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Innocence and passion are an addictive mixThe dark haired stranger next door triggers every protective instinct Trevor Coleman never knew he had From the moment Becky Hall literally falls into his arms the last man standing of the Moonshine clan doesn't even attempt to resist sweet temptation Becky is beautiful mysterious and heartbreakingly vulnerableand he's a gonerTo escape the hell she was trapped in Becky left everything behind but her courage And for once in her life good people step up to make a difference A helping hand a new joba very attentive and libido–stroking neighbour Now a new future awaits one that shockingly includes sexual pleasure instead of icy pain and a sexy cowboy who’s than eager to show her the ropesBecky’s sweet smiles and seductive innocence draw him in like nectar and Trevor knows one taste will never be enough But with secrets growing thicker than a bumper crop changing a life will take than a new ID and a cowboy’s good intentionsIt's gonna take sacrifice to break these chains Warning boy meets girl boy falls in love with girl—all hell breaks loose We’ve got a hero whose hands are tied in ways than one A heroine who wants to experience everything she's ever missed and a family that needs to discover if its roots go deep enough to weather any storm

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    Sometimes I just want to pick up a book and wallow in pure and simple romance When I choose to read a book in this series I know full well that I'm going to get a happy feeling as these larger than life characters are just such fun They are such a large and exuberant family that I almost feel I know them and that's were this author truly excels Ms Arend gives us likeable no strike that lovable characters who I'd like to meet in real life Yes they are penned in such a way that they feel like such a realistic family I won't lie and say they are all perfect becase there are a few cracks showing in their interactions but that's why this series works so well as every family has a black sheep and sometimes than oneOk stepping out to meet the Coleman clan in this story is Becky She has a secret benefactor who has let her rent the house closest to Trevor Coleman's home When they first meet something about her calls to all Trevor's protective instincts Becky is clearly skittish and yet tackles her fears head on I liked Becky and had a fair inkling of her possible back story but the author cleverly reveals just enough to wet the readers appetite and the drip drip techniue worked very well here Becky is determined to make a new life for herself but her past haunts her and yet darn it she won't let anything hold her back Truly a gutsy little heroineTrevor is an easy going type of guy and feels he can tackle anything Getting to know the sweet Becky is uite a challenge but he sees something in her that is truly irresistible There is so much love and goodness in Becky and Trevor wants nothing than to be with her as she opens herself up to this new life she is slowly making He is persistent gentle and funny but Trevor is deeper than he realises It's not just seeing him accept Becky's past but his interactions with older relatives sorry no spoilers that really made this reader see a whole new side to him It is a romance and this author freuently writes imaginative scenes that leave her readers fanning themselves This story however is tackled in a beautiful way that felt real and appropriate I can't wait to read about the Coleman's and urge lovers of romance to give this series a goI was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewFour and a half from me

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    40 RATING Overall well written sweet with some sexy thrown in A nice surprise that rated high for readability I may have wanted a bit bedroom action but the steam factor was appropriate for the story line Glad I took a chance and read this one I haven't read other books in the series but didn't have a problem jumping into this one

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    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have to give author Vivian Arend a huge thumbs up for this book anytime an author writes a long series it has to be tough coming up with fresh new plots yet in Rocky Mountain Shelter she did just that There was so much I loved about this book; a good guy hero with a heart of gold a heroine who was stronger than she realized real issues that weren’t tied up in a nice neat bow and a love that developed over time out of attraction admiration trust and respect This was truly a fantastic story of love and devotionTrevor Coleman has always been a man willing to help anyone and everyone so when the renter of the property next to his triggers his protective instincts he plans to do everything he can to help her However he finds that Becky Hall is not interested in his help but he also notices she seems afraid to be around him which worries him and makes him want to know about herIt is very hard to write this review without spoilers so I will say that Becky left a situation that was not good she was helped by a stranger who got her to Rocky Mountain and set her up with a place to live Once she begins to see that Trevor has no ulterior motives she allows him to help her find a job make repairs on the home she is renting and help her to navigate life on her own in a world that is pretty strange to her and no she isn’t from another planet or anything crazy like that The time they spend together she begins to notice her libido coming to life something Trevor is very willing to help withI loved watching Becky’s metamorphosis as she took control of her life and began to experience so much all with the Coleman clan standing behind her and supporting her every move The Coleman’s have always been a welcoming bunch but what they did for Becky was above and beyond including a Coleman who left Rocky Mountain years agoIntrigue togetherness healing hope and some really inventive loving made Rocky Mountain Shelter one of Vivian Arend’s best and one of my favorites in this seriesReview copy provided for an honest review

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    Reviewed here first home one night Trevor Coleman notices that there is someone new over at the rental house on the property next to his He’s been trying to find out who the owner of that property is for ages and he’s hoping that heading over and introducing himself will finally solve that mystery But Trevor is totally unprepared for the beautiful girl he encounters or the fact that she’s on the roof trying to fix a leak His offer to help is flatly refused even after he catches her when she loses her footing and falls offBecky Hall made the only decision she could when she ran away from the only family she’d ever known Grateful for the kindness of the stranger that happened to pick her up on the road that night she is finally on her own in a safe place determined to succeed and to hopefully one day reunite with the sister she had to leave behind She’s got a list of things to do a mile long and she’s determined to do them on her own if she could just get rid of her overly helpful neighborTrevor senses that Becky is a bit skittish and may be a little fearful but he doesn’t let that stop him from finding a way to get into her good graces If nothing else he’s persistent and when he helps Becky find a job on the very first day that she starts looking she decides that maybe it’s okay to depend just a little bit on the kindness of strangersWe learn early on why Becky has no choice but to flee in the dead of night leaving her sister behind so I don’t think it’s too spoiler ish community ironically called Paradise She was “married” to her sister’s husband Abel and forced to endure his sexual attentions When she did not become pregnant he passed her off to other men in the community She endures this abuse for 5 years before she is able to formulate a plan and run away She was very lucky to have been picked up by a truck driver who knew exactly the right uestions to ask and was able to help Becky get a brand new start He also just happened to have a house available for her to live inTrevor Coleman delighted us in the previous book as he relentlessly teased his younger brother Lee when he met his girlfriend Rachel Trevor is the middle son and the last Moonshine Coleman to remain single Trevor is helpful loving kind and generous and a peacemaker of sorts but don’t let that fool you He will protect anyone he loves with his last breathMs Arend surprised me with this storyline In this she gives us a young woman who you know has been sexually abused for years I assume this is what Becky believes to be how things are between a man and a woman yet she decides she does not want this life for herself and runs away She lucks out and gets picked up by a truck driver who has the means and heart to assist her She meets Trevor and is leary but falls into a friendship type relationship as Becky accepts Trevor’s help; rides into town help with the garden and most importantly he introduces her to Hope who eventually hires Becky solving her money problemsWhile I really did enjoy Trevor and Becky’s journey I couldn’t uite let go of the feeling that Becky’s transition from abused sheltered commune cult wife to single flirty now that I’ve had an orgasm I want normal 21 year old happened just a bit too easily Trevor is so patient and as Becky’s story is slowly revealed Trevor finds uniue ways to help her overcome some of her fears Their sexual experiences are definitely hot see the last Smex Scene Sunday but again no matter how hot and sexy a man is I found it difficult to believe that a woman who had been through what Becky had been through so easily fell into a sexual relationship Well one that included orgasms but no actual intercourse Yes folks this couple enjoys all the ways to bring pleasure without actual penetration This is where Becky draws her line in the sand and Trevor loves her enough to accept thisHappily we are given a few updates on our previous couples Hope and Matt have baby news; Jesse seems to have come around but is still very uncomfortable around his brother’s girl Vicki There is a hint at a possible future love interest for Rafe and we learn a little about the missing Coleman brother and what happened years agoIf you’re curious there is an HEA Our couple is definitely together and in the epilogue it is inferred that Becky is seeing a counselor All good but for me a little too late I think I might have been able to buy Becky’s easy acceptance of Trevor’s attentions if some of her counseling was on page as opposed to just being mentioned and only at the end I think sexual abuse is horrible and life altering and I think if we are going to experience this type of character truly then her road to healing should be experienced as well – and not with good kisses and an orgasm or two Definitely not a favorite in this series

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    It seems like it’s been awhile since we visited Rocky Mountain House but all our old friends are still there The Coleman clan is still just as big and unruly as ever This story follow the last of the Moonshine Coleman’s to find a life partner Trevor Coleman does not want to settle down Not until he sees a beauty trying to fix her roof on some rental property he has been scouting out When Becky literally falls into his arms he knows he will do anything to learn her trustBecky has some really big secrets and does not want to share them with anyone Slowly the folks of Rocky Mountain House show her how friendly they can be She lets them help She especially enjoys Trevor’s help He is relegated to friend zone for uite awhile He is willing to take any time he can to spend time getting to know the sweet Becky As always the rest of the Colman clan gives their two bits about everything I liked seeing the softer side of Trevor Family clearly means everything to him I was happy to see Becky fold right into the family and the town Their support in her healing from her past allowed her and Trevor to cement their bond Supposedly only a couple books before the author ends this series Sad to see them go but a great bunch of stories Worth the read ARC received via Netgalley for an honest review

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    Love these Coleman boys Trevor Coleman finds he has a new neighbor but get rebuffed when trying to be neighborly Becky Hall just wants to keep a low profile and start her new life but her neighbor Trevor is pretty persistent When she finally lets down some of her walls Trevor helps her and they slowly start learning about each other And Becky starts learning how to trust I really loved how patient Trevor was with Becky and how brave she was There were plenty of sexy times as well as updates on the rest of the Coleman clan

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    Delving into the world of Six Pack Ranch and the Coleman family is always a fun experience Not only do I get to read about a sweet sexy and fun new romance in the making but I also get to catch up with what’s been going on with almost all of the Coleman clan which there are a ton of them running around Rocky Mountain House Thank you Ms Arend for the family tree and Rocky Mountain Shelter delivered all of that and a little Trevor was the Coleman that interested me the most after reading Rocky Retreat so it’s no surprise that I was really happy that this book was about him and I fell in love with him He’s laid back and easy going and yet is uite persistent when he wants something But his persistence isn’t overly aggressive it’s charmingly determined if that’s even a term He just has a knack for making one see that his way is the easiest and therefore the best course of action He’s a sweetheart and will give the shirt off his back to anyone in need well actually his truck but you’ll have to read the book to find out why I didn’t know what to expect from Becky based on the blurb but I found her to actually be uite fun and delightful Her life up hasn’t been normal in anyway and as we slowly find out all that she went through I was amazed and impressed at how she picked herself up took hold of her future and marched forward She had such a positive and gracious attitude as well as being honest without spilling all of her secrets that it really was hard not to like her This isn’t to say that she doesn’t have wounds from what has happened to her but she’s not allowing it to keep her from living her life I really liked how Trevor and Becky’s relationship developed going from strangers to friends to lovers It made sense considering Becky’s background and I loved how Trevor approached the entire situation He was very persistent and made no bones about wanting to get to know Becky but made sure that she knew that she had just as much power in the relationship as he did It made for some really sweet moments as well sexy ones And I have to say that that where we leave them at the end is perfect for them and that it stayed true to who they are and what they’d been throughAs I always state in my reviews of Ms Arend’s books I love her clean no muss no fuss writing style and it’s no different here though she did throw in a nice little Coleman family plot twist here and I’m really interested to see ifhow it’ll play out in future books in the series because where it was left at the end of the book definitely raises uestions And of course we get a nice dose of the Coleman family at large The Moonshine clan and their significant others are the most involved in this one and I loved every minute of it as they teased and supported both Trevor and Becky We get to catch up with Hope and Matt and a smattering of the other family members along the way And then there is Jesse I feel bad for Ms Arend because almost everyone who has read these books asks about him I am one of them but while there are still issues surrounding him it was nice to see him acting like the Jesse we met in the beginning The Bottom Line This was another fun and sweet addition to the series and am looking forward to seeing what’s coming next for the Coleman family ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Trevor is just under 30 and the last remaining Moonshine clan Coleman single He is not exactly searching for a partner but finds one nonetheless when Becky moves into the rental next door to his piece of land She moves into the rundown house on the land and he sees her out on the roof attempting to fix a leak herself He then goes into good neighbor mode and uses that to attempt to get to know her as she is decidedly wary of him We find out slowly her story heartbreaking how she ended up in Rocky Mountain and why she is indeed so wary of Trevor and people in general I give this one a solid 5 stars I have read the entire series note this stands alone pretty well and some stories have really stuck in my mind while others were forgotten pretty uickly This is a strong one for sure for me What I love about this series is the writer shows a pretty wide range in ability to write heroes She writes some strong alphas and some beta types The range of their issuesproblems varies as well Trevor is towards the beta but no wimp He is hilarious at times with some memorable comments include being a sparkly unicorn Who can resist a hero who calls himself a sparkly unicorn to make his heroine smile? He shows himself over and over to do whatever it takes to help her heal and find happiness even if it makes him a little uncomfortable to do it thinking of a funny discussion with his cousin Travis here This book gives a HEA for the couple but I enjoyed that it wasn't everything wrapped up with a bow and tied with nothing left hanging They still had some issues to work out as a couple but the romance part was solid and they were committed to fixing them and found a workaround rather than letting that sink them as a couple That is true romance working it out Also their familial issues saw little forward progress at all but both of these characters did not just throw up their hands and shut the door on the relationship but rather showed compassion insight and true caring They left the door open to reconciliation down the line Most of this series involves the entire family and that makes this book and series special Again I just loved this one and I know this particular couple will stick in my mind like a few of the others I do highly recommend this series Some books were better than others but all were solid reads for me My thanks to the author for a complimentary advanced copy of the book to read and provide an honest review

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    Trevor is such a sweetie I could just suish himAfter meeting most of the Coleman boys over the previous 7 books in the series Trevor is the one least known of the singles left Jesse and Rafe have played important roles in previous stories but Trevor just came around recently Good thing because he is so perfect not since Joel has one of the boys made me want to reach in and pluck them out of the bookTrevor is the last Moonshine clan standing Anna Steve and Lee have all fallen recently and he is the fun guy of the clan He has moved off to a trailer of his own away from Jesse and Rafe but still pretty much is with them all the time He is the 2nd son and 3rd born in the family and looking to find his spot in the hierarchy Despite nearing 30 he is still treated like one of babies in the entire and larger clansWhen he notices he has a new neighbour in the rental property he is coveting for the family he's a goner One look and he is Becky's even if she doesn't realize and want it That is Trevor's wonderfulness he isn't hiding the fact he is a goner and revels in it He doesn't push he doesn't bully or take he is patient and super sweetBecky knows she is different and we get a few flash backs short in nature to explain her background While it takes some others a bit to get up to speed Trevor lets her take her time and reveal to him what she wants when she wants As frustrated as Becky is Trevor gives her the support to handle each task and situation at her comfort levelAll sorts of things relating the overall series in the story but at the heart of it all Trevor and Becky and their love story is front and centre Everything else is enhancements to their characters their story and their relationshipAs has become custom with this series and it's spin offs big time warm and fuzzies when the story ended and still big smiles while recounting it for this review perfect

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    You know when you totally like a book and you're not ready for it to end For whatever reason Like maybe you want to know if our hero's letter writing campaign bears fruit Or something I mean I might be a little curious about that Little bit You know just for closure and stuff For the older generation of Coleman's Because that would be coolAnyway Becky and Trevor Let's talk about them Becky has some issues And I like that not all her issues were tied with a bow by the end of the book Which isn't to say we were left hanging The important stuff was touched on and everybody was happy with where they were in the end They might have a few things to keep working on but isn't that life?Trevor honestly is a doll I got a serious chuckle out of his awkward sex talk with Travis That said I loved that he followed through on the advice he was given with a smile on his face Like I said the guy's a dollThe Coleman clan is big and rambunctious and I liked seeing familiar faces The revelations Trevor uncovered about the past make the closeness of the families even poignantYou know what? I like this family A lot They're fun and a little crazy and they're perfectly flawed And that's a good thing Kelly Reading the Paranormal