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Arthur and Guenevere meet as kids in this funny original adventure set in Camelot Poor Arthur As suire to the powerful knight Sir Kay he feels inadeuate He is so weak he can’t even carry his brother’s sword However a chance meeting with a young princess and a band of thieves brings out Arthur’s inner strength—the strength that will one day make him the King of Camelot In this original story Jon Koons unites Arthur and Princess Guenevere as children and leads them on an adventure with the wizard Merlin the Lady in the Lake and the magical sword Excalibur Igor Oleynikov’s vibrant illustrations add to the excitement of this preuel to the Camelot legend

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    The story of Arthur and Guenivere is one that has been told countless times throughout history Every version is slightly different and this is no exception This is a longer tale of how the two met as children and were forced by Merlin to forget having met that day It is a story full of adventure bravery affection friendship and loyalty and is one that fans of King Arthur princesses knights and the like are sure to enjoy

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    I really really like the illustrations in this book if only the story is a bit polished on the sentenceword level and maybe with slightly plot and a convincing one too I would have strongly supported this one The actions emotions and power conveyed in the illustrations are absent in the text

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    I like this book a lot Children aren't very interested in it though

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    Beautiful and engaging illustrations cute story A uick read aloud

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    Although I do enjoy warm and fuzzy endings this book was much to cheesy for me This book is the preual to aruther and the stone and if this is truely how the myth goes it has become very lame to be blunt I felt that the over all idea was good but it was to dramtic for a children's picture book At times I myself almost felt awkward by the story line This book overall wasn't to bad but it is no means my favorite

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    I'm generally up for an Arthurian diversion This is indeed a diversion; a kind of preuel side story It's beautifully illustrated by Igor Oleynikov and I was not able to work out exactly how the illustrations were made Which always really intrigues me Rather a sweet and spunky little character study of two of the main characters in their childhood

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    One review liked the illustrations want to know what others think any opinions?