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Sam Laker a recently widowed Englishman and decorated WWII veteran has come to Leipzig on a business with pleasure trip accompanied by his teenage son Patrick In a matter of days the fatherly businessman has become a cold and vicious killer stalking his uarry

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    This story kept up a good pace and well portrayed the dreariness and cynicism of the world of espionage like most stories of the genre it suffered as I see it from a determination to provide a twist of surprise at the end which is made important than any of the issues that could and should be raised by the cold war confrontation It was for my taste too personalised too concenmtrated on the fate of one man and how he is manipulated and brother is he manipulated An unusual pleasure of reading this spy story is that the hero or anti hero is probably naive than the reader so the reader can enjoy the pleasure unusual in spy stories which tend to be extremely witty and always one or two steps of the reader of reprimanding the protagonist and saying to himself I would not have done that and how foolish of him It is better than average for the genre and although not a book I should think of reading again it is not one that I regret reading at all

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    Arthur Bell Thompson is an amazing writer A taut thriller Twists and turns But most of all absolutely marvelously descriptive I am in awe

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    My third read of the genre and it left me surprised by the end for the end i wanted to have the writer did come up with that but in a way that was beyond my imaginationYeah it truly was a roller coaster ride with adrenaline rush when Laker had finally aimed to shot Hartmann from the woods with heavy rain splashes forcing him to focus on his vengeance of his son's lifeCant wait to give a read to of Francis Clifford's workfor his ways of using words with emotions running wildly can undoubtedly make a man shot many in just one click

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    Sam Larker a widower civilian father and WWII veteran has been approached by his long lost superior from the war Apparently his former boss saw a newspaper story that heralded Larker's heroics he saved a mother and child from a collision with a delivery truck Based on the situation as reported in the paper Larker's former superior decided he's still fit enough to take on the kind of reconnaissance work he was known for during the war He approached Larker and eventually convinces him to deliver a mysterious intelligence behind the Iron Curtain into Leipzig East Germany It's a routine bit of business he's told easily fit into the businesspersonal trip he's about to take with his teenage son Larker soon finds himself deeply entangled into an impossibly dangerous situation one that causes him to revisit ghosts he's tucked away for a long time One of the key strengths of Clifford's story is how Larker transforms from comfortable middle manager in a stable business to the deadly killer he thought he'd left behind decades before The pace was uick as was the action I enjoyed this book

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    Francis Clifford is a pen name of Arthur Leonard Bell Thompson an ex soldier who fought in WW2Naked Runner 1966 is one the latter books in his career and according to the London Book Club it is the best novel he has written and puts him immediately into the front rank of contemporary novelists of suspense The story itself is pretty solid set in the present of 1966 Sam Laker gets asked to do a simple favour and deliver something when he's visiting Leipzig East Germany aka The German Democratic Republic Naturally he's caught and his son is held hostage and he pressured by the East German Stasi to assassinate someone for them he fails and his son is executed and so the story moves onto a tale of revenge as he returns to East Germany There's also a nice unexpected twist at the end you think there's something going on and think you've got it worked out but the truth is different than anticipateduite enjoyable but definitely dated

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    Francis Clifford was an inexplicably overlooked but amazingly good writer All his books were or less mysteries but the best dealt with the conflict between adherence to general principle and the non negotiable needs of a particular individual Act of Mercy is perhaps the least subtle exemplar of this At his best he was the eual of Ruth Rendell and for me that's saying a lotMany readers will be put off by the fact that his novels are firmly set in the last half of the 20th century but so are LeCarre's they use the same geopolitical background as the setting for exploration of human motivations and behavior and if you can get past the very dated background I believe Clifford's are the better of the two Highly recommended

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    I'll put aside that this book is dated and thus sexist and politically incorrect But it's also irritating because the lead character Sam Laker is so Hamlet He spends pretty much the whole book dithering from taking action It's a pulpy action adventure novel but with no action just self pity Then like Hamlet he explodes into violence right at the end But the author doesn't have Shakespeare's bravery to end this story as a tragedy So instead we get a lucky twist that has nothing to do with Laker's actions and which resolves everything to a last minute happy ending

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    Synopsis Sam Laker a decorated WW2 veteran has come to Leipzig on a business trip with his son Why is he now a cold and vicious killer?