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At the end of World War II eighteen year old Klara Werner finds herself emancipated from the German concentration camp that has kept her prisoner for so longTraumatized by the abuse she has experienced and seemingly abandoned by the American soldier who professed his love for her she is unsure where to turn next until she remembers her mother's final words Survive at all costsSo Klara decides to reinvent herself leaving her Jewish identity behind and marrying the US Army doctor who treated her Together they begin a new life in Atlanta Georgia where she can enjoy freedoms she has never had beforeBut in an era of Jim Crow rules and regulations eerily similar to the Nuremberg laws that victimized her family for so long Klara begins to find she has in common with her husband's Negro help than with his country club friendsBurdened by the guilt of her carefully orchestrated charade Klara seeks solace in becoming an outspoken advocate for the growing civil rights movement But in the end only a face to face confrontation with a past she has fought so hard to forget will release her from the lies that bind her

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    This book was amazing I couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it in a weekend It was fascinating poignant moving and uplifting This entertaining and insightful book helped me learn a lot about the holocaust and the civil rights movement in the South It's hard to believe this is Berman's debut novel I look forward to reading books by this talented author

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    RIVETING ON THE EDGE OF MY SEATFirst of all thanks to Ms Berman I have an additional viewpoint of understanding in regards to WWII and Holocaust survivorsHer writing made me feel as though I were right alongside Klara throughout the storyline I felt her joys and her curiosity about the changing culture of Germany and Atlanta Her moments of anger made me read faster wanting to know if there would be resolutions to differences she encounteredI completed the book WITHIN 24 hours and look forward to following Ms Berman as her career continues to grow Thank you for opening my eyes

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    Klara with A K is a wonderful love story with twists I love how it all works out in the end A definite must read

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    Thanks sandy for this outstanding debut novel I especially enjoyed reading my autographed copy I received for Hanukkah from Rachel

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    loved this

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    Sandy's debut novel captures her archivist experience with WWII and Holocaust survivors An enjoyable read and interesting perspective for anyone liking historical fiction