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Hanukkah is fast approaching in the village of Chelm but the Rabbi is away Unfortunately not one of the villagers remembers how Hanukkah is supposed to be celebrated So they send Yossel a simple young man to the neighboring village to learn what he can Yossel makes a wrong turn but he does find some people celebrating a holiday The uestion is Is it the right holiday? This original story based on the legendary town of fools is perfect for interfaith families and anyone looking for a good chuckle at holiday time

10 thoughts on “A Confused Hanukkah: An Original Story of Chelm

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    I found it endearing how the village attempted to remember how to celebrate The mix up between Christmas and Hanukkah is funny I appreciate how the Rabbi teaches at the end and the people are resilient to laugh at their mistakes and to correct them

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    Very funny story about a town with folks who are a little confused and forgetful who can’t uite recall how to celebrate Hanukkah and who end up mixing Christmas and Hanukkah traditions The kids had a good laugh with this one

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    This book is really very clever It brings the foolish people of Chelm and Christmas celebrations together The people of Chelm are Jewish people surrounded and overwhelmed by the Christmas celebrations I think the author handles this in a fun and delightful way and allows the people of Chelm to relearn the meaning of Hanukkah

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    my absolute favourite Hannukkah story

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    This was a sweet and silly way to explain Hanukkah I loved it

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    I really do not like that this is a story about Jews who get confused between Chanukah and Christmas Man do I not need that