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I never thought my dreams of finding the perfect man for me would come true As a writer I wrote about the idyllic love and secretly wished that for myself but also believed that it would never come to fruition Then one day out of the blue I met a man who showed me that I was wrong and the ideal can exist in the midst of today's backwards society This book is a collection of poetry that was inspired after I met this man who changed my life forever and proved to me that dreams can come true Chrissy Yacoub Ybarra has always had a passion for the written word She also had a vision of the perfect life with the man of her dreams As she grew older she pursued her writing goals and is the author of 14 books including poetry But her dream of finding her soul mate fizzled with the harsh light of realityuntil she met Kenneth Ybarra Jr Now she is happily married and writing Learn about her at Chrissy Yacoub