of the final battle of Ragnarok From all across the world Bryn and all her teams do all they can battling naturals disasters and murderous attackers to prevent the end of the world

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    Bryn Halbrook is trying to prevent Ragnarok but Loki has done everything in his power to make it happen It's a race against time to stop Loki's plans Bryn wants the secret to how Loki is hijacking The Bifrost every time she steps on it Will Odin come back? Can Loki be stopped? What will Bryn do? Your answers await you in Dead Silence

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    In this one you have a multiple of things that go on that thrilling is just the tip Bryn has her hands full but she will do what she can She is not alone and with her team this author will keep us on the edge in this ending that we have disappeared into This author though will keep you in suspense not letting it come too easy on events that happen which enriches the reading in this one This has been a great series from beginning to end

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    Ok this is just a a “uickie” review Unfortunately I’m in a hospital and asked my husband to post this since I don’t have the time or ability right now to do better even though the book definitely deserves itBottom line five stars This was one wonderfully fun novel and definitely recommended It had just what I wanted and was well written and with a great plot and great cast of characters

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    Awesome finaleAn awesome finale to this series I have to say I was no scholar on Norse mythology before reading this series but it makes me want to learn about it The final battle was awesomely described Made me sad about the loss of life on the good guys side and glad to see the evil one was defeated I also did a happy dance for some of the major characters who would live to see another day Highly recommend reading this book

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    This is the most fantastic conclusion to a wonderful series All the action building up to this totally pays off My book hangover is gonna be a long one after this series This is one of the most original and imaginative series I've read in years Great for teens and adults alike and a wonderful introduction to Norse Mythology

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    Well bring out the tissues again This is the last Valkyrie book in this series Though Ms Ayer wraps everything up in the end she takes you up and down and twist and turns to get you there Ragnarok is here and if you're a fan of the Marvel Universe Thor movies you will love this series Well done TG AyerI received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This is an amazing conclusion to a fantastic series and while I hate having one of my favorite series end I absolutely loved this book The action didn't let up in this one Neither did the surprises I have been glued to the pages not wanting to put it down and now that it is done I have found myself in a book funk I highly recommend this series to all mythology lovers

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    I enjoyed the conclusion The whole series has been a roller coaster but one that I very much enjoyed I do think sometimes I was distracted by grammarspelling issues and sometimes the characters acted a little young But overall I was happy to see where everything ended up with this seriesI received a copy of this book and am voluntarily reviewing

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    I’ve really loved reading this series I’m so sad that this is the end But maybe she left enough wiggly room to continue the series?? There is another series that I have my eye on Defiantly good for a few retreads

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    Ragnarok finally happenedBut not without great losses and sacrificesI dreaded this and now I am sad like they areIt’s realistic the survivors will have ptssBut things can only get better now I think