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All her life Maisie McGrane dreamed of following in her father and older brothers’ footsteps and joining the force But when she’s expelled from the police academy she’s reduced to taking a job as a meter maid Now instead of chasing down perps she’s booting people’s cars and taking abuse from every lowlife who can’t scrape together enough change to feed the meterMcGranes weren’t put on this earth to uit however When Maisie stumbles across the body of a City Hall staffer with two bullets in his chest her badge wielding brothers try to warn her off the case But with the help of her secret crush shadowy ex Army Ranger Hank Bannon Maisie’s determined to follow the trail of conspiracy no matter where it leads And that could put her in the crosshairs of a killer—and all she’s packing is a ticket gun“Mack’s outstanding debut conjures up eual parts Janet Evanovich zany characters and Michael Harvey the Chicago political machine Riotous characters including the members of the large McGrane clan enhance a fast and furious plot that expertly balances menace and laugh out loud hijinks” – Publishers Weekly STARRED Review“Mystery buffs will not only be swept up in the ingenious and well crafted plot buy will love the irrepressible Maisie who knows what she wants  Recommend for readers who miss the works of Eleanor Taylor Bland and enjoy those of Tim Dorsey” Library Journal STARRED Review

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    Two guys in her life a cop and a dangerous one with a mysterious past? Wisecracking ethnic sidekicks? A job on the periphery of law enforcement? Family drama? A car blown up? Sound like Evanovich? No it is this novel about Maisie the Chicago meter maid I really was hoping for a fun mystery but this blatant copycat with so many really unlikable characters wasn't it And the line comparing someone to a frigid librarian didn't help

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    While this book is described as a murder mystery I would describe it accurately as a coming of age story with a well developed character driven tale set in a Chicago filled with heroes villains charlatans and thieves Our heroine Maisie is the youngest and only daughter in an Irish family filled with cops lawyers and sons than can be easily remembered Wanting only to be another cop in the family she ends up as a meter maid and the story unfolds from there While there are several murders truthfully Maisie and her growth and development are far interesting than solving the crimes Luckily the author delivers on both fronts and readers are rewarded with ample amounts of comedy and justice often intertwined The book is a joy to read and the characters are winning most especially Maisie as she seeks redemption and success in all her endeavors I received this book from NetGalley and the publishers

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    Time's Up is a real page turner An underdog protagonist takes on crooks and corrupt city officials with grit and determination only a bullet will slow her down A fast moving clever story line when the real action hits it reminded me a little of the old Ludlum thrillers that made you sweat until they were resolved A really good mystery that had me rooting for the good guys and also had enough humor to make me laugh out loud several times I read it in one sitting far into the night Looking forward to book no 2

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    Obviously looking at other reviews I'm the odd one out here It's just not my kind of book and I gave up about 40% of the way throughI just got bored with not a lot happening and I found the constant internal conversations profoundly irritating I was disappointed I was expecting to find a good new series incorporating crime and humour Something similar to early Evanovitch maybe I gave up on Evanovitch as they became lacking in new ideas and repetitive and I found this book even less entertainingSorry The book obviously does appeal to a wide audience just doesn't include me

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    Janey Mack's childhood dream of becoming a cop is lived out in her writing The main character in this compelling novel Maisie McGrane joins the Police Academy but is then kicked out She becomes a meter maid Really not the most glamorous job but she discovers a body and attempts to find the killer with a parking meter as her help A real entertaining read and I would like to see of Maisie's exploits

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    Love love this book So much fun and suspense with a hefty dash of sexy wrapped up in this mystery Maisie is determined and dives in headlong into trouble Doesn't matter that her life and maybe her heart could be in danger But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get what she wants and prove to everyone she has what it takes to be one of Chicago's finestAs a side note The author's style reminded me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series For me that's a huge plus

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    TIME’S UP ©2015 by Janey Mack stars a fabulous feisty heroine Maisie McGrane and her four brothers are Black Irish first generation Chicagoans Her family are all cops and lawyers including her parents Maisie has had a life long dream of being a cop which is now thwarted so with characteristic deviousness she becomes a meter maid prone to mishap and misadventureThe romancesex appeal is just right ever present not a slam dunk not graphic doesn’t take over the story TIME’S UP is not a mystery in the usual sense though there is a body And it could be that Maisie discovers the culprit It’s a roller coaster a caper story full of anticsMaisie’s adventures can be very funny but I found some confusing A Cast of Characters didn’t help Events occur and then people say things but I was often unclear of the meaning of an event or how subseuent conversation made any kind of resolution though it was clear that various other characters in the story understoodNow that I’ve said this I DO intend to read the next in the series because Maisie really is delightful And I hope the next time Janey Mack is able to deliver clues about what’s going on

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    Maisie has an uncanny ability to take a reverse roller coaster ride as a way of life She can end the day in the lowest of lows only to discover that her tragedy has catapulted her to an even higher crest the next day Could it be just luck? I don’t think so It’s destinyDon’t underestimate her Well trained in crisis management and self defense by a hulk of a mentor she can think and react uicklyMaisie is clever tough and tenacious Her unspoken remarks will have you laughing out loud This delightful mystery is highly recommended

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    Caution This is not a book to read before bed you won't be able to put it down Maisie is a relatable character and you can't help but root for her This book is such a page turner you can't wait to see what happens next I haven't read a book this good in a long time Loved it

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    It’s about damn time someone wrote a book like this a book about a meter maid who solves crimes Times Up is the first in what promises to be a series of novels about Maisie McGrane a Police Academy washout who takes to the streets with a ticket gun in her new job with Chicago Parking Enforcement Maisie McGrane comes from a family of cops all alpha males who are both extremely protective yet merciless in that way that only a sibling can be So when she flunks out of the Academy because of an issue with being “too thin skinned to deal with the daily barrage of public hostility and unfriendly situations that a police officer encounters” well the next logical step is to join Parking Enforcement and try to work her way back to where she wants to be Her self image takes a huge hit as she is forced to deal with the daily abuses and indignities that being a meter maid has to offer But Maisie is no uitter for all she has ever wanted to be was to be a cop and she will find a way somehow With the help of the mercenary ex Army Ranger Hank Bannon Maisie finds herself embroiled in controversy and a murder investigation that reaches to the highest levels of city government And along the way she becomes a master of the AutoCite the parking boot and she learns the ins and outs of parking violations While I don’t often find myself rooting for the meter maids here I made an exceptionTime’s Up is a hoot a book that moves along well while making you laugh and maybe making you care just a little about the poor sap who is ticketing your car If this book is anywhere close to reality their lives are probably much worse than yours