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They lived in a world of secret guilts Rafaella at seventeen she had a beauty that could possess and destroy No man was safe from her not even her father Wyman He would do anything to gain Rafaella's favor His pursuit of love would lead to disaster Frannie Rafaella's stepmother Lawton He knew the secret of Rafaella's past a secret his lust would never let him reveal

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    25 stars Plot crammed pot boiling paperback plantation pornography gave me the vapors

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    Gotta love seuelsDoesn't everyone love seuels? When we read a great book you want a seuel because sometimes there are things left undone or maybe we just want the story to go on This was the case with me I was not disappointed to say the least Now that I have finished Rafaella I see there is book 3 yay Can't wait to continue the saga Great readhighly recommended

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    Have you ever?Is it wrong to hate a character in a book? I know in real life Jesus says we must not hate but oh how ugly my heart was for Rafaella I have never disdained anybody real or fictional as I did her How ironic these people felt that somehow slaves were lower than them but they had morals of the most wretched of demonsI honestly thought that the first book Plantations could not be topped wow was I wrong I cannot wait to start book 3 of this series The Hellions even the title scares me to think what cursed debauchery await the morally corrupt Deavors

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    I read this book when I was young and have been looking for it ever since I finally found it and plowed through it in no time Warning If it were a movie it would be between R and X However it is a good book without or with all of that stuff It was just ahead of it's time

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    Finally I waited reading through the whole book to finally get the satisfaction of that spoiled bitch getting what she deserved Poor Lawton

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    Oh so goodWill there be a part three? Raffles is a bonafide lunatic She was really deranged The incest was weird I really enjoyed

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    Sexually repetitious to the point of boring freuentlyThis book is not as good as his first He continually has some explicit sexual encounter between the characters every chapter or at least every other If this is what it was like during that time it is no wonder the South lost the war no one but the slaves did any work

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    Story of the southI started this series and was determined to finish them The first book should have warned me off from the whole series The love scenes were very graphic and there seemed to be a lot of interest in incest by this author He certainly spent a lot of writing time on the subject of incest I don't think these books represent the Southern History in any way

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    The second book of four This one is about a demented cousin who plots to win the heart of Lawton; head of the Columns plantation Better than the first book but still not up to a three Maybe the next one

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    RafaellaWell written plot though at times dragging but always leaving the reader wanting Some of the storyline farfetched I will be reading book three in the series out of sheer curiosity Well edited so than most ebooks