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We live in a very chaotic society and all of us have experienced stress at one time or another We focus our attention on such things as traveling to and from work performing tasks that are related to our jobs paying bills meeting the obligations to our families our significant others and the list goes on We are so caught up that we rarely find the time to recharge our batteries because we are always on the go always doing something and the result of this chaos is we never really get to experience the precious present moment We take it for granted We are not mindful of it Our minds our bodies and our souls yearn for inner peace because it is much needed in a world like this To gain this inner peace we have to calm the mind first then we can properly manage and turn the daily chaos that we experience into order a peaceful order Meditation will help us to accomplish this Meditation is a practice of helping the mind become at ease at rest so that we can then work on clearing out the chaos When you meditate however you need to practice mindfulness Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that essentially involves focusing your mind on the present So how do you exactly achieve this? In his book entitled Meditation and Mindfulness The Secrets to Raising Your Awareness Spirituality and Inner Peace Through Mindfulness Meditation author David Green shows you step by step how to achieve this level of meditation Tags How to meditate Spirituality Mindfulness Meditation Meditation for beginners Anxiety Anxiety management Worries Stop worrying Connection Connectivity Life Learning life Increased lifespan Stress management Psychology Reasons for meditation Tension Emotions Control emotions Understand meditation Meditation Improve productivity Time management Anxiety Spirituality Stress management Psychology Meditation Meditate Mindfulness meditation Increase productivity Be productive Be happy Happiness Spiritual Meditate Increase productivity Mindfulness Spiritual Spirituality Daily meditation Time for meditating Read about meditation Using meditation Thinking Thoughts Mindful thinking Energy Energy body Get real Real Increased spirituality Peak productivity Stay calm Calm mind

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    That's a good book for a total beginner to meditation the book in general focus on living the right moment which is called Mindfulness and that can be achieved by Meditation the book was fun to read but the thing that i didn't like about the book is it has no clear instruction for meditation other than it's inspiring and mostly will encourage you to learn about meditation

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    Nice book Easy to read Tho I thought it was a bit repetitive

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    I thought it was a great book short read I really like the examples especially the example in the last chapter I am sure you will enjoy this book

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    This was a nice and uick read It gives practical examples of mindfulness and meditation and is encouraging and hopeful