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There is little doubt that the smoke of herbs and leaves of various kinds was inhaled in this country and in Europe generally long before tobacco was ever heard of on this side the Atlantic But whatever smoking of this kind took place was medicinal and not social

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    Over the last few years the world has experienced a social upheaval that I for one thought it both uniue and unsettling I started smoking in the mid sixties and at the time the practice wasn't as openly condemned as it is today The Social History of Smoking by George Latimer Apperson traces the use of tobacco in England from its introduction until the first uarter of the twentieth century From its introduction in Elizabethan England it has been on a roller coaster ride of popularity and social acceptability King James I was against the indulgence but nevertheless promptly saw it as a tax money maker and promptly imposed not only import taxes but also reuired public houses to get a license if customers smoked in their establishment From the pipe cigar snuff and the cigarette the book traces the controversial history of this now politically and socially taboo commodity Now the medical world sees tobacco as a detriment to health but in years gone by it was exclaimed as a sign of superior intelligence and as an instrument for male bonding I really liked this book and I think even non smokers would find it as fascinating as I did

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