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The new leader of North Korea carries out hundreds of public executions and searches for an international incident to secure his power from enemies within his own country From the 1970’s the North Korea policy of abducting citizens from other countries continues A Boeing 777 takes off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and rendezvouses behind an American tanker refueling fighters thus falling in its radar Chinese Military Computer hackers break into a key defense satellite a North Korean cargo ship drops a black box into the Indian Ocean and a home flight simulator has traces of island landings in the Indian Ocean All the events combine to produce a perfect storm for “The Great Hijacking”

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    This was a very interesting and well written novelette that everyone should read David Joseph definitely did his research the book was political but I feel accurate Many people aren't aware of what is going on in other countries when they should This novelette was well executed and I can't wait to read of David's work I read it in one sitting and never once wanted to put it down Cheers David

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    A compelling story in need of another good fleshing ProsThis is one of those stories you really want to like It has a brand new twist on the post Cold War Era Rather than occurring in Afghanistan Ira or any other Middle Eastern countries this one is set in North Korea The tale depicts how Kim Jong II built an empire of terror and brutality Nothing spared on how the common people are treated and how his empire surpasses the brutality Nazi Germany inflicted on Europe during World War TwoThe story centers around his son Kim Jong Un and how is carrying on his father’s wishes in executing operation IO the hijacking of Boeing 777 Pretty good premise if you ask ConsThe execution of this fast pace story is another tale altogether I applaud any author who comes up with an original idea for the masses to read However the work is not in putting the story on paper it’s the editing proofreading formatting and analysis which tasks us all I’m afraid this one still reuires a lot of work For such a short story I identified over 44 uniue problems 1 The Prologue’s first three and a half pages is one paragraph 2 Many times where a new para should commence it’s a continuation of a different thought Think I found ten of these3 Way too many name tags I cannot stress this one enough When only two people are talking we don’t need to be told who’s talking in each sentence4 Found a few misplace exclamation points and other times there were too many5 One too many times the same adjective would be overused in paragraph The one that comes to mind is abduction Three times in one para Some rewriting would clear this up6 Many sentences need to be tightened up Ex “similar to the one Sergio Leone did “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” Better phrase would be “similar to Sergio Leone’s ‘The Good” 7 One item which had me scratching my head was the reference to particular firearms as Block’s I’ve never heard of this weapon The author informed me he changed the name to avoid attaching the manufacturer with such a heinous regime I understand his point but since this is a work of fiction I believe it would better to use the real name or find a different weapon of choice Readers shouldn’t be left guessing8 The action scene when the 777 is hijacked became too rushed This is the pinnacle of the story and needs to be treated as such Let the characters move it forward With that out of the way I would love to read the revised copy of this story after it has been thoroughly fleshed out and edited I very much enjoyed many of the dialogue exchanges and how the plot developed This story has great potential

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    This is a good novelette novella that could be considered spec fic or military realism although the actual genre is thriller military and thriller crime It's a what if scenario for the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 presenting a believable realistic case that it could have been hijacked and flown to North Korea and showing how that could have been accomplished Hey that makes sense than a number of the possibilities put forward by CNNThis is close to a five star read but some editing and proofreading errors did make me pause a few times while reading On pure imagination and believability it would be five stars As it stands we'll call it 45

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    This work of speculative fiction offers a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the most brutal and secretive regimes of modern times North Korea Here author David Joseph describes a frighteningly realistic scenario in which North Korea engineers The Great Hijacking resulting in the March 2014 disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines flight over the South China Sea Scary thought provoking stuff